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Dragon Elite
2009-08-14, 10:24 AM
The Kobold's Lair

Room 1

As you walk into the 20x20 ft room, you notice a small table with a frothy cup of dark beige beer. A bookshelf has been broken, but books are still inside. Five small kobolds run in behind you. Across the room from you is a door. Encounter: 5 kobolds
Treasure: 1 scroll of magic missile on the bookshelf(DC 14 Search to find)

Room 2

This room it a 15x80 foot long tunnel with a door at the end. The walls are smooth stone.
Encounter: 50 feet down the passage way, a sword swings out at you. (+4 1d8+2 Search DC 16 Disable Device DC 19)
Treasure: 250 gp in a secret cavern, Search DC 19

Room 3
This is a 10x15 room that has a door on your left. There is a sleeping kobold next to the door. 5 kobolds jump down from the ceiling and attack. The sleeping one jumps up and joins them.
Encounter: 6 kobolds
Treasure: 50 gold and a scroll of haste

What do you think so far?
:belkar: Kill the kobolds!

2009-08-14, 11:14 AM
Seems reasonable enough, but you appear to be assuming the kobolds are perfect at hiding, always aware of the party, etc.

#1 - Where do the kobolds come from? What are they hiding in?
#2 - What is the Attack Bonus of the sword trap?
#3 - Again, where are the kobolds hiding? Is the sleeping kobold only bluffing?

2009-08-14, 11:34 AM
"Frothy" may be a better word than "Frothing" if the beer has been out of the barrel more than a minute.

Dragon Elite
2009-08-14, 11:35 AM
This scenario is going to be part of Maze World (See my sig) It is a sentient, evil maze. It can create kobolds, as well as traps.