View Full Version : Does anyone here produce films?

armourer eric
2009-07-21, 10:59 PM
Just wondering

2009-07-22, 06:05 AM
Well, probably film producers are too busy to hang out on message boards ...

Seriously, I've written a couple screenplays, but who hasn't? I was also an extra in a couple indie films. The college kids going to school for film around here will sometimes need extras for their theses and I can usually get a hot meal out of it.

I thought about making my own short film once but the guy I wanted to play the male lead ended up in rehab and then inexplicably in Russia, and I could neither find a lead actress nor put together enough money to rent a girl, and also I don't have a camera, so that was just depressing all around.

*feels disenfranchised*

2009-07-22, 07:36 AM
I produced a student film last year, if that's what you mean.
It's pretty easy work, compared to camera work. I'm telling you, the camera has it in for me.
Goddamn white balance.

The J Pizzel
2009-07-22, 10:58 AM
Yes. I work for a local gonverment channel call C-GOV. Although we mainly produce Public Service Announcements, Documentaries, and How-To type videos. My degree is in Mass Communications with a concentration in Broadcast Technology (my actual position is Broadcast Engineer, but I still do a lot of filming and editing). Here's a link to some of our stuff. Mind you, it's very boring stuff!!


2009-07-22, 11:47 AM
I produce a local cable access music show, but no film type stuff. I have a couple of clips from the show here (http://www.youtube.com/user/SongwriterSacramento). :smallsmile:

The station has a really cool program where they sponsor a short film festival. It starts with a script contest, top 10 get on the production list, then the help the filmmakers get in contact with actors and crew, help out with filming permits, etc. What's amazing is than in 9 years, 88 of the 90 scripts selected have been successfully completed.

I might see about participating next year.

Lady Tialait
2009-07-22, 11:59 AM
I made a documentary, but it never saw the screen.

The Local public access station was managed by a guy who was gay and dating my brother. My brother dumped him and my work got buried.

Stupid spiteful guy....*growls*