View Full Version : aberrations help!

2009-07-28, 07:13 AM
I need some homebrewed aberrations ranging from cr 1-10 any help?

Jair Barik
2009-07-28, 07:19 AM
This for the horror game? I'm assuming you have Lords of Madness and the monster manuals perhaps fiend folio too. Why do you need homebrew abberations?

2009-07-28, 07:21 AM
peek in the critter thread in my sig. I have lots of Aberrations in it. Im unsure of the CR right now, but I know they're in there. Theres an alphabetical list on post 26 on the first page.

2009-07-28, 07:22 AM
;) i have all the books, and it is for the horror game. I like using other peoples ideas sometimes =) although i do homebrew every monster that i use in any campaign.