View Full Version : Modding Tamriel Elements into Dwarf Fortress, requesting advice

2009-08-02, 08:11 PM
Hey all. I recently (like, night before last :smalltongue:) started modding Dwarf Fortress (for the fun of it), and being the Elder Scrolls junkie that I am, I immediately developed sublime ascension the idea to mod in elements from Tamriel.

I already have the species down (well, the player species as seen in Morrowind, at least (plus the Cathay (jaguar-Khajiit)), but sadly, I haven't gotten too far in either Arena nor Daggerfall, so my knowledge of most of Tamriel is... Lacking.

I checked the wiki, but it is somewhat difficult to find information on, at times...

So, the question to ask is; does anyone know what kinds of creatures live in Tamriel (and outside of Vvardenfall and Cyrodiil), and how might I integrate this into Dwarf Fortress?

Oh, and, just so I (finally) know, how does one assign symbols to civilized creatures with professions? I hate to ask here, but I just can't find anything about how...

2009-08-02, 08:41 PM
Skyriim and High Rock has generally European and North American creatures. Bears, wolves, horses, cows and so on, nothing too fancy all in all. Skyriim having those from further north than High Rock in general. Hammerfell is a desert so deserty stuff and giant versions of it is fitting. No clue in regards to Somerset Isle, Elsweyr is dominated by great cats but i don't know much else and there are lots of apes and monkeys in Valenwood. However, i don't know much about the fauna outside those places seen in Daggerfall, Morrowind and oblivion.