View Full Version : help me with my windows OS.

Mystic Muse
2009-07-07, 02:32 AM
okay. I assume this goes here. computers count as media right?

well simply put it won't work. nothing loads. not the start button, not the icons, not anything. I log on well enough but nothing will load. the only thing that loads is stupid popups.:smallyuk:

does anybody have a solution short of re-formatting? I can't afford to get a new OS. oh and restoring it to an earlier point won't work. I've tried.

2009-07-07, 08:59 AM
In the short term, you can go ctrl+alt+del, then run any program through the task manager, but yeah. You need to reinstall your OS. You should be able to do it by just following the instructions on the disk. (If you don't have an install disk you are a liddle screwed. You better have a friend that has one, or you'll ahve to go to the shop.)
You won't even lose any data if you keep previous files.
Remember that you'll also need to reinstall all of your drivers after you reinstall your OS, ESPECIALLY your graphics driver if you use Nvidia or some other private card. (Graphics should work, but your whole PC will run at about 1/4 speed untill you install the graphics card.)

2009-07-07, 09:44 AM
Assuming this is Windows XP you're working with, but this should work in Vista as well:

ctrl/alt/del to taskmanager, in the upper left corner click on 'file' > 'New Task' or something alike, and enter 'explorer.exe' (without the quotes). If it's just some virus that screwed with your startup scripts, this should do it.

If this doesn't solve your problems, PM me. I think I might've some more tricks up my sleeve, if you're lucky.