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2009-07-16, 09:45 PM
Yep, it's that time of year again. Sort of.

As it appears that the vote-up craziness has died down, I will bring back my mini category here.
Past Vote-up Base Classes
Deludist (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=104335)

Past and Present Vote-Ups (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=5832833&postcount=1)

Unlike the previous thread, there no optionally nominated class features. However, roles are still based on nomination.

Votes may be changed at any point until voting is closed, so do not worry about changing your mind.

The number of votes allowed per voter for each category is told. Ties, or close ties will result in multiple being used. Multiple votes may be use to support a single choice.

Part 1
Type: Vestige/Pact/Invocation, with a little Nature and Martial/Mundane 2 Votes
How does the class work, what does it run on?
Martial/Mundane: 6
Nature: 6
Psionic: 3
Vestige/Pact/Invocation: 8
Incarnum: 3
Blood: 4
Avatar d20 style Seeds and Skill Checks: 1
Other (Specified):

Part 2
Roles: Summoning, Control, and a bit of buffing and NYTA. 3 Votes
No, this is not a 4e class. Focus toward roles will be dealt between most of the ones voted for, with more focus for more votes. Roles are what the class does, basically. And yes, a purely martial class can have a role as an illusionist. And so on. So basically, you can vote for up top 3 roles. However, do to the sheer openness that this topic has, there is no list to choose from other than what others have nominated.
Buffing: 2
Confusion: 1
Control: 3
Disabling: 1
More Action Per Round: 1
Nature's (Martial and Charismatic) Revenge: 1
Not Your Typical Alchemy: 2
Pet Wrangler: 2
Summoning: 4

Part 3
Abilities: Constitution and a bit of Intelligence and Wisdom 3 Votes
The usefulness and need for abilities will be based on how the voting spreads out.
Strength: 1
Dexterity: 1
Constitution: 5
Intelligence: 4
Wisdom: 4
Charisma: 1

Part 4
Hit Dice d8 1 Vote
Pretty self-explanatory. This is your best chance to totally outbalance this class.
d6: 3
d8: 6
d12: 4

Section 2

Part 5
Skills Points 4+int 1 Vote
Yeah, I like crazy stuff.
4: 4
6: 1
12: 1

Part 6
Skills See results in spoilers. 15 Votes
What are the class skills? I will take the number of votes that the most voted for skill gets and divide it by 2. Anything above that is a class skill. If you think that this class should not have so many class skills, put more votes into the ones that you want, or simply not use all of the votes. No skill may get more than 5 votes per person.
Appraise: 4
Autohypnosis: 1
Balance: 3
Climb: 1
Concentration: 5
Craft: 1
Decipher Script:
Diplomacy: 1
Disable Device:
Disguise: 1
Escape Artist:
Forgery: 1
Gather Information: 1
Handle Animal: 1
Heal: 5
Intimidate: 4
Jump: 1
Knowledge: 12
Listen: 1
Move Silently:
Open Lock:
Ride: 2
Search: 2
Sense Motive:
Sleight Of Hand:
Speak Language:
Spellcraft: 3
Spot: 1
Survival: 2
Swim: 2
Tumble: 1
Use Magic Device:
Use Rope: 6
Other (Specify):

Part 7
B.A.B 3/4 1 Vote
1: 1
3/4: 4

Part 8 (Current)
Saves 12;6;15 3 Votes, 1 for Each Save
Base save bonus at level 20.
9: 1
12: 2
15: 1
6: 2
9: 1
15: 1
3: 1
12: 1
15: 2

Let me know if I am missing anything.

And yes, you can try to make this class as unbalanced as you want, I will still keep it within 3.X standards.
The Indigenistic Summoner (Indigenist)

Indiginists get their power from vestigial bindings to nature itself. However, unlike others such as the Druid and Ranger, their powers are not divine, but rather an invoked pact with nature itself, harnessing its power.

{table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special

+3| Improvised Proficiencies, Invoke Nature

+3| Alchemic Infusions 1/day, Wild Empathy

+4| Bring the Wilds, Beast Focus (1)

+5| Call

+5| Greater Infusions, Beast Focus (2)

+6| Alchemic Infusions 2/day, Greater Summons

+7| Down to Basics, Beast Focus (3)

+7| Direct Vestige

+8| Beast Focus (4), Bend Environment

+9| Alchemic Infusions 3/day, Lasting Infusions

+9| Beast Focus (5), Many Summons

+10| Summon Nature

+11| Beast Focus (6), Mundanely Ungifted

+11| Alchemic Infusions 4/day

+12| Beast Focus (7)

+13| Summon Forces

+13| Beast Focus (8), Permanent Infusions

+14| Alchemic Infusions 5/day

+15| Beast Aura

+15| Attune to Nature

Epic Levels
B.A.B and saves continue on the same pattern.
21: Epic Summons
28: Epic Infusions

Skill Points:4+int(x4 at first level)
Class Skills: Appraise, Balance, Concentration, Heal, Intimidate, Knowledge, Spellcraft, Use Rope
Starting Gold: 1d4x10

Class Features:

Weapon and Armor Proficiency:
Indigenists are automatically proficient with simple weapons and light armor.

Improvised Proficiencies: Indigenists have no penalty for using improvised weapons as long as they are made from the environment such as clubs or thrown rocks.

Invoke Nature: Indigenists’ main power is the ability to summon nature itself, in the form of mundane animals, plants, or vermin. As a standard action, an Indigenist may make a DC 10+Hit Dice (of summonee, maximum is ½ the summoner’s level) Constitution Check to summon a nonmagical beast. The beast does not actually come from anywhere, but instead is a piece of nature itself. It obeys the summoner perfectly until it dies, is destroyed, is dismissed, or after a number of hours equal to the Indigenists’s level. The number of summons per day is equal to the character’s wisdom modifier. It is also worth note that the summoner can summon not only animal, but also any mundane plants, fungi, bacteria, etc. Many summons may be summoned at a time, and they may all be controlled just as easily as 1.

Greater Summons: At 6th level, the character’s mighty summoning abilities allow it to summon more powerful beasts, at its level in hit dice, with a concentration check instead of constitution. Additionally, the number of summons per day rises to the Indigenists’s wisdom score.

Many Summons: Upon reaching 11th level, an Indigenist may summon a number of summons per day equal to its wisdom score plus level.

Alchemic Infusions: The other main asset that an Indigenist controls is the ability to make Alchemic concoctions out of the natural environment. They may call upon their vested powers of nature to make infusions out of local or summoned flora that mimic various potions. In order to create these mixtures, the Indigenist must know about the specific herb, ingredient etc., through a successful knowledge check. Then, a successful Intelligence check of a DC 15+Spell Level must be passed. It takes 1 hour per level to complete, but with only 1 check at the beginning. Should the check fail, the Indigenist may retry as many times as it chooses, and does not have to wait the total amount of hours that would have been taken up first. The numbers of mixes that may be made each day begins at 1, and increase every 4 levels, to 5 maximum. Mixes last a number of days equal to the character’s intelligence modifier, but one made from summoned materials only last the proportionate number of hours, as opposed to days. Lastly, the infusions do not count as magical for the purposes of anything related to magic, but rather mundane drinks, similar to water or milk.

Greater Infusions: At level 5, metamagic feats may be applied to infusions.

Lasting Infusions: At level 10, infusions made from summoned materials last by the character’s intelligence score instead of modifier.

Permanent Infusions: At level 17, infusions made from non-summoned materials may last indefinitely.

Wild Empathy: As a druid.

Bring the Wilds: beginning at 3rd level, nature is always with an Indigenist, and no matter how far from the wilderness, it always follows them. Everything that is adjacent to the character is always linked to nature, and counts as wild environment for the purposes of anything related to natural environment. Wooden chairs grow leaves, stone floor becomes dirt, clay mugs become softer and unbaked, air becomes cleaner, etc. However, none of these changes may be used outside influencing what is considered natural, and are purely aesthetic. Some characters may consider this a curse, and may attempt to hide it at a DC 20+Indigenist Level concentration, hide, ore disguise check. Also, all bluff checks are at a -5 penalty, as the environment is partially based on the character’s subconscious. Finally, intimidate checks get a +2 bonus because it is kind of creepy to see everything around someone warp. This is not considered a magical ability, and cannot be resisted in any way.

Beast Focus: Starting at 3rd level, and every other level thereafter, an Indigenist may choose a specific mundane beast to have a focus on. It may summon this particular animal as a swift action once per day, without overlapping with normal summons. The summon lasts the normal amount of time, and is always of Hit dice equal to the summoner’s level, advanced or weakened if needed.

Call: The Indigenist may, as opposed to tracking something, call them by having nature itself lead them too you. It the target fails its survival checks and gets lost, they wind up coming to the character.

Down to Basics: Starting from 7th level, an Indigenist may regress things back into a more natural state. As a standard action, they may make a touch attack against the target. If it succeeds, they are regressed in a way based on their type. If used on a piece of the environment, it gets a permanent effect of the Bring the Wilds ability. The ability maybe used a number of times per day equal to the character’s constitution score, and the touch attack is wisdom-based against will. (As opposed to armor class.) This ability may be used multiple times on the same target to further regress it. This power may also be used on willing targets. The effects last as ability damage does. All magical affects or affects of magic on something it is used on are dispelled, from poisen to possession. The effects are as follows:
Animal, Vermin, Plant: Becomes 1 size category toward the appropriate size, and looses its supernatural and magical abilities.
Humanoid: +2 Wis, +2 Con, +2 Str, +2 Dex, and – Int, with 3 maximum, causing it to become an animal.
Magical Beast: looses supernatural and magical abilities and becomes an animal, loosing magical beast traits.
Monstrous Humanoid: Same as magical beast, but becomes humanoid instead of animal.
Fey: Looses supernatural and magical abilities, and becomes a humanoid.
Dragon: Looses supernatural and magical abilities. Effectively becomes a magical beast.
Elemental: Effect of the [i]banishment spell, but nonmagical.
Outsider: Effect of dimensional anchor spell, and looses outsider traits, becoming a humanoid.
Ooze: Becomes immobile, and supernatural and magical abilities are removed.
Construct: same as ooze, and treated as environment. (Like a statue.)
Aberration: Looses all aberration traits, becoming a magical beast, and magical and supernatural abilities and looses [Indiginist’s Wis Modifier] Hit Dice.
Undead: Turned or destroyed as cleric.

Direct Vestige: At 8th level, the Indigenist gains the power to make vestiges out of specific parts of nature, and use their form. They may directly channel the power from piece of the environment, such as a tree, rock, etc., to shapechange into it once, later. Only one vestige may be maintained at once until it is used, and only lasts for a day, unless a successful DC 20+# of days so far Constitution check is passed. When the character is actually in the shape, it lasts hours instead of days. This power is extraordinary (not magical), and can be used only once an hour. The change is perfectly accurate to the original source, and cannot be noticed shot of common sense. (Like two identical trees near each other.) This power may only be used on objects within a number of size categories from the character equal to ½ its constitution modifier. Additionally, the Indigenist may choose to use the power to return instantly to the location of the vestige as a free action instead.

Bend Environment: Originating at 9th level, an Indigenist may bend and control the surrounding environment to its will. Plants move in/out of the way, animals become hostile or friendly, loose stones fall, gusts are created from breezes, etc. The Indiginist and anyone within the area of this ability may get freedom of movement, or be slowed. Wild Empathy checks may be made as free actions. Unlike Bring the Wilds, the effects of this may be damaging, etc. The area of influence is equal to 5 feet in every direction per level, and only affects natural environment such as what Bring the Wilds creates.

Summon Nature: Nature’s stalking of this character improves at level 12, and its full force may be called upon to “naturalify” the surrounding environment. Everything within Bend Environment Aura becomes under the effect of the Bring the Wilds ability. This power may be used [Wis Modifier] times a day, and lasts for [Con Modifier] rounds.

Mundanely Ungifted: At level 13, the Indigenist is invokes so much natural influence that not even magic begins to effect it. It gains spell resistance equal to its level plus Con modifier, and immunity to all other non-mundane effects.

Summon Forces: Beginning with level 16, the Indigenist’s invocations improve to the point where it can summon forces of nature themselves. A number of times per day equal to the character’s wisdom modifier, they may call upon a natural event of challenge rating equivalent to their level minus 5. Forest fires, cave-ins, snow, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, lighting, etc. The effects last as long as they normally would in the environment. (Forest fires last until they are put out or run out of fuel, etc.) Natural events may only be summoned to where they could actually happen, so no thunderstorms in small caves. (But huge caves might work.) Also, it is natural events, not necessarily disasters, and do not have to be negative. Once again, this is a nonmagical ability, so blah, blah, blah.

Beast Aura: At the 19th level, all 8 beasts that have been focused on are considered to always be around the Indigenist, and are perpetually present. However, they are not actually summoned, and cannot directly affect anything, simply appearing to be around the Indigenist, and can easily pass through all solid objects like ethereal creatures. The effect is nonmagical and not an illusion. They are considered to be part of the Bring the Wilds ability, and add to it by making it harder to suppress (DC 30+), -10 to bluff checks total, and +10 total to intimidate. Because 3 bears, a dogs, a lynx, a lion, a crocodile, and a shark (flying through the air if no water) following someone who warps everything close to them can make them look quite frightening.

Attune to Nature: At level 20, the Indigenist gains its climax ability. The character effectively becomes nature, and can no longer age. If they die, they return in the closest natural location to death 1d10 days later. They may perfectly command any natural thing, living or nonliving. Anything touched by the vharacter is effected by the Down to Basics ability if they choose, and the Bend Environment Aura is sight in all direction at once.

Epic Summons: Upon attaining epic levels, the Indigenist can summon any nonmagical thing as a free action with CR equal to themselves. Epic summons may be done once a day, but on every odd level, 1 more may be done. Epic summons always last exactly 1 day.

Epic Infusions: At level 28, the Indigenist can make alchemic infusions that mimic any spell, even epic ones. The DC is again by level, and for epic spells, by the normal spell DC. All minor intricacies are the same as epic spells, including mitigating.

2009-07-16, 09:48 PM
Voting for d8.

2009-07-16, 09:52 PM
Oops, I forgot to update the last part. d8 wins, now voting on skill points!

2009-07-18, 10:21 AM
Ummm... Bump?

2009-07-18, 10:50 AM
still on HP? I say d12 then, seeing as how we are basing it on constitution, might as well go all the way.

edit:skill points? eh, 4+int/level is good. 2+int (unless the class is int based like wizard) limits out of combat uses of the class and 6+int/level or higher should be reserved for stealth/trap/ect monkeys.

2009-07-18, 10:58 AM
I'll vote for 4 + int.


2009-07-18, 12:24 PM
4+Int for me.

2009-07-18, 01:25 PM
You're back ! Okay skill point then.

yeah 4+int seem like a good compromise.

2009-07-20, 11:59 AM
I vote for 6+Int.

2009-07-20, 12:55 PM
Voting closes on the 21st.

2009-07-20, 01:00 PM
I vote 12.

2009-07-21, 08:45 AM
4+int is the vote.

Next up is class skills.

2009-07-21, 08:59 AM
I vote for next skills:
Balance (2 votes)
Gather Information
Intimidate (3 votes)
Search (2 votes)
Use Rope

2009-07-21, 09:19 AM
Ok, that's a delicate question let's see:

Handle animal:1
Knowledge(the plane):2

Yes that should do it.

2009-07-21, 09:46 AM
Currently, there are many, many other Vote-ups all over this forum, including an index of most of them, but I cannot seem to find it so a link would be appreciated.

Here you go:

Past and Present Vote-up Contests (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=5832833&postcount=1)

As for skills, I'll be boring and go Appraise (3 votes), Concentration (3 votes), Spellcraft (3 votes).

I'm not too concerned about the other skills the class ends up using.

2009-07-21, 10:51 AM
Knowledge 5, Heal 5, Use Rope 5.

2009-07-21, 12:08 PM
Hmm, we have a controler binder with some martial ability aleddy picked.

Do I have a limit on the number I can vote?

A social skill will be needed, and as a battlefield controler class Intimidate gets a vote from me because of it's in combat use.

Also complmenting the role would be Tumble and Balance and the movement trio Swim, Climb and Jump

Con+wis as your main stats has Autohypnosis (Psionics and SRD) a logical fit

As a mage/nature Knowledge Arcana and Nature

Forgery is a neat underused skill

Profession and Craft are class skills for every player class LTIC, so I don't think I need to vote for them.

2009-07-21, 12:12 PM
Self explanatory OP. I am assuming that each of those gets one vote. And 2 for knowledge.

2009-07-22, 09:04 AM
Voting closes on the 23rd.

2009-07-23, 09:21 AM
Voting is closed, but it seems that the knowledge sill is too high as I put all of them as one skill, so I will take all skills that 3+votes.

Next up is B.A.B.

2009-07-23, 11:00 AM
That one is easy. 3/4 Bab

Overlord Nicy
2009-07-23, 08:34 PM
Another for 3/4.

2009-07-23, 10:12 PM
I too vote for 3/4.

2009-07-23, 10:16 PM
1/1 BAB for sure.

2009-07-23, 11:23 PM
Temped to vote 1/1

But my vote goes to 3/4

2009-07-24, 04:19 PM
Voting closes on the 25th.

2009-07-25, 05:38 PM
Voting closed, now the final category is up! Vote on zee saves. :smalltongue:

2009-07-25, 06:49 PM
15/15/3 .

2009-07-25, 07:05 PM

2009-07-26, 04:43 AM
I vote for: 12/9/15.

2009-07-26, 12:37 PM
I vote for:
fort: 9

2009-07-26, 12:52 PM
Voting closes on the 27th.

2009-07-28, 09:15 AM
Voting completely closed, class will be made in a week or so.

2009-07-31, 11:22 AM
Well, I have the rough draft done on paper, but I have a few things that I need cleared up, if possible. First of all, the class seems to use vestiges/pacts/invocations form nature itself, so how would this be different from normal nature focus? Second,I am assuming that "not your typical alchemy" means alchemy, just not normal making stuff out of man-made stuff, but natural herbs, etc. instead. Lastly, I seem to have missed proficiencies, so I will set them myself unless anyone thinks that we should vote on that too.

For now, the name seems to be Indigenist, or something simple like Summoner.

2009-07-31, 11:51 AM
That's two excellent question let me think about it.

For the proficiencies just the use the classic for a martial class simple and martial weapon perhaps one exotic if you find one that fit the class and light and medium armor.

The easiest way would be to truly separate the two source of power, they use vestige/spirit to gain the majority of their power but they form a connection to nature to help counterbalance the influence of the spirit.

For the not your typical alchemy i don't know sorry.

2009-08-04, 12:36 PM
Zee class is done!!!!! And updated on the first post. :smallbiggrin:

To me, it seems like a lot like a druid, but I don't know how broken it is compared to it. :smalltongue:
Like usual, it is very feature-heavy, but light on fluff.

2009-08-04, 01:17 PM
I must admit that like this more from this than Deludist. :smallbiggrin:

2009-08-04, 01:36 PM
Woah, it's really well done you really manage to use everything that was vote for.

2009-08-04, 04:56 PM
Success! :biggrin:

Thanks for the positive reactions! However, I won't mind if anyone PEACH(ed?).
(Assuming whatever it stands for.)