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2009-07-23, 02:35 PM
I'm working on a campaign setting--nothing terribly fleshed out, since I'm only using it for three sessions. The details aren't really germane to this thread; suffice it to say it's a sort of jungle-based campaign built around exploration, puzzles, traps and combat. The party will have to work together on all of these things--most combats will involve puzzle elements, and most puzzles will require a strong back. Oh, yeah, and there's guns and stuff.

Anyway, I'm in the process of creating races and classes for this setting. All of these will be unique, with the exception of a "human" race that's a little altered.

Keep in mind: this doesn't have to be balanced perfectly, or even terribly well. This isn't for mass consumption, this is just for a specific group of largely RP-centric players.

Here's what I have so far.


Fighter: Basically, same as 3.5 fighters. They have a good fortitude save and good BAB progression.

Scholar: This sounds a bit strange, and wouldn't work for a pre-packaged campaign setting, but this class has no combat abilities or magic whatsoever. This is a class centered entirely around knowledge--only they have class-skill priority on most of the knowledge skills. This class is good for translations, deductions, and being informed about what's coming next. Kind of like having the player be your exposition device. I have a player in mind who would like this class.

Good will progression, bad almost everything else. Maybe d6 hit points.

Explorer: This is kind of like a thief with no Sneak Attack and marginally better HP. Built for traps, acrobatics, and scouting ahead. To compensate, I thought I might give them bonus feats--any thoughts there?


Diherark: Think of these as bird-ogres. Humanoid, with a stooped back, a low head, and broad, powerful shoulders, these creatures are covered in vibrant plumage. They have sharp beaks that they, for traditional reasons, do not use in combat. They have talonesque feet and ordinary hands. Also, no wings.

Diherark are a bit thick and more than a little clumsy, but they're strong and tough. They're large creatures, and their tentative stat modifiers are -4 Dex, -2 Int, +4 Strength, +1 HP per level. Obviously, these are best at being melee-focused fighters.

Aulli: These are tiny-sized PCs, kind of like an even smaller version of halflings. They have a reputation for being shrewd, calculating, and surprisingly reserved--small mammals don't last long in the jungle if they're not cautious. Tentative stat modifiers are +2 Dex, -2 Strength. Aulli are best as gun-centric Fighters and Explorers.

Traveler: These are rare, unnerving, intelligent creatures of unknown origin. Tall, wiry humanoid creatures, they have pale skin, no mouth or nose, wide, mirrored eyes, and no hair whatsoever. They do not speak, but they understand--Travelers are exceptionally good at picking up languages, facts, and knowledge. They write extremely fast--as fast as most humans can read--and each carry a small, handmade bell that rings with a note unique to all Travelers.

Travelers get a +2 to Int and a -2 to Con. They gain skill points rapidly as humans, with a +4 at 1st level--this is compensated for by their muteness. Obviously, they excel at the Scholar class.

That's what I've got so far. Comments? Suggestions?