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2006-08-18, 12:31 AM
Went to Naruto-kun.com and they stating that Filler is supposed to END at Ep 199!

Any confirmation?

2006-08-18, 01:04 AM
Yes, they will be ending it at 199 and will be starting up with Kakashi's stuff at 200. Then at some point later(maybe 205), they will get into the two year gap.

Gorbash Kazdar
2006-08-18, 10:25 AM

2006-08-19, 07:36 AM
I gave up and just read the manga ages ago.

Didn't read the Kakashi chapters though, that might be okay.

2006-08-19, 02:16 PM
The kakashi stuff is actually pretty nice.

But eh, you can just get the manga. I've figured I'd stick to the manga because at a certain point, they are going to hit a load of fillers again.

2006-08-21, 01:58 AM
Bout time!!!!!
The anime isn't too bad, but the manga is better and the filler is pure crap. Except for Hinate deciding to stop being a pansy and fight like she can for a change.

2006-08-23, 08:25 PM
Since the fillers have started I have heard rumors that they will be ending. I do not watch the anime anymore, the fillers are that bad. If they really do end at 199, then perhaps I will start watching the anime again.

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