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2009-07-16, 12:12 PM
If you were a superhero, what would you be like? Strengths, weaknesses, Codename, secret lair? I'll go first.

Real Name: Edward Graham/R'et K'ohn
Code Name: Sentinel

Powers: Edward Graham is the host of the alien being R'et K'ohn, one of the guardians of the multiverse. As such, he possesses near limitless physical strength, nigh invulnerability, light speed travel (flight), plasma projection (about 28,000 degrees celsius), does not need to eat or sleep, and can communicate telepathically with any living being. He also seems to influence weather patterns, as thunder storms and hurricane force winds seem to manifest when he's angry, and incredibly intense rains whenever he is absolutely distraught. This is not a conscious power. He can manifest all these powers at any time with the phrase "Showtime!"

Weaknesses: Beings with enough physical strength or heat exceeding 28,000 can hurt him very badly.

Costume: Jeans, blue t-shirt, black shoes and jacket. No mask, but sometimes he wears gloves on his hands. When he is manifesting his powers, he

Personality: Edward is a go-getter, loving life in it's entirety. He is protective of his friends and family, and extremely caring and loving. He loves quipping, throwing one-liners and puns. He is a stage performer by profession, and is consequently very self-confident, funny and relaxed around people, as well as extremely observant and analytical.

However, R'et K'ohn is stand-offish, quiet and cold. Whenever Edward manifests his powers, the personalities mix, and Sentinel is extremely driven, protective, cold to everything, and very quiet in battle until he is winning, at which point he makes incredibly bad puns at his enemies.

2009-07-16, 02:13 PM
Name: Cliché
Origin: alien/atlantien/amazon/ naturalized US citizen
Superhero name: Cliché
Power Origin: alien in origin, cosmic rays, gamma radiation, bit by a radioactive spider, amazon combat training.
Powers: you name it.


When cliché was an infant, intergalactic villains murdered Cliché’s family. These villains were trying to escape the doomed planet. But before they could, Cliché’s father managed to launch the pod in time to escape the exploding planet.

While on course for earth his space pod was bombarded by gamma radiation and cosmic rays. This damaged the space pod and instead of it crashing on land, it careened into the ocean. Where people from the city of Atlantis found the pod and discovered the child Cliché still inside.
Believing Cliché to be a godsend they named him their king. But the current king would not have a child usurper over throw him, so he banished Cliché to the surface world, where he washed up on a seemingly deserted island and was subsequently bitten by a radioactive spider. Sick and delirious he stumbled into the village of a tribe of amazon warriors who lived on the islands. The amazons too him in and healed the child. He stayed in the village and grew up as part of the amazon tribe.

Growing into a teenager among the amazons Cliché became a powerful warrior, but he longed to venture out beyond the confines of his island home. As per the amazon’s customs cliché had to earn his freedom by defeating the strongest amazon warrior on the island. Upon winning the contest, Cliché was awarded the freedom to venture out into the world.

After leaving his home Cliché roamed the world as an adventurer for many years. Until he ended up in a large metropolitan city on the USA’s eastern seaboard. There he found a job as a news paper reporter and some time photographer. Eventually he met a beautiful woman, the two fell in love and were soon married. However tragedy struck the newlyweds. One day, they had planned a picnic in Central Park their peaceful day was shattered by gunfire. Two rival gangs had decided make Central Park their war zone. Cliché’s wife was shot dead, but cliché was unhurt due to his mutant, alien radiated and bombarded anatomy was immune to the effects of being shot. His wife died and his arms, and cliché mourned, then he raged transforming into a hulking raging monstrosity. He slaughtered the members of both gangs. He was later arrested but was let off on a technicality.

His experiences in the world and in the news paper industry lead him to long for the simple justice system the amazons used. So he made himself a costume and became a superhero to uphold protect those weaker than himself.

Jesse Drake
2009-07-16, 02:42 PM
Name: Jesse Drake
Origin: Human/ Descendant of Dragons
Superhero name: Drakeling
Power Origin: Jesse Drake descends from an ancient wyrm line.
Powers: He's got incredible powers of enhanced strength, agility, and speed. His strength and agility are above average, but his speed is merely Olympic athletic... He also possess the power to spit fire, somewhat of a fireball effect, but because of that he's got constant indigestion.

Bio: Jesse Drake was the descendant of an ancient gold dragon, who lived amongst the Aztecs for years, until they were destroyed by the Spaniards. To escape with her life, she took the form of a beautiful woman and became the bride of the Spanish captain.

After several centuries, the blood thinned, and the powers faded, and the child migrated all the way to a small city in Indiana... Fort City. Then, their was a hero of epic proportion... Strong enough to bend steel girders, Mighty enough to leap buildings in a single bound, and able to breath a large cone of fire, yet with enough control to cause no collateral damage. His name was the Mighty Drakken!

Years later, that man had a child with a local woman and their son showed great potential... So he was raised alone, separated from his blood sister and half brothers. His father left him an incredible inheritance... Thousand year old treasure of gold coins and such. The Drakes had conserved the gold for so long, that when Drake decided not to get a job and live off of it, the massive amount went down 5% (The Whole amount is slightly greater than what the others had spent put together, for the amount in question is very very large. It's the content of El Dorado)

Jesse Drake has a companion... Demonboy, the grandson of the devil, who in this particular situation has a Long John Silver relationship with this boy. That's a different tale though. Jesse and Lynard S. Loveless are good friends and defend Fort City the best they can. And when they have down time they always hit up Papa Onionz for the famous Onion Dogz (with cheese).

There enemies include Fire Bird, a powerful fire entity who's got the 'hots' for Drakon, and her sole purpose to be a villain is her love of chaos, and having a big strong man come to stop her. Also, there are several demonic entities, though they are the enemies of Demonboy mostly. There are mutants, unlike Marvel Mutants, they are physical deformed creatures with horns/ fur, colored skin, many eyes... And are mostly evil. And then you have Cyborg Football Star The Van, made possible by the BioBot corporation.

Demonboy does not consider himself Drakelings Sidekick... For Drakelings only been a hero for maybe a year now, not much longer than Demonboy. They are more teammates... But Drakeling is two years older, and insists that Demonboy is his sidekick. There's actually a scene caused when Drakeling recruits a sidekick though...

2009-07-16, 03:16 PM
Codename: The Bridger
Real name: Gamaline Emrys
Powers: The ability to fuse magic and technology into creations that combine the two, along with a genius level intellect and curiosity to learn the laws and forces behind them both.
Weaknesses: Time and curiosity. If she has little time to prepare, her gadgets are often unfinished, with unpredictable results. Her boundless curiosity can distract her from her primary goals.
Costume: Tank-top, camouflaged-pants with bandoleers full of tools, wands and gadgets, including a portable arc welder/taser/stungun. Adjustable goggles that both shield from the glare of said arc welder, and also provide zoom and night vision enhancement.
Backstory: When I think of one.

Avilan the Grey
2009-07-16, 03:38 PM
Codename: Not known
Real Name: Stefan Eriksson
Powers: Part mutant, part cyborg. "Low level" super strength (spiderman-ish). Enhanced speed and senses. Can detect sound, smell and light slightly outside normal human range (both ways).
Is not invulnerable, but tough. Can also survive and "function" when very hurt. Healing-factor although, as healing-factors go, slow. It takes a day or two to heal huge wounds and the self-repairing cybernetic parts.
Recently he found out he can regrow limbs, although it took almost two months before the replacement was fully functional.
Weaknesses: Not really any weaknesses per se, but a tendency to do the right thing, even if it's hurting a lot... Often fights enemies out of his range.
Probably sensitive to EMP based weapons. This has fortunately not been tested yet.
Bio: Started as a private-founded medical experiment. It turned out that the latent mutant powers were awakened by the cybernetic henhancements (nobody knew he was a latent mutant). He has never officially opted for the tights-and-codename deal, he sort of thinks it's a bit silly. Usually dressed in jeans and jacket.
He now works (unofficially) for the Intelligence Service; they have supplied him with a suit but he has never worn it.

2009-07-16, 04:10 PM
Superhero Alias: Zero
Bio: Unknown

Superpower: The ability to negate any and all things with its equal and opposite force. Zero's physical traits also seem to change to match the average within the area.

Weakness: The powers are purely reactive. When being proactive, Zero is usually only as effective as an average person would be.

Costume: Zero's only constant feature is a collection of masks with a built-in voice synthesizer and a '0' located somewhere on them.

2009-07-16, 04:15 PM
I'd just be a Green Lantern. Not terribly creative, I know, but I wasn't trying to be. The Green Lanterns just happen to be my favorite superhero concept of all, and I seriously doubt I could come up with one I'd like more.


2009-07-16, 04:31 PM
Which Universe? I dunno for DC, so...

Real Name: Mine, I guess.
Alias: Sentry (and is completely aware that there are other Sentries out there)
Superpower: Rough equivalents of Sentinel weapons and utilities, including thruster-flight, force beams, cryo-missiles, Mutant scanners, and a data-base of known mutants (at the time of creation). Super-strength and durability, lack of a need to eat or breath, possible healing factor (potentially the reason for the other powers).

Weaknesses: Aside from the psychological ones, susceptible to surges of electricity overloading him temporarily.

Bio: Victim of the Sentinel Prime project, somehow (potential Healing Factor X-Gene, possibly deliberate tampering by a scientist) merged with the grafted parts and is now a fully techno-organic entity, with Sentinel powers but retaining his human mind.

Costume: Blue-purple, not spandex. I think he'd look kind of like he was wearing a power suit while in combat, and his "human" mode would be slghtly off, like having some circuitry on the skin or something.

I'm really not sure otherwise, I've got plenty of ideas, I just need to mix them together properly.

Berserk Monk
2009-07-16, 06:37 PM
Name: Dr. Epic

I. Each one of my middle fingers has the strength to lift 10,000 pounds off the ground that way I can lift a truck over my head and simultaneously tell everyone to go to hell. What are they gonna do about it?

II. I can magically fire a grappling hook out of my crouch with 300 feet of rope attached several times each day. I can dismiss the hook and rope at will. And I can use this to pick up chick. "Hey baby, like what you see?"

III. I can survive without my head attached to my body thus allowing my to use it as a ranged throwing weapon. I can also command my body to retrieve my head no matter how far apart the two are. This would be an awesome power to pull pranks with. Leave my head on some stranger's doorstep, ring the doorbell, and let fun begin.

IV: I can animate candy to do my bidding. The candy has not supernatural powers other than being able to move on its own and totally being able to freak people out, but I can use them to do minor tasks and I'll fear like an evil wizard overlord in a candy shop.

V. Crowbar of the Cosmos: a magical crowbar equipped with all the powers Mjolnir has from the Marvel comics: it shoots lightning and other energy, it allows me to fly, I can throw it and call it back, and the crowbar can only be picked up by me and those I say are worthy to wield it.

The crowbar does come with a weakness: whenever I use its powers, any nearby member of the same sex as myself is attracted to me. "Quick! Attack the stunningly handsome superhero holding that magical crowbar in his fist attached to some spectacularly crafted arm muscles!" Beating up bad guys and protecting the innocent looses its appeal if male super villains are just gonna want to ask you out. Eww!:smalleek:

2009-07-16, 06:49 PM
Dr. William E. Half

Dr. Half is a true genius, a leader in multiple fields of science. He’s also a very virtuous man. He used his mastery of science for the betterment of mankind. But he has a serous problem; he suffers from a split personality disorder. This other personality was pure evil and when it took over it became a major incident, that required several high-ranking superheroes to resolve the issue. This evil personality (also calling himself Dr. Half) possesses all the intellect and brilliance of the original, however he twisted that knowledge and skill and used it to commit tremendous acts of evil in the world. Fortunately super heroes were always there to stop him before things got too out of control.

Frustrated with his evil half, Dr. Half set out to cure his multiple personalities disorder. After many years he invented a machine that would purge the evil personality. He used the untested machine on himself and the machine worked! It separated his evil side from his good side. However it had one serious side effect. It also split his body in half, literally. His evil mind was contained inside the left half of his body, while the good half was contained in the right half (yay crazy comic book science). Fortunately Dr. Half was able to subdue the evil Dr. Half before he could escape.

Dr. Half began working on a way to purge his evil half from the other half of his body and reunite himself into one being. Soon after he discovered a way of doing it, the Evil Dr. half made his escape. He used the equipment in Dr. Half’s own lab to clone himself and used the same machine to split that body in two. Then he used Dr. half’s new machine to merge his body with the appropriate half of the cloned one, thus becoming whole. He then stole several new weapons designs and made his escape to his secret hideout.

When Dr. Half came too, he realized what had happed and used his machine to merge his body with the other half of the cloned Dr. Half. Once again becoming whole. But he has a serious problem. Evil Dr. Half took designs for some new devastating weapons. Dr. Half has taken upon himself to defeat the Evil Dr. Half and make amends for all his past crimes.

2009-07-16, 07:14 PM
[QUOTE=Shadowbane;6512766]If you were a superhero, what would you be like? Strengths, weaknesses, Codename, secret lair? I'll go first.

Real Name: Lisiecki
Code Name: The Lisiecki

Powers: The Lisiecki lacks special superpowers. The Lisiecki Fights crime with only a steaming hot pot of coffee, and a home enema kit.

Personality: The Lisiecki has... issues

2009-07-16, 08:47 PM
Real Name: Mitch Manser
Code Name: Mr. No

Powers: 100% invulnerability. He cannot be harmed in any way. He cannot be killed.

Weaknesses: None

Costume: Kevlar vest and combat gear.

Personality: Mr. No is an excitable professional. He'll take on any job so long as the client can provide the weaponry he'll need to complete it.

Mr. No is terrified of getting wrestled to the ground by superior numbers and locked away somewhere until he dies of old age. Especially if it's something like getting dumped in concrete.

2009-07-16, 11:34 PM
Real Name: Nigel Merley ((not my real name. My real name if i was really a superhero. I would totaly change it to that.))
Code Name: Variable to setting type--
Darker Setting: Nigel Merley
Lighter setting: Phantom Bolt
Villain Name: Ghost Battery

Powers: Intangibility, limited regeneration, the power to fly at about walking speed, the power to generate massive electrical current with his hands, immunity to electricly or magneticly based forms of harm (can taser him). These powers are activated at will. Additionaly he can force electrical currents into non-standard paths with a medium effort of will. In addition he has a super-suit that he only uses when acting as a villain or when in dire need as it shortens lifespan and induces madness to use. It posseses the following powers: Super Strength, Super Toughness (able to stop bullets but not tank shells), ability to turn electrical current from hands into bolts of energy, improves wearers reflexes and cognitive speed.

Weaknesses: Suit causes madness. In addition any part of him will cease to exist if it happens to occupy the same space as some other thing. This is only really a problem if his powers somehow fail while he is intangible and inside something else.

Costume: Urban camo pattern jacket and gray sweats, both of which have been modified over itme by his powers to mesh with his intangibility. He has silvery gray hair (prematurly) and pale green eyes. His suit (which also goes intangible with him) is black with silver wires running across it. It is made of thin plates of combat armor and resembles a lightweight modern form of platemail.

Personality: Aloof and cold. When drunk he becomes depressive. He is not unkind or disloyal, but appears so due to his emotional distance. When in his power suit he exhibits paranoid and hypomanic traits. If the suit is worn for more than about 10 hours straight the mental disturbances suddenly gorw much worse.

Notes on suits downsides: The suit causes fever as a result of its invasive semi-organic interface. The suit also greatly causes wear and tear on the bodies PNS resulting in numbness or phantom pain following its usage. In addition the suit irradiates its wearer for the equivelent of one chest X-ray for hour of wear.
The suit is one-of-a-kind made by an evil genius. It is self-repairing to a great extent.

V. Crowbar of the Cosmos: a magical crowbar equipped with all the powers Mjolnir has from the Marvel comics: it shoots lightning and other energy, it allows me to fly, I can throw it and call it back, and the crowbar can only be picked up by me and those I say are worthy to wield it.

I almost posted another character idea of mine who's signature was a crowbar with the soul of a powerful demon ((perhaps Beliel)) bound in it. Instead im saivng him for a thread specificly for villains.

Superpower: The ability to negate any and all things with its equal and opposite force. Zero's physical traits also seem to change to match the average within the area.
So to us he appears to go flying off into space very fast as he is unnafected by the momentum of the earth or the universe itself for that matter?

2009-07-17, 12:16 AM
Real Name: John, Magnus
Code Name: Zain
Powers: Can rebuild/recycle tech at will so long as their mass is the same, for example, he could turn a bunch of cars into a tank. but he must know how it works before he can make it

Costume: black trench coat, and white mask

Personality: Zain is the batman style of crime fighting, Zain believes that if he can keep the world running the world will find a make to fix there problems

2009-07-17, 02:47 AM
Hero Identity: Alae Argenti. Or, alternatively, Wings of Silver.

Rather tall, slender, silver hair (not white/old, metallic silver) laid/slicked back along the head, quarter mask running from center of forehead to nose then to the side just above the mouth, curving a little ways onto the side of the face, made of small silver feathers. Most notably, massive feathered silver wings. Possibly also, a pair of rings on the right hand, a lightning bolt on the middle finger and curling clouds of grey/black on the thumb.

Powers of flight, knowledge to the point of precognition, and some measure of control over reality manifesting via things such as transmutation and waves of force.

[note: this is much more related to me than 'if I were a superhero' :smallwink: ]

2009-07-17, 02:06 PM
Superhero? Fighting for the corrupt authority under guise of helping the gullible masses, unable to actually do anything to make the world better?

Hell no! I've got plans baby, and since the dominant meme seems to discourage me from following my ambitions...

It's time to give these two-bit wannabes a proper nemesis!

Code Name: Leliel Nyxia

Alias: Abel de Bruno

Race: Human/Outsider (as in "Outside Human Understanding") Hybrid

Powers: Dimensional Warping (travel, beding space, rending portals to other planes of existance),


Memory Probing,

Touch Of Madness (mentally links target with Eldrtich Abomination (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/EldritchAbomination)),

Technomancer (able to combine science and magic),

Neo-Evolutionary Factor (able to turn people into powerful mutants),

Resilient Sanity (Perfectly at peace with the otherworldy horrors he is able to percive, immune to psionic attack).

Weaknesses: Guilt complex,

Dependent on companionship,

Can't stomach killing helpless enemies.

Description: Fomerly human before he genetically modified himself to become an "artifical demigod", Leliel is a Caucasian man who looks to be in his mid-twenties, with pitch-black hair. He would be unremarkable-albeit quite attractive-except for his wings. Two of them, jutting out from the small of his back. They resemble bit of a cloudless night sky, with a large eye on their individual tips forming a sort of "moon" (he uses these to intimidate his enemies and percive the interaction between dimensions and the higher planes of existance). He usually dresses as one would expect an evil sorcerer to dress (long flowing robes with arcane markings on them) while "on the job", though he usually eschews this for a lab coat while in his lab.

Personality: Leliel, despite whatever else you can say about him, is relentless. He is focused and determined in the pursuit of his ultimate goal, what he calls "Neo-Evolution", a sort of post-H. sapiens state for humanity, where the species is no longer a slave to animalistic instincts such as fear and blind faith. When not obsessing over his latest plan, however, he is a very kind and charitable man, and even while doing so, he attempts to make plans that kill as few people as possible ("harm" however, is an unfortunate nesscity). He has no illusions that what he does is morally wrong, but he believes that it is ultimately just, and tries to live his normal life to the best. He hates killing, although more than a few of his minions (particularly those who only joined to get superpowers from the Neo-Evolutionary Factor) are not so dilligent about the straight and narrow.

Background: Born on an alternate Earth, Abel de Bruno was quickly noted for his genius level of intelligence, and was apprenticed to a powerful mage. He learned quickly, and soon became fascinated with the practice of Technomancy, mixing science and magic to create something greater than it's parts. Abel eventually became loved by the people for his generous wallet and inventions, and married a beautiful and rich young lady, who soon became pregnant with their twin children.

Unfortunately for him, his treatises on Technomancy a vicious sect of the dominant religon of his Earth that viewed all technology as sinful. To them, his mixing of science and magic was downright heretical, and they bombed his lab. While Abel was unharmed due to arriving a minute late, his wife and friends were killed. Mad with grief, he retreated into his manor, where he, in his rage and sorrow, came to blame humanity's primitivistic nature as warlike and irrational beings was ultimately to blame. Pouring over forbidden grimories detailing things from beyond humanity's capacity to understand, he came upon a formula that, when used to create a chemical, would "transmute the mortal into the half-divine". After testing the pureist form of the "Neo-Evolutionary Factor" on himself, he realized that in his new body, he no longer felt blind fear of the unknown, and could percive the truths of the multiverse. He, now having taken the name his religon had for the Angel of Revelations, he spread the Neo-Evolutionary factor to the world, and sucessfully trasformed all the humans in his dimesion into superpowered and enlightened mutants.

Bolstered by his sucess, he set his sights on other universes, seeking to spred the wisdom he had brought to his Earth to others. During his exploration, he came upon ours, where he was shocked to find the meaningless wars and conficts that go on in our dimension, and he has decided to correct them...by any means nesscary.

2009-07-17, 03:01 PM
Real Name: Loren Darknick
Code Name: The Gentleman
Powers: Hypnotic Suggestion and Impeccable style
Weaknesses: Women
Costume: Rubber suit showing whoever views it what they want to see
Personality: Think Sean Connery as 007

2009-07-17, 03:34 PM
Setting: Gotham City (Because who doesn't love Batman?)
Name: Mel Jenner
Alias: Deja Vu
Ability: Able to absorb any specialized skill after instruction in its basics, and able to quickly and intuitively develop that skill if desired. Top skills:

Martial-arts training, focused in Ninjitsu
Several languages, including Spanish, French, Japanese, and Gaelic, as well as Python and C++ (computer languages)
Reading body language

Weaknesses: Deja Vu panics when facing anything unfamiliar, and when surprised, finds his intuitive skills harder to access. He is also somewhat scatterbrained, and can forget important details...including what skills he knows.
Personality: Mel tries to stay under the radar in normal life, although often can't help but show off his knowledge, not because of an ego, but because he thinks that it's really cool. He's a mild geek, but is far more troubled by immediate threats such as the corruption in Gotham City.
Background: Mel has lived in a suburb of another city for most of his life, and spent a lot of time researching on the internet. He was eventually recruited by the Gotham Police Department, because his activities got on the radar of Lieutenant Gordon. It was decided, however, that he could best serve Batman and the police as a special agent, unconnected with the department, and so he adopted the persona of Deja Vu.

2009-07-17, 10:55 PM
Real Name: Adam Mcgregor

Code Name:The golem

Powers: After his grandfathers death Adam found a vial of bright red ooze in his semi. He opened it to fine a Bio suit jump at him becoming one with him (think Venmon) . The suit feeds off of Bio energy and a type of nuclear fission the suit produces from breaking down none need parts such as hair or nails. He can also absorb energy in any form. The suit gives him adrenaline boost and keeps his body in top form even when he is not working out it also slowly improves on him. His improved ability's are complemented by his new skills in weapons and unarmed fighting this coming from info feed straight to his brain also improving his reflex. If given martial (such as wood or metal) the suit can form weapon and extend itself.(kinda like carnage) For some reason unknown even to his grand father the suit does not show up in pictures. Having the suit regenerates his body faster to a death defining level but this shortens his life span.

Weaknesses: The suit has little draw back it gives him wild mood swings at very bad moments. The U.S. government is always after him because of his grandfathers work their. And if at any time the suit dies Adam does too.

Costume: He has two costumes. One is his normal Clothing (black shirt and black camo pants) with a White & Black bandanna covering his face.

Personality:Laid back librarian that uses his down time to read and does little work be it work or his job. He lives in a small town so he does not worry about crime but fears when he move away for collage he will have to.

2009-07-18, 12:52 AM
Name: ????
Code Name: The Crimson Shadow
Appearance: A mass of energy in a vaguely humanoid form, it's bright red glow can blind those who aren't careful.
Abilities: the Crimson Shadow has a variety of attacks at his disposal. He can fire concentrated bursts of energy beams, generate powerful force fields, phase through objects, and fly. His most powerful attack however, is possession. Being little more than spiritual energy, he can enter another being, adding his energies to their own. This increases any super abilities they may have had, and gives them increased physical abilities, however, such possession is not without disadvantages to the host; they will consequently see the world through crimson shaded lenses so to speak. His mind merges with the hosts, causing him to be the host in terms of personality, and memories, but with the addition of his own personality, and goals. Causing a crimson version of whoever he is possessing. A tell tale sign of possession is red eyes.
Background: The Crimson Shadow has vague memories of being human, but has no recollection of who he was, and how he became like this. He eventually turned to using his powers to help people, as he is extremely sensitive to others emotions, and cannot bare the sadness in the world.