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2009-08-19, 05:01 PM
Hello all

After reading one of the recent threads here, I had a few good ideas for a campaign I'm planning. It'll start with the PC's needing to recuse someone held by a theives guild.

Now, I plan for the theives themselves to be physically weak, relying on traps and their numbers. The guild itself won't have access to much in the way of gold or equipment, so I began thinking of what traps I could have them make on a short budget.

Heres the ideas I have so far

Ooze Pit - Pretty standard idea, it's a pit trap, but no spikes or hard floor at the bottom, just a ooze.

Fire Room - Inspired by the other thread. The guild itself is located in the dungeons of a ruined castle. While all the rooms are stone, this one is wooden, with oil smeared around the edge of the room. A wire trap may cause anyone falling for the trap to be covered in sovereign glue. The roof itself is illusionary. The actual roof is 1 foot above it, sporting a net holding up several vials of alchemists fire and a mechanical trap set to activate whenever it hears the word "Stuck" in common.

Invisable Caltrops - Again, inspired by the thread mentioned. The party enter a narrow corridor. The first space is empty, but the next five foot look like they're covered in caltrops. Those caltrops, however, are illusionary, and a silent image covers the actual caltrops in the square directly behind them.

Is there any other ideas that I might be able to use? The theives themselves are just about entirely goblins, mostly levels 1-2. They have a handful of casters, but mostly illusionists.

2009-08-19, 05:07 PM
I would say your first goal is to figure out why they have traps there.

For example, all traps are made better by out of sight rogues sniping at people who trigger it. It makes more sense to than: "Well, if they step on the caltrops, they will have to stop to bandage the wound!"

Step one in trap design is to design traps that are easy to get past for the thieves. Both your illusory caltrops trick and the stuck trick work great, because foreknowledge makes them completely not a problem. But keep that in mind when making other traps, like pit traps that trigger by weight and are as big as the hallway and hard to jump over.

2009-08-19, 05:14 PM
A simple trap would be a door with a number of heavy objects leaned precariously against it when they open the door it falls on them. While its not particularly dangerous its dirt cheap all you need is a room your not using with a door and some stuff that's heavy bonus points if they make a lot of noise when they fall alerting the guards.

Weakened floors that break when creatures who weigh to much walk on them a hazard to most adventures but not a big deal to the goblins. put some sharpened stakes at the bottom for added fun.

you could make cast silent image over a whole to make it look like floor so they could fall into it, set an iron grate to fall into the whole after them to prevent them from climbing out. Add snakes/spider/water/ alchemist fire ect to pined adventures