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2005-12-11, 04:18 AM
The idea most likely sounds wierd. To explain it, I recently got back into playing Jak II, and while playing I realised how many oppurtunities there were in there for some sort of RPG in Haven City, most likely before Jak arrived.
And, because I suck at making classes and prestige classes, I'm going to ask your help with this.
So far I have the weaponry worked out, well, most of it:


Punch: A straightforward punch to a single enemy
If strength is below 10, it's a 1d4,
If it's 10 or above, it's 1d6,
If it's 18 or above, it's 2d6

Kick: A straightforward kick to a single enemy
If stength is below 10, it's a 1d4
if it's 10 or above, t's 1d6
if it's 18 or above, it's 1d10

Unarmed feats:

Charge punch
Prequetisists: Dex 15
Whenever you deliver a punch attack, you can choose to charge forward 15ft and attack everything in that line with a punch each. his provokes attacks of opputunity from enemys with guns.

Whirlwind kick:
Prequetisists: Dex 15
Whenever you kick, you can choose to attack every enemy around you with a single kick each. However, each attack delivers 1d6-2 damage.


Hand gun
Range: 30ft (for every 10ft after this, -2 to hit)
Damage: 1d4
Critical: 19-20/ x2

Scatter gun
Range: a 10ft (length) by 5ft (width) cone of damage
Damage: 1d10
Critical: x3
Special: -2 to hit

Range: 40ft (for every 10ft after this, -1 to hit)
Damage: 1d6
Critical: x2
Special: +1 to hit (You can buy a laser sight to make this +2)

Vulcun Fury
Range: 30ft (for every 10ft after this, -5 to hit)
Damage: 1d4-1 damage
Critical: x2
Special: Can fire 10 times per round.

Peace Maker
Range: 50ft
Damage: 1d4 (not charged), 1d20 (charged)
Critical: x3
Special: You can charge the Peace maker, which takes 3 rounds, to get optimal damage, however, you must remain stationary while doing this, so it is easier to hit you.

Krimzon Guard Rifle
Range: 30ft (for every 10ft after this, -2 to hit)
Damage: 1d6
Critical: x2
Special: Up close you can deal 1d4 lightning damage with the shock blaster equippped

Gun feats:

Steady Hand
Prerequisists: Str 16
With the scatter gun, you now only take -1 to hit.

Steadier hand
Prerequisists: Steady Hand, Str 18
With the Scatter Gun, you take no penalty to hit.

Dead aim
Prerequisists: Dex 16
Increases the blasters range by 10ft.

Other feats:

Dark warrior
Prerequisists: Encountered and absorbed or fallen into, Dark Eco
Every time you collect 10 bits of dark eco, you can choose to activate this feat. When you activate Dark warrior, you go into a rage, and change into a dark form. You gain a 1d6 claw attack, and every attack you deal inflicts 1 dark eco damage to every enemy in the area. Your attacks all gain +2 to hit and a +1 damage. However, when you come out of your rage, you are stunned for 1d6 rounds. Dark Warrior can be used once a day.

Dark Blast
Prerequisists: Dark warrior, Dex 18, Str 18,
When in Dark warrior form, you can choose to leap into the area and slam you fist into the ground. This creates a 20ft wave of dark eco around you, which deals 1d8 dark eco damage. This move automatically dispels Dark warrior.

Dark Bomb
Prerequisists: Dark Warrior, Dark Blast, Dex 20, Str 20,
When in Dark warrior form, you can choose to jump into the air and execute this move. You spin in the air for 1 round, and then you unleash bolts of dark eco, that deal 1d8 dark eco damage to all enemies in the area. This move automatically dispels Dark warrior

Gift of the Precursours
Prerequisits: Found and spoken to an Oracle
This feat allows you to sense any precursor item, or any form of eco within 20ft of you. This requires a succesful DC 15 search check.

Class ideas:
Warrior (melee, meat shield class,)
Technician (high skill points, low health class)
Thief (medium health, medium skill points)
Sage (casts eco spells, low health,)
Prestige class ideas:
Krimzon Guard (high damage, low health,)
Wastelander (medium health and damage)
Underground warrior (subterfuge class)

And that's all I got really.

2005-12-11, 06:19 AM
You want to know what I think?

I think this is a cool idea. I mean, as a rule I'm against derivative campaign settings, but this could work.

Just use D20 modern/D20 Future and use your houserules for unarmed attacks.

See, your guns are a little underpowered. A 1d4 shot is equal to a hit from a dagger? Not so, sir. More like 2d6.

Otherwise, it has potential.

2005-12-11, 06:23 AM
Actually, the Spycraft system would work great for this. You've got soldiers, scientists, scouts, hackers, intruders, wheelmen, even Grammaton Clerics... er Triggermen. (Same thing.)

And, yes, a pistol could deal 1d4 damage. There are many different qualities of pistols.

2005-12-11, 06:32 AM
I tried to base the guns as much as possible on the Jak II weaponry, and I went with damage as it seems in the game.
You never get to sue a handgun though, so I presumed it was weaker than any Morph Gun shot.
And the Sage class is something I'm working on, or at least, the eco spells themselves.

2005-12-11, 12:25 PM
It'd almost have to be a cold-loaded .22 from 200 yards to deal the same trauma as a knife.

2005-12-11, 08:39 PM
In Spycraft, a Distinject Model 35, shooting 13mm darts deals 1d3 damage.

A Ruger Mark III with .22 LR deals 1d4+2.

It depends on the gun.

2005-12-11, 11:37 PM
And HP.

A commoner with 2 hp had a 50% chance of dying, a 25% chance of neing disabled, and a 25% chance of taking a wound.

Seems plenty lethal ;)