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2005-09-29, 08:07 PM
Weapon Type Focus:Chose a "Weapon Type" basicly a word(not a letter) and gain +1 to hit with all weapons with that name and that you have proficiency with in it(even if its part of a compound word) for example Sword gives you weapon focus with bastard sword,long sword, short sword and great sword
Prerequisites:weapon focus with a weapon that fall under the category of your chosen "weapon type"
Base Attack Bonus +3

2005-09-29, 08:13 PM
So... you technically get 3+ feats for the price of one (and I assume the +1 of this feat is intended to stack with the +1 of the weapon focus in the category that's a prerequisite). Not very balanced, I'd have to say.

2005-09-29, 08:19 PM
O whoops I forgot to say It doesn't stack for the weapon focus, even though its 4 feats in one you have to take 2 feats to accomplish and don't get prequisets for feats like weapon specialization for 3 of the feats and its not like you'll be wielding more then 2 swords at once

2005-09-29, 08:23 PM
Still, it's kind of one of those 'if ain't broke, don't fix it' things. It's not like fighters (one of the main people who take Weapon Focus) don't have enough feats they can burn on broadening their horizons to multiple similar weapons. And don't forget Swords would also include scimitars, falchions, etc.

2005-09-29, 08:25 PM
So its balanced?

2005-09-29, 08:29 PM
I'd still say it's not really balanced. It's like making a feat that if you have Exotic Weapon Proficiency (whatever), it gives you EWP in all others. Besides, I don't think many characters would be swapping between that many different weapons to need to get weapon focus for all of them (and +1 to hit can be such a negligible bonus, anyways)

Weapon focus gives a little boost at low levels, but starts to be outbalanced by your BAB and STR (or Dex, if you're Finessing), though it does give a bit of breathing room for Power Attack and is sometimes a Prestige Class prereq.

2005-09-29, 08:31 PM
no it doesn't that part says you need to have ewp to get the +1 bonus

2005-09-29, 08:36 PM
I didn't mean this feat, I was making an example. I know there's a lot of feats out there, but you don't need to make one for every conceivable little bonus.

2005-09-29, 08:45 PM

Roland St. Jude
2005-10-01, 07:51 PM
So apparently by "what do you think" you meant, "people who think this is a good, balanced feat post your agreement with my idea."

If you'd just say that, it'd save everyone a lot of time.