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2009-08-19, 06:29 PM
So I'm trying to join a PbP game for (naturally) Shadowrun. I've only played one game, so I tried adapting and then submitting the character I had gotten from the demo I did at GenCon [basically the technomancer on pg 112 of the Core Rulebook]. That didn't really fly (I was both underoptimized and had done a few things wrong), so I asked the DM what gaps the party might need filled and he said that they had no rigger.

Now I'm trying to go about building one, but I'm sort of at a loss as how to do so properly. I also don't have much character concept beyond that he's an old(ish) dwarf ex-sea captain.

Any help I can get on this one will be hugely appreciated. Thanks in advance! :smallsmile:

2009-08-20, 01:30 AM
Dwarf Pirate with a droid parot!!

A'vast ye scurvy chummer!!

2009-08-20, 03:30 AM
There is a build I've wanted to run, but due to the lack of Shadowrun Enthusiast in my area, he is but a dream.

He's a Human with Neoteny(Runner's Companion) Rigger, with Four Arms(Runner's Companion), all of them Cybered out. Each arm holds a Gun, and each of his hands are Drone Hands, 1 is a Utility Hand, the other 3 are Medic Hands(Augmentation).

He would have an addiction to Sugar(By RAW, I know you can't be addicted to Sugar), and his runner name would be Ant, since he was small, had 6 limbs, and loved sugar...

The problem with him is Cyber Arms are Expensive, Essence wise, Cyber Arm Guns are fairly high in restriction rating, which means he would have to go a while without some decent fire power in his arms.

There was the concept a friend came up with for a Dwarf rigger who a Hemophobic, he stayed in his Van and sent his drone along with the group. He was a little wigged out seeing blood through a screen, but seeing it in person would make him catatonic.

Now for Kaun's idea; You could get a Cyber Leg that has a RPG in it, maybe one cyber eye, a Cybered Parrot, or a Drone Parrot as Kaun suggested. You could also have a Signature to your character that all his Drones fly a Jolly Roger. a Monofilament Cutlass is a must...

To be honest, I'm not much of a Nautical person, so I can't help you much there, maybe drive a modified boat/Jet Ski? Modified for Land Travel. Uhm if you have access to Runner's Companion use the Advanced Lifestyle rules and maybe he has a boat house out at Sea. Being the Old Sea Dog that he is, I'd probably build his lifestyle as:
Comfort: Low Entertainment: Low Necessities: Middle Neighborhood: Street Security: High That puts you at 2600 Nuyen a month for your Lifestyle, there are extras I could add, and they could increase/decrease the cost of your Lifestyle.

Comfort wise, I can see him being used to not having much since he is an ex-sea Capitan, Entertainment, same thing, he's used to not having much, Neighborhood, He's out in the water, most he's got to worry about usually is an over-zealous shark, Security, just in case of the over-zealous shark or otherwise.

Other stuff you could add to it: Hasty Exit: Unless they surround you, you can get out pretty easy No Neighbors: Out in the water... only neighbors be the fishes! Network Bottleneck: Again out in the water, probably not the best place for getting a Wireless Signal Poor Condition: Out on the Water weather isn't exactly your friend...
Adding those in that would change the cost to... 3200 nuyen a month.