View Full Version : Digimon D20

2009-07-25, 07:14 PM
Hello. A couple of years ago on the wizard boards I made a digimon d20 conversion. WEll I decide to copy it here on contiue the project.

Ok I wnat to do this. I have some idea's that I will post soonish. BUt for now I want to see who's intrested.
I have 5 rookie digimon stated and 1 champion. I am using a sytem that I copied from Jugggernuts pokemon d20. Each digimon is like class. Each one have different benfits like bab. I also I am doing like the tamers ablity to slide there cards to give benifts. I got 50 cards done already. I also have a few idea's on base classes and how digipartners work