View Full Version : a question about links.

Mystic Muse
2009-07-24, 11:59 PM
how do you get links to be titled "here" and things like that?

I'm sorry my internet fu is so bad.:smallfrown:

2009-07-25, 12:14 AM
What I do type the world I want linked, like say google (http://www.google.com) then click the globe with the links in front of it. Put the addy there, and click okay.

Alternatively, you can just type it like this: (URL="http://www.google.com")google(/URL) but with [ and ] instead of ( and ).

2009-07-25, 06:00 AM
Actually, I never use the " inside the url.
=asoiaf.westeros[/color].org]George R. R. Martin fanboards is how I do it.

2009-07-25, 01:34 PM
Clarification on how to use the link function: either click on the button, type or paste the address, press OK, and then write the text; or mark the text and then click on link and type/paste the address. The link button is the one with a globe and part of a chain, the 11th one from the left.