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2006-08-15, 08:45 AM
The arockalipse is here! Why because Lordi rocks. This thread is dedicated to Heavy metal! For now we talk about Lordi. THEY ROCK!

2006-08-19, 09:44 PM
Heh, I saw one of their music videos (the one with the undead cheerleaders) and laughed myself off of my chair. They're alright.

2006-08-20, 04:29 PM
I'm just so glad that Finland won Eurovision... I'm a little obsessed, it's the perfect, underrated country.
My dad's Finnish workmate solemnly promised to his daughter "If we win Eurovision, I swear that I will make life-size statues of the winning band and put them up in our garden". I wonder if he has?

2006-08-21, 02:53 PM
'm a Eurovision fan, and I thought Lordi were BRILLIANT. They were charming and gracious competitors, with a fantastic Eurovision song, a fresh sound and gave the best Eurovision performance for years

I believe they could be as significant in Eurovision history as ABBA.

Oh, and I'm going to see them in October, even though metal isn't my sort of thing at all.

2006-08-24, 03:50 PM
I love Eurovision but then who the hell doesn't. (The only thing that lets it down are the appallling entries we British keep entering). But then again Terry Wogan balances that out :D

Lordi made Eurovision this year and I hope it's the beginning of a trend for next years entries. Because that would be ace.

2006-08-24, 05:43 PM
I hope the start a trend. It would be great if bands like Svartsot (http://svartsot.dk/English/MEDIA.htm) or Dragon Force (http://www.dragonforce.com/mp3s.php) got a chance to compete in the Eurovision

2006-08-25, 01:56 AM
A little overrated.

2006-08-25, 07:19 AM
Lordi or the bands I mentioned

2006-08-25, 12:05 PM
Lordi are Ok, but they're no match for Metallica or Iron Maiden. Unlike most bands of the genre (or whatever you call it in music) I've heard before, you can actually understand what they're saying. Thus, heavy metal beats thrash metal any day.

edit: Mind you, they're not in Eurovision, Lordi were. You got off lucky.

2006-08-25, 08:21 PM
Lordi or the bands I mentioned

Lordi ; should been more explanatory. I heard a few songs, and they sound like a cheep ripoff of White Zombie + GWAR.

2006-08-29, 09:20 AM
Lordi ; should been more explanatory. I heard a few songs, and they sound like a cheep ripoff of White Zombie + GWAR.

But when you take that cheesy sub-GWAR rock idiocy and introduce it to the safe, clean-cut, predictable, homogenised little world of Eurovision you have pure TV gold. The heart of every sane person in Europe was warmed by Lordi's victory that night.

Only thing I've ever seen on TV that was better:
Jeremy Clarkson of "Top Gear" evading an Apache Longbow's missile lock in a black Lotus Exige to the sound of "Ace of Spades". It's what TV was invented for! *8) 8) 8)

2006-08-29, 01:09 PM
Amazing how a thread about rock turned into a discussion about Eurovision.

Lordi are Ok, but they're no match for Metallica or Iron Maiden

Yeah but when you are fully expecting Eurotrash after watching it ALL NIGHT it's a god send.

Anyhoo two questions about Eurovision:-

1) Can existing bands/singers/groups enter if they have had a chart-topping success? The rumour is they can't but a few years ago Tatu (the Russian ladies) entered after their single was number 1 in Britain.

This would mean good metal bands from around Europe, eg Rammstein, could enter.

2) Why is Israel allowed in because it's not part of Europe? I have no problem with them in it - they frequently show up most of the other entries.

2006-08-30, 01:04 PM
Guys, I think this thread has a serious problem. So far I've seen a lot of metal- just about every post's discussed it. That's all good, metal is a great start.

The problem is that I don't see any mayhem. You guys have clearly exceeded your mayhem grace period: this thread can no longer be truly called "Metal mayhem" if all we're doing is discussing metal. Come on guys, I know you can do it. Let's get some mayhem in here!

2006-08-30, 01:15 PM
The way i see it the 3 best metal bands are Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath And Judas Priest! 8)

2006-08-30, 04:59 PM
Lordi at the Eurovision were boatloads of fun. Decent music, perfectly executed. They're quite a funny modern counterpart to KISS.

There are of course hundreds of better Metal bands out there, but what Lordi do, they do well, and they're about as good as Eurovision is ever likely to get :)

2006-09-03, 01:49 AM
What are we defining as metal? I'm gonna go out on a limb and just be really broad.
In that case My favorite metal band, and overall band is Tool. Follewed by Opeth, yay norweigen metal!
Metallica is nice, if only Lars could drum. At all. A bit. Just a smidgeon.
Sabbath is fun and probably revolutionary or something, but I don't feel them up at the same level technically or just generally as others.

2006-09-03, 11:13 AM
Black Sabbath definitely did some amazing albums with Ronnie James Dio and Tony Martin as singers. Amazing songwriting and atmosphere :)

2006-09-04, 01:49 PM
It's really not a good idea to let me post on this thread... no-one's dragging me away as yet...
I am a metal geek and likely to cry if anyone disagrees with my choices for best bands. Or come after them with a large sword. However, it's not like Iron Maiden are a controversial option among metalheads, so perhaps I'm safe there.
How does one convey mayhem online?

2006-09-06, 06:49 PM
MTV banned this video

Twisted Sister - Be Cruel To Your School feat. Alice Cooper


Alice Cooper and Twisted Sister!!!!

2006-09-08, 06:07 PM
What about drone metal and stoner metal? Like the Melvins, Earth, Sunn o)), and Boris?

2006-09-09, 01:54 PM
I'm not much into Stoner/drone, but I do like Boris. Electric Wizard is cool too, if it counts.

I'm generally more into Heavy, Power and Technical Thrash and Death Metal, though.