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2006-06-19, 04:50 AM
Ok 2 points to whom ever can tell me the title and artist of the song played on the episode of cowboy beebop when ed leaves and Fey find her old house and Jet and Spike are just eating eggs. I MUST KNOW IT IS AN AWESOME SONG AND IT IS STUCK IN MY HEAD.

Edit: The lyrics go somthing like "Call me Callllllll meeee" it is kinda slow and sad.

2006-06-19, 04:53 AM
It wouldn't happen to be the song "Call Me Call Me"?


Google is your friend!

2006-06-19, 04:59 AM
Thank you you get 2 points*hands over 2 points* I could not find without the artist I LOVE YOU LONG TIME(and then some(and a bag of chips(would you like fries with that)))

Edit: Steve Conte does alot of anime stuff damn Beebob, Wolf's reign, GITS (all shows that debued on [as])

Edit2:so does Yoko Kanno (viturally all the same shows)

2006-06-19, 05:09 AM
Tip for finding song info from Google:

Place words you know from the song in quotation marks followed by the word lyrics. The quotation marks force an 'exact phrase' search, and lyrics brings up all the music lyrics sites.

"call me call me" lyrics

Thats how I found this one, never heard the song before nor watched the show.

2006-06-19, 05:12 AM
OMG I downloaded it and listened too it it just gives me chill especially in relation to that episode.

^get the song bro it is sadly orgasmic(?) you deserve it for helping me along with those two points(the chips and fries ;))

2006-06-19, 07:04 PM
That's for the tip, Rawhide. Now I've found a song. :)

2006-06-19, 10:45 PM
That's for the tip, Rawhide. Now I've found a song. :)

Yah I used it to find another song I wanted.

2006-06-19, 11:08 PM
:-[ I could of told you off the top of my head, or just checked the OST notes if I had a brain fart. Good soundtrack that.