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Flame of Anor
2009-07-08, 08:57 PM
So I've just started playing Dwarf Fortress, and I've found it awesome, though near-dauntingly complicated. Feel free to share your stories about playing it, but right now I need a question answered: if there is a skill none of my dwarves has (it's Stone Detailing) how do I get the floor smoothed? I can't just wait and hope an immigrant has it--there should be a way to make someone who isn't skilled do it (slowly).

Da King
2009-07-08, 09:04 PM
You can enable the stone detailing labor on a dwarf by going to their unit screen (v-view, over the dwarf, or the c menu(I think)) hitting p for preferences, then l for labor. This gives you a list of the dwarf enabled labors which you can adjust.

However, this thread is unnecessary, since there is already a DF thread in other games.

Flame of Anor
2009-07-08, 10:43 PM
OK, thanks.

Berserk Monk
2009-07-09, 06:40 PM
Never played, but some friends of mine from school have and I kind of want to. They always say "Dwarf Fortress: it's a fortress full of dwarves, not a dwarf full of fortresses."