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Noble: From the Dragonlance campaign setting, tweaked from the optional noble abilities from the Races of Ansalon and also influenced by the Noble from Star Wars Saga and Oriental Adventures.

HD: d6

Skills: Appraise, Bluff, Craft, Diplomacy, Disguise, Intimidate, Knowledge: All (each taken individually), Linguistics, Perception, Perform, Profession, Ride, Sense Motive

Skill Points: 6+Int

Weapon Proficiencies: Simple, All light and One handed Martial Weapons
Armor Proficiency: Light

Bab: medium (As Monk)

{table=head]Level|Base Attack<br>Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special

+2|Skill Focus/Veratility, Style and Grace, Sworn Sword, Gossip, Favor, Wealth, Undying Loyalty

+3|Ideal Will, Combat Expertise, Command Cover, Noble Path

+3|–Undying Loyalty

+4|Noble Path, Coordinated +1

+4|–Skill Focus/Versatility, Undying Loyalty

+5|Noble Path, Improved Expertise

+5|–Undying Loyalty, Willful Resolve

+6|Coordinated +2, Noble Path

+6|–Undying Loyalty

+7|Noble Path, Skill Focus/Versatility

+7|–Undying Loyalty

+8|Coordinated +3, Noble Path, Willful Resolve 2/day

+9|Noble Path

+9|–Skill Focus/Versatility

+10|Noble Path, Coordinated +4

+10|–Willful Resolve 3/day

+11|Noble Path


+12|Skill Focus/Versatility, Noble Path, Coordinated +5

Style and Grace: gained at 1st Level. Nobles receive a +5 bonus to any charisma based skills on which they obtain skill focus (replaces +3).
-Increases to +10 for skills with 10 or more ranks (replaces +6)

Skill Focus or Versatility: Gained at first and again at 5th level and every 5 levels afterward.
-Note: Versatile: Select 2 skills and they become class skills.

Sworn Sword (Yojimbo): Gains a cohort (as through leadership. You must provide weapons and lodging for him/her. Until 3rd level the sword remains a warrior (as NPC class)
-Gains followers at appropriate time through this ability. Cannot take leadership feat (is treated as if they already have it).
-Gains Bonus Hp equal to your 1/2 the noble's level+his charisma modifier at 1st level and every time the noble levels up.
-Losing this cohort carries all of the relevant penalties, no matter who is at fault for the sword's death.
-Cohort is essentially controlled by the player who retains it. Cohort is also built by the player as their life is sworn to the PC.
-Cohort's stats follow the elite array.
-Unlike other Cohorts once this one is lost it is not easily replaced and the PC must return to their family/benefactor and pay 100gp/CR of the next Sworn Sword in order to replace. Another cohort may not be gained in any other way, and this cohort cannot be traded in.
-Gains Levels as the PC does (still following the max rules as in leadership)
-The Sworn Sword gains experience a the normal rate if the Noble ever cross classes. This continues even if the noble changes back to the class.

Favor: Gained at 1st Level. Nobles may make a special Diplomacy check to curry favors (equipment, lodging, a hideout, plot advancement, etc) in lands that they or their family/benefactor are known in. DC is set by the DM as appropriate to the situation.
-For more Static DCs: DC:20 for a simple favor, DC: 25 for tedious, DC: 30 for risky, DC: 40 for once in a life-time

Wealthy: Gained at 1st Level. A noble is naturally wealthy, whether it be through their family or their connections they are able to gain and retain their wealth. Nobles start off with a piece of masterwork equipment. In addition They receive a stipend of 500gp/level starting at 1st level and every level thereafter. (IE at third level they receive 1500gp)
-The PC must visit an area and meet with their people in order to receive the stipend.
-Their must be at least 1 month between receiving this stipend even if multiple levels are gained.

Gossip: Gained at 1st level. Upon hearing of a person/place/thing a noble may make a gossip check. It works as a knowledge check with the nobleman's class level + charisma modifier replacing their ranks and intelligence (if they have it) on the check.

Undying Loyalty: Gained at 1st Level. Your Sworn sword gains Toughness amd becoms immune to charm effects. When next to your Sworn Sword you may redirect 1 attack that would hit you this round toward him (Compare the attack roll to the Sword's AC and resolve as normal)
-At 3rd level when you redirect the attack you add 1/2 your class level to your minion's AC and becomes immune to mind-affects.
-At 5th level when you redirect the attack you add your full class level to the Sword's AC. Additionally the Sword may make an AoO against the enemy (This stacks with similar abilities)
-At 7thThe Best Defence: When you make an attack against a creature, that creature gets a -1 to hit you for every Sworn Sword and ally that threatens it or that can hit it with a ranged attack. Additionally your Sworn Sword becomes immune to fear effects.
-At 11th Your Sworn Sword becomes immune to divination spells.

Ideal Will: Gained at 2nd level. May use your Charisma bonus in place of your Wisdom bonus to Will saves.

Command Cover: Gained at 2nd level. A Noble gains a +1 cover bonus to AC equal to the number of allies that are adjacent to him. This increases to +2 at level 6.

Combat Expertise: Gained at 2nd Level

Coordinated: At 4th level when a noble uses aid another they get a +1 bonus to the aid. This bonus increases by 1 every 4 levels thereafter.

Willful Resolve: At 7th level you may negate any action taken against you that requires a Will Save. This can be done 1/day+ 1/5levels there after

Noble Paths A Noble may select one of the following paths. Once selected he may gain abilities from the selected path at second level and every 2 levels there after. A noble may not change a path once he's started it.

Court of the Iron Fist Abilities:
Voice: You may use your Charisma modifier in place of your Wisdom modifier on Sense motive checks. 1/day a Noble may add their level to a Charisma based check. You may not use this bonus to modify a Court Ability.

Taunt and Rally: As a standard action you can taunt your enemies and rally your allies. Gives a +1 to all checks, attacks, and damage to all allies withing 50ft. All enemies in 50ft take a -2 to all checks/attacks. Effects 1 enemy/2 levels. Will (DC: 10+1/2HD+Charisma Modifier) negates. Both effects last for 1 round/level. If the noble is struck during the effect they must make a fort save (10+damage dealt) to keep the effect going. This is a mind-affecting ability.

Fearful Presence(Ex): All enemies of your HD or lower take a -1 penalty on attacks and opposed rolls vs you. (fear effect)
-Can be taken (Fearsome Reputation) again to increase the penaltes to 2 and make foes who miss you (for whatever reason) dazed for 1 round. (fear effect)
-Can be taken a third time (Notorious) to increase the penalties to -4. Additionally any enemy that attacks you suffers a -2 on will saves until the end of your next turn.(fear effect)
-Can be taken a 4th time (Iron King) to increase the penalties to -6. Additionally you may roll two dice when making intimidation checks and use the higher of the two.(fear effect)

Begone Knaves! May make a swift action to force all enemies that threaten a target ally (or self) to shift 5 ft away from them (or you). Usable only 1/round. (fear effect)
-Can be taken a second time (Intimidating Defense): Can make an intimidate check in reaction to being hit by an enemy. If successful the target takes a -5 to all attacks against you until the end of their next turn. Only usable 1/round.(fear effect)
-Can be taken a third time (Fluster:) If you successfully hit against a creature that targeted you last round you can make an intimidation check If successful that creature can only take a swift action on their next turn. (Weakness is my Strength Applies). Usable 1/minute(fear effect)
-Can be taken a fourth time (Panic). When an attack misses you or an ally you may redirect the attack to another target within range of the enemy that missed the attack. This works on ranged attacks, though the new target on these must be within 10ft of the original target. Usable 1/round. (fear effect)

Your Life is Mine When an enemy is below 1/4 their hp you can, as a move action, make an intimidate check to force them to surrender (works essentially as panic). Panic status lasts for a number of rounds equal to your Charisma modifier. Can only be used a number of times/day equal to your Charisma modifier. (fear effect)
-Can be taken a second time (Impose Will). Enemies that are panicked by the Your Life is Mine ability must make a save (Will DC: 10+1/2your character level+Charisma modifier) to break the status premeaturely if struck or somehow otherwise provoked. (fear effect)
-Can be taken a third Time (Impose Fear). When a foe is below 1/2 their Hp you may, as a standard action, make an intimidation check against them. If successful you force them to make an attack at their highest bonus to one target of your choice within their range.(fear effect)
-Can be taken a fourth time (True Betrayal). 1/day you mat make an intimidation check against a target. If successful you dominate them (as dominate person/monster). The subject must be able to understand you. You cannot receive the sensory input of the subject. This cannot be blocked by spells like protection from evil. Spells that otherwise block mind effects (from any source) prevent this ability. A subject gets a Will save as normal (DC:10+1/2 character level+Charisma modifier). (fear effect)
-Can be taken a 5th time (Eyes of the Ruler). All enemies within 10ft must make a Will save (DC: 10+1/2your character level+Charisma bonus) or lose all moral, insight, and competence bonuses. Hit or miss they cannot be effected by this ability again for 24hours. Creatures immune to mind-affects are immune to this ability. (fear effect)

Fist of the Emperor: Abilities can be channeled through Sworn sword. Sworn Sword's Line of sight counts as the Noble's line of sight.
-May be taken a second time (Zealous Follower): If you aid your Sworn Sword on an attack, the damage done doubles.Your Cohort also gives a +4 bonus when aiding you. Also your Sworn Sword becomes replaceable for free and can be replaced after 24hours after dying. This imposes no penalties to your leadership score.

Weakness is my Strength: When making an opposed mental check the opponent must use their lowest mental stat (Wis/Int/Cha). Requires 1 previous Court Ability.

Mastermind: The noble's cohort takes the leadership feat at the next opportunity (must meet requirements). Requires 3 previous Court Abilities. Your Sworn Sword's Cohorts also receive the benefits from Fist of the Emperor and Zealous Follower.

Noble Fencer AbilitiesNoble Fencing Style: You may use your Charisma instead of strength on attacks with any light weapon, rapiers, whips, and spiked chains (along with any other weapon that can benefit from the weapon finesse feat)

Witty Defence: Can add your Charisma bonus to your AC as long as you are in light armor.

The Better Part of Valor: A Noble may add their Charisma modifier as a dodge bonus to their AC.

Leading by Example: Allies that can see and hear you provide a bonus +2 when flanking. You all also gain a +1 bonus to AC when adjacent to another ally.

Demoralizing Defense: If you strike an enemy you can opt to do only half damage. If you do the target takes a -5 penalty to hit you until your next turn.

Personal Affront: 1/per round you may make an immediate attack of opportunity against an enemy that has just struck you

Transposing Strike: When you strike an opponent you may opt to deal damage and immediately switch places with it. The movement does not provoke an attack of opportunity.

Competitive edge: You and a number of allies (up to your charisma modifier) may gain the quick draw feat and deal extra damage equal to your Charisma modifier on enemies who are denied their dexterity modifier to AC.

Deadly Reputation All enemies within 30ft that are at 1/2 their hp or below take a -2 to attack and skill checks. (Fear effect)
-Can be taken again (Deadly Display) May use a standard action to make a bluff check against all enemies within 30ft. If successful they become dazed until the end of your next turn. Cannot be effected by this ability (hit or miss) again for 24hours. Feinting becomes a move action.
-Can be taken a third time (Dirty Tricks)Feinting becomes a move action. Additionally whenever you successfully feint an enemy you may designate one ally. The enemy is flatfooted toward that ally as well.

Out of Nowhere: Whenever you perform a successful feint you may make an immediate attack with any weapon that qualifies for the Noble Fencing style ability

Weapon Flourish: You may shift 10ft before or after a full attack while weilding a weapon that fits the Noble fencing style ability
May take a second time(Weaving Flourish). You may make a full attack as a standard action. Additionaly whenever an enemy misses you (for whatever reason) You may redirect the attack to another target that threatens you.

Superior Teamwork May make a Gossip check to know any 1 (+1 trait for every 5 that you beat the DC) trait(s) about your enemy. (This includes anything from creature type, Attack bonus with a particular weapon, AC Bonus, Save bonus, etc). Additionally allies may move an extra 10ft when moving toward an enemy or flank. (This bonus increases the range that the ally can tumble)

Field Commander Abilities
Coordinated Action: When you or another ally aid another ally's attack action and it hits an extra die to damage. (IE if the noble aids a fighter with a long sword and he hits hthe fighter deals 2d8 damage + his strength modifier).
-May take again (Tactical Withdraw). You may use a move action to allow allies in your line of sight to withdraw as a swift action on their next turn.
-May take a third time (Tactical Superiority). You may use your movve action to allow all allies in your line of sight to shift. Lasts 1 round. Addditionally you and your allies in your line of sight gain a bonus +4 AC when utilizing cover. (this works with Command Cover)-
-You may take this feat a fourth time (Tactical Assault): Ypu may use a move action to designate a target. All allies that can see and hear you deal an extra d6 damage to target. In addition the target takes a cumulative -1 to AC every time it is hit.

Bolster Ally You may, as a standard action, bolster an ally. You give an ally a number of temporary hitpoints equal to your level+your Charisma modifier.
-Can be taken a second time (Rally Allies). You may, as a standard action Bolster all allies within 30ft.
-Can be taken a third time(Support Troops): You may drive your allies on. this allows you to take an immediate action to allow an ally to reroll a failed attack, save, or check. Additionally When an ally is reduced to 1/2 their hp and are within your line of sight you may automatically bolster them. Can only be triggered 1/minute per ally.
-Can take this a 4fourth time (Seize the Day). As a swift action you may target an ally within 60ft. you may remove one mind affect or fear effect from them and bolster them witha number of temporary hp equal to 10+your character level+your Charisma modifier. Can only be done 1/minute per ally. Additionally When ever an enemy is dropped below 0 you may, as an immediate action, designate an ally. You may bolster that ally.

Capable Leadermay, as a swift action, allow an ally to immediately take a move action. Additionally, during a Surprise Round, you may give up your action to allow nonsurprised allies to make a move action. Allies may opt to instead reroll their initiative and take the better result.
-Can be taken a second time(To ME!) May take standard to allow an ally to make a standard action. Additionally, if you are struck all allies within your line of sight can opt to shift 10ft as a reaction.
-Can be taken a third time (Team Leader) May take a full round action to allow an Ally to make an immediate full round action. Additionally, if an enemy successfully harms you, you may choose one ally within 10 ft of you. That ally gets a bonus to damage equal to your level + your Charisma modifier against that enemy on their next turn.
-Can be taken a fourth time (Field Commander). May, as a standard action, allow an ally to make a full attack against a taarget enemy within theeir range. Additionally, 1/turn, after you've been harmed by an enemy have an ally within 30ft immediately attack that enemy (You can assign the Team Leader bonus to this ally if they within range).

2009-07-23, 02:30 PM
Made a few tweaks to the format.

2009-07-23, 09:22 PM
Finalized formatting.

2009-07-23, 10:23 PM
Um, what is this supposed to be balanced against. Cause as is, it seems brokenly good to dnd classes.

2009-07-23, 10:29 PM
The original iteration was deemed too weak so I beefed it up. I got tired of people saying that the beguiler is so much better so I modeled this noble after nobles from Star Wars Saga while finding abilities from the Dragonlance Noble (which was my original inspiration for making the class) and the OA's Courtier. I am open to suggestions/alterations if you think its TOO powerful.

2009-07-23, 11:23 PM
Well let's break it down, shall we?

And note, I'm a relative noob so take whatever I say with a grain of salt.

Let's say the player starts with 16 Cha. Not completely optimized but decent.

At level 1 if taken skill focus, all his Charisma based skills are 4+3+5=+12. That's rather huge. He also has a cohort. At level 1. Even as a warrior class the difference between a level 1 warrior and a level 1 fighter is minuscule. So essentially to start out this thing is probably better than anything at the early levels.

Favor so loose ended it begs to be abused.

Wealthy, also a large advantage at early levels. I'm not sure how well it would advance compared to the standard wealth per level chart, as I never use the thing myself.

Gossip, essentially gets rid of all knowledge skills.

Undying Loyalty= this makes the sworn sword even better than most fighters with it's immunities to mind-effects. As well as making him a near perfect meat shield, which may not even get hit with the advanced AC it's getting.

Ideal Will= not terrible overpowering.

Command Cover= also not overpowered as to really get a full bonus to this you need your allies to maintain a formation, which is rather hard to pull off when everyone wants to do their own thing. Unless you get a bigger cohort of course.

Coordinate= not bad

Willful Resolve= negating will saves, at 7th level. Too good, too soon.

What is a noble path? Really, this is never explained. I'd assume it is take one of the abilities below, but then why are they divided in 3? Should have been clearer.

Eyes see the Heart= isn't this the Sense Motive skill? Except with Charisma?

Voice= Not bad, scales well. Though again these skills are going into the stratosphere, the good thing is it's only once a day.

Taunt and Rally= Ehh, seems ok

Fearful Presence= ok... a -1 isn't too much. And it seems it'll only be against mooks.

Beyond that it's a line between too good and too expensive. At 8th level you essentially make it so that nothing your level can hit you. But that waists 4 precious abilities.

Intimidating Defense= with a super buffed intimidate this class basically gives out this ability would greatly weaken any melee opponent.
-Fluster= no, just no. If something hits you it can hardly do anything next round? Not even x times per day, this is an encounter breaking ability.
--Panic=the "misses you or ally" business is frightening. So with your cohort who can now have your level in AC plus whatever you bought him with your extreme wealth you can redirect an attack to him, make sure it misses and then keep them attacking their own allies. This works when anyone misses... so easy to break. Just get a cleric to buff everyone, walk into an encounter and watch your opponents kill each other. And you can get this ability at level 6!

Your life is mine= Umm keep it at 1/4 hp (actually I'd go 1/5) and it's ok. Anything beyond that is way too powerful. It gets scenarios
Noble:all my allies are dead, but that barbarian was able to hit you once. So... INTIMIDATE!!
Demon King: Ahh, this nobleman made me crap myself!! I must surrender and forget my evil plan of world domination.
--Impose Fear= still amazing, but not as broken as the panic ability above.
---The last ability in this line isn't terrible only because it at least has a restriction of once a day.

Fist of the Empire= yah, now my character can take an adventure from the safety of his own home.
-Zealous follower= oh yay, now my uber-meatshield, anti-spell, mule is replaceable.

Eyes of the Ruler= greatest debuff in a non-magical character ever! At 2nd level they can make all there opponents attack them in the nude, infinite times a day!

Begone Knaves= awesome, but not as great as some of these others. Too awesome for a level 2 to ever pick.

Weakness is my Strength= hmmm, my noobyness appears, when do you make opposing mental checks?

Mastermind= wait, wah??? Your cohort can take leadership? Are you serious? Leadership is often considered one of the cheapest feats ever made. And now you can have 2 of them?

I'm low on time so I can't go through the others.

I hope this helps for finding balance of some sort, as is, the concept is great but it's so easy to abuse.

2009-07-24, 12:38 AM
You make excellent points. I'm actually sorry you had to go before you could finish.

Wealthy: That may be true. However I think that this problem is mitigated a bit by the fact that you have to foot the bill for everything the Sword has/does. No one else has commented on it much. I've heard passing words of "too weak" and "pointless"

You are right about the skill focus thing. I hadn't paid too much attention to it. I think I'll adjust it.

Favor is meant to be a background ability. I would assume the DM at hand would be able to mitigate any discrepancies the ability would cause. If I can't think of alternative wording for it I may just get rid of the ability as a whole.

Gossip: I meant to design it like bardic knowledge which I think works pretty much the same way (especially in PFRPG)

Sworn Sword: I want to make the sword a meat shield. Having an Npc classed warrior wouldn't be any worse than the animal companion druids get at 1st level. I'm currently mulling over alternative builds for it. Something like an animal companion maybe? have it get permanent NPC class levels? different sword types maybe. still in the works in either case. I think without actual class levels the Sworn Sword will even out with the kinds of things casters can summon at higher levels and with the things druids and rangers can have their animal companions doing.

Willful Resolve: I don't think its too good for 1 day. A sorcerer./wizard along with any spell casting creature will be slinging around mind-affects like its going out of style at this level and above.

I will adjust the wording for noble path. It totally skipped my mind to give it its description.

Eyes See the Heart: yes... that is it exactly.

Intimidating Defense: I expect it to. I am hoping that because its relegated to a single opponent it doesn't break anything but I think its ok to make it hard for 1 creature to hit you.

Fluster: you are right that it is a bit powered for something at a level this low. I think if I offered it at a higher level (switch it and panic around maybe?)and slapped an x/day (possibly just 1/day) it will balance it out. Though as is using this an unlimited number of times is too much.

Panic: I think a limit may reign this ability in. It might actually not be that breaking if your enemies aren't within reach of one another. This ability requires a monster be able to actually hit a friend though in some cases this may be the case I don't think situational awesomeness is a bad thing.

Your life is Mine: You have a point. Though I think I'll let the 1/2 stay just put it at a much higher level (I mean wizards have banish and any number of holocaust spells that will put a demon overlord out of a fight.) Anyways high level demons have a good number of hit dice (at least equal to their CR) and high will saves. Intimidate is an opposed check (HD+Will+bonuses vs fear) it is also useless against things immune to fear. lets say a 20th level noble (Intimidate: 23ranks+10skill focus+8ability score for a check of +41) went up against a balor (check of 20HD+19Will for 39) the party would have to first get the balor down 50% and then the noble only has a +2 bonus over the balor on the d20 roll. Where as a wizard who likely knows the target's name casts imprisonment which forces the balor to make a will save DC: 33 (10+9spell level+8ability score+2Greater Spell Focus+4 a-4 imposed will save penalty for knowing the target's name). He can only make the save on a 14 or more (35% chance) without the barbarian even getting his axe dirty. And this is assuming he isn't optimized for killing it. Of course a noble could grab some magic to give him/her a competence bonus to intimidate (2500) or a 10 (10,000) or a 20 (40,000) which would indeed be a problem at relatively low cost. Since this is the case I will probably eliminate the +10 and give a number of rounds the condition lasts.

Fist of the Empire= hmm that most certainly isn't the effect I was going for. guess I should tack on a range.

-Zealous follower: indeed but so are animal companions/mounts/familiars/ and most importantly: summons. I AM going to tone down the Sword a bit though to help this fit a bit easier... Plus someone has to waste 2 abilities just getting this.

Eyes of the Ruler: You raise a good point. I'll slap a limit/day on it and raise the level to reign it in.

Begone Knaves: I like the idea of it ^.^

Weakness is my Strength: Not noobiness at all not to understand it. I do not know how else to word it but I am talking about any and all rolls that are opposed are adjusted by a mental stat (Int/Wis/Cha). Like on Intimidate rolls (your intimidate is opposed by your enemies HD and will which is adjusted by Wisdom), on Bluff rolls (opposed by your opponent's Sense Motive which is adjusted by Wisdom), Hide checks (which are opposed by Wisdom), etc. For all these kind of checks and more you force your opponent to use their lowest mental score as a modifier to the check and make their stat dumping come back to haunt them.

Mastermind: Your reaction is the exact opposite of what I've heard so far. Most have discredited it as too weak or stupid. When I rework the Sword I'll be reworking this as well.

2009-07-24, 12:42 AM
Added Noble Path Explanation.

2009-07-24, 01:15 AM
Edited Court of the Iron Fist Abilities.