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2006-07-27, 10:21 PM
Is this a new section or something? I basicly pride myself in the first topic.

For an excuse to post, and to find out what to post, I'm making a Zombie Apocolypse game based on the World od Darkness system of dice pools. Any sourses to find out how to use it? I read some stuff at my brothers house but am still in the dark.

2006-07-28, 12:22 AM
I dunno much about that system. I'm just useing d20 modern for my current zombigeddon game.

2006-07-28, 03:47 AM
Run a search for Zombie: The Coil.

It's a free game focusing on the players as the zombies, but includes a lot of stats for non-player zombies as well

2006-07-28, 06:12 AM
There are three White Wolf dice pool systems - old world of darkness, new world of darkness and the other one used in Exalted and the Aeonverse. There's not SRD equivalent for any of them, so you're going to need to buy a book one way or another. The nWod core book contains all the rules for playing mortals (unlike the individual oWod books) and is probably the one you're looking for.

In short, you are rolling a number of dice (called a pool) equal to your attribute plus your skill (generally between 1-10, sometimes more depending on the version) and counting all the dice equal to or above a certain target number (static in the more recent versions, floating in oWod) as successes. In a normal task only one sucess is needed, in more complicated sometimes multiple successes show the degree of success.

THere are generally 9 attributes, three physical, three social, three mental with a minimum of one dot/dice, and a varying ammount of skill depending on the version of the rules, with a minimum of zero.

If you choose oWod, Hunter; the Reckoning was the closest to the humans fighting monsters game, though you'll probably need to drop the "Edges"(superpowers) and "creeds" (classes).