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2009-07-18, 02:56 AM
Okay, due to a game I'm in right now (its freeform) I've gotten a bit interested in vending machines and after looking at the Wikipedia Article (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vending_machine) on them its made me think about how vending machines might look in a DnD world.

It could be something like a mechanical trap built into a statue, whenever a person inserts the right coins into a slot then it drops out some item like an alchemical candle that repels insects or something.

Or a magic trap/item that casts healing spells for the right amount of money (basically a trap that's triggered when the proper coinage is put into the slot.) with magic then there is the potential for the coins to be teleported to a specific location instead of needing someone to collect them.

So, what sort of vending machines might exist in a DnD world?

1) The change machine - The magic device has one large hole in the top where coins and gems can be poured into it. Several smaller slots are in the bottom with switches by them. Any coinage poured into the top is instantly converted into copper, silver, gold, or platinum coins. The switches are there to let the user determine what denomination the resulting coins will be.

special: the coins and gems poured into the top are all teleported to the makers place where automated spells measure the worth and send the appropriate coinage back. It can't tell the worth of art pieces beyond the value of their gems or the metal value (so it pays back the same for a 1 lb gold bar as a 1 lb rare antique gold statue of a dragon). Paintings or wooden items are deemed worthless and magic items don't get measured at all. You can't get items back without going to his shop.

also, the device always has on hand 10 of each coin for the mechanism to dispense. So a suitably strong barbarian or rogue could probably pry open the device and get 10 platinum, 10 gold, 10 silver, and 10 copper. This damages the machine so that it stops working and the wizard will probably send someone over to investigate in a few days. Trying to reach into the device to grab items you put in or to grab more coins is a bad idea due to the teleportation mechanism.

2). Shiny rock dispensor - A mechanical device that dispenses glass beads that had Continual Flame cast on them by a lantern archon. Occasionaly found in Dwarven caverns near churches, they are both a tribute to dwarven craftsmen who made the mechanism and to the priest who could summon the archons to bless the beads. The beads are pretty pricey but much of the profits go towards charities. They are mostly gift shop items. Places without high-level clerics might sell lantern oil or some other novelty item.

special: Since its mechanical then a person could either break it open or use their mechanical expertise to steal the money and/or items from the device. However, due to the pride the makers have for their device and the charity the money goes to then doing that is likely to have alot of dwarves angry at you.

2009-07-18, 03:59 AM
I like the shiny rock one.

I can easily imagain the whole of the seven mounting heavens being finaced by the face that archlons have Contiunal flase as a costless spell like ability at will (or at least 3/day can't rememeber).
PC cost 50 gp of ruby dust.
cost of eternal torch 150 gp.
and aclons can basically pump on out every round.
solong as you provide them with sticks.

Any liquid despencer could always have the chance to be inhabitied by an ooze.

I'ld like htsat.

Almost definately present would be a grual despencer, powered by a dozen of the may items that creates gueal once per day.

Holy water dipescer
unHoly water despesor.
Pay with a prayer if your trully faithful

2009-07-18, 06:08 AM
Any liquid despencer could always have the chance to be inhabitied by an ooze.

Ghaunadaur cola

With inbuilt experience gain.

better slogan needed.

2009-07-18, 06:41 AM
There was actually a "vending machine" in a dungeon in Baldur's Gate 2.

A certain number of tokens was scattered around the dungeon, and more were obtainable by solving certain puzzles. Putting in the proper number of tokens gave out various magic items, so it was up to you to determine which ones you got.

2009-07-18, 06:43 AM
Find the old "Book of Wondrous Inventions".
Turn to the Dungeon Vending Machine entry (it's near the Dungeon ATM IIRC).
Love the Holloway illustrations.
Chortle at the Possible Flaws section.

Why reinvent the wheel? Job done.

2009-07-18, 02:26 PM
I would think a D&D vending machine would be a construct. It would wander around a city dispensing drinks in exchange for silver or gold pieces.

If tipped over, it could right itself, and if someone tried to steal from it, the vending machine could defend itself. I imagine a large box-like construct with arms and spider-legs that opens at the front to dispense saw blades attached to tethers.