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2006-08-02, 11:21 AM
I watched Serenity last night and it really got me thinking about Book. His death seemed so sudden and unnecessary, sort of like Whedon had something planned for him but just scrapped the idea. And that got me to thinking about his secret, and whether it would ever be revealed. And then my brother had an idea.

Could Book be a former operative? It would certainly explain all the mysterious bits:

the care the Alliance gave him after looking at his ident card
how he knew so much about crime
why Early took him out in the same way as Mal

and probably more things that I'm forgetting. It would certainly be possible. The scenario would've gone something like this: He was an Operative of the Alliance when he found out a secret, a devastating secret. Something like how the Reavers came to be. Horrified, he quit his job as an Operative and turned to religion, becoming a monk.

Am I crazy?

2006-08-02, 11:31 AM
It is quite possible.

Keep in mind though, Whedon has a hard-on for killing off main characters.

2006-08-02, 11:35 AM
That's the same general opinion that's going around my group too.

He just knows too much. He knows what an operative is and how they operate. He knows his way around a gun (even if it only is for kneecaps) and crime.

But I don't think his leaving was on any sort of bad terms. Becuase he still gets medical care from the alliance, and he was not hunted down. I think he just got old and retired.

2006-08-02, 02:19 PM
Whedon has a hard-on for killing off main characters.
Awesome and true, can I use that in my signature?

2006-08-02, 09:56 PM
Awesome and true, can I use that in my signature?
Go for it.

2006-08-06, 02:14 AM
i wish i could have said something so awesome that someone uses it for their signature, but read mine, and you'll understand.

2006-08-06, 12:33 PM
We're all of the Book was an operative opinion in this little circle of friends too.

2006-08-12, 11:24 AM
I'm not so sure about Book being an operative. The way that Book talks to Mal about the operative makes it sound like he despises operatives.

I want to think that Book is an intelligence officer of sorts.

2006-08-15, 08:07 AM
Maybe Book was an operative, and was sickened by the hideous things he had to do, and lost his faith in the righteousness of his actions... It seems to be Book's advice that gave Mal the idea of how to stop the Operative, after all.

Whatever he is, Book was certainly something more than a mere preacher.

2006-08-16, 01:45 AM
If you have read the Serenity RPG book (which insofar as I know was approved by Whedon) Mal's home planet, Shadow, was made inhabitable for human life by the Alliance.

I think Book is the man who gave the order.

2006-08-17, 02:08 AM
This is why I will destroy FOX TV, and Rupert Murdoch. I will never know what Book's great secret is, damn you Rupert Murdoch! Damn!

*shakes fists at sky falling to knees*