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2009-07-19, 10:52 PM
So my group is going to be rushing into war sometime in the next campaign. They might delay it but it will happen dang it! Anyways the ECL of a party of, god help me, 8 is going to be around 9-11 when the war starts. I went down to Barnes and Nobles yesterday to order Heroes of Battle because I heard it was a good source. Lo and behold when they actually had it up in the roleplaying section. The party currently consists of two half-demon wizards, two human barbarians, an elven ranger, a human ranger, a human fighter and I can't remember the last one but they are all level one now so I don't know how they might develop from there.

So I have Heroes of Battle and have been flicking through it today and it looks like it has some pretty good advice. But I was wondering if maybe the playgrounders had any advice they might shed on to me for DMing for 8 people and doing so in a War Scenario.

For background the war scenario is against a lawful evil country ruled by devils and they are starting an uprising in that country and soon it will degenerate to tactics, battles, generals and whatnot. I'm sorry if this isn't enough information or something though ask and you shall receive.