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2009-08-21, 09:16 PM
I'm trying to build a character with the highest possible movement speed. I only have access to a very limited amount of sourcebooks. My question is this: Which character classes in D&D v3.5, prestige or otherwise, include a feature similar to the barbarian and monks' Fast Movement, and if they aren't listed on Crystalkeep, can I find them online or do I need to pick up another sourcebook?

Thanks in advance.

2009-08-21, 09:21 PM
Well, the Dark template from ToM gives +10 to movement speed. It's +1 LA, but you can get it through the Collar of Umbral Metamorphosis, which is ~10,000 gp (from the same book).

2009-08-21, 10:38 PM
Anyone else have anything? Templates are good too, it'll probably be a mid-high level character at the start.

2009-08-21, 10:46 PM
There are so many... I was waiting for someone to post a link to the list. (http://brilliantgameologists.com/boards/index.php?topic=2546.0)

Speed increase - aka Fast Movement, +10' land speed each unless otherwise noted
Barbarian 1
Monk 3/6/9/12/15/18, +10 each
Paladin 5, class variant, Complete Champion, +10' all speeds, only while underground
Ranger 6, class variant, Complete Warrior, +10'
Scout 3, 11/20, Complete Adventurer +10 (land)
Animal Lord (horselord) 3, ecl 8, Complete Adventurer, +10, +20 at level 7, see text
Bloodhound 3, 6, 9, ecl 7, Complete Adventurer, +10 each when chasing mark
Wild Plains Outrider 2, ecl 8, Complete Adventurer, +10 for mount (all modes)
Dash, feat, Complete Adventurer, +5' (does not specify land only)
Celerity, domain, Complete Diving, +10'
Wildrunner 1, ecl 6, Races of the Wild, +10'
Whisperknife 6, ecl 11, Races of the Wild
Pregrine Runner 5, ecl 12, Races of Stone
Reachrunner 1, 4/5 (+5/+10), ecl 6, Races of Eberron
Shadow Scout 2 (OA) ecl 8
Dervish 2/5/8 (+5/+10/+15)
Gnome Giant-Slayer 6, ecl 11, Complete Warrior
Atavist 5 (cautious spirit), ecl 10, Races of Eberron, +5' for all movement modes
Elemental Warrior (fire) 4, ecl 11, Planar Handbook
Cloud Anchorite 4, 8/10, ecl 10, Frostburn, +10' each
Primeval 8, ecl 16, Frostburn, +10'
Cheetah's Speed, wild feat, Complete Divine - speed becomes 50' for 1 hour, once per hour can move at 10X speed
Geomancer 3 (stage 2 drift), ecl 9, Complete Divine, +5'
Geomancer 9 (stage 5 drift), ecl 15, Complete Divine, once per hour move at 10X speed
Shifter w/Longstride trait, Eberron Campaign Setting, +10', while shifting
Longstride Elite, feat, Eberron Campaign Setting, +10', while shifting
Nentyar Hunter 2, ecl 7, FR: Unapproachable East, +10'
Improved Speed, feat, Draconomicon - fly speed improves by 20', all others improve by 10'
Speed of Thought, feat, XPH - +10' insight bonus
Divine Vigor, divine feat, Complete Divine - temporary +10'
Barbarian 3 (Fangshield substitution level), Champions of Valor - +10' while charging
Marshal 2, Miniatures Handbook - +5' per aura bonus
Incarnate 3 (chaotic), Magic of Incarnum - +10' +10'every five levels, share with allies at 7th level
Totemist 8 (halfling substitution level), Magic of Incarnum - +10'
Barbarian 1 (Duskling substitution level), Magic of Incarnum, +10'/essentia (enhancement)
Dread Carapace, soulmeld, Magic of Incarnum - +60' +10'/essentia (enhancement) once per minute
Incarnate Avatar (chaos), soulmeld, Magic of Incarnum - +30' (enhancement)
Lamia Belt, soulmeld, Magic of Incarnum - +10' (enhancement) plus spring attack feat
Worg Pelt, soulmeld, Magic of Incarnum - +5' +5/essentia (unnamed)
Cerulean Sandals, soulmeld, Magic of Incarnum - +5'/essentia (unnamed)
Knight of the Sacred Seal 4, ecl 9, Tome of Magic - +10' temporary
Shadow Creature, template, Lords of Madness - all speeds x1.5
Fast Leg, Fiendish Graft, Fiend Folio - +10'
Quick, character trait, Unearthed Arcana - +10'
Fleet of Foot, regional feat, Player's Guide to Faerun - +10'
Abberant Limbs (legs), unique NPC ability, DMG 2 - +20', LA+2
Nimble Bones, feat, Lords of Madness - +10', applies to undead created by someone with this feat
Vandalis Beastkeeper 10, ecl 14, Eberron: Dragonmarked - +10', does not specify land only
Divine Alacrity, divine feat, Faiths of Eberron, +30' (enhancement) for 1 round
Wild Soul 6, ecl 11, Complete Mage - +10'
Minor Shapeshift, reserve feat, Complete MAge - +5' enhancement, limited duration, see text
Swiftness of Orien, feat, Player's Guide to Eberron (p.48) - +20' to 90' enhancement to all speeds, see text
Freedom, Mantle, Complete Psionic - +10' (untyped) to all speeds
Berserk 1, ecl 6, Deities and Demigods - +10'
Extreme Leap, skill trick, ecl 2, Complete Scoundrel, +10' see text
Mark of Malbolge, feat, Fiendish Codex II, +10' for 1 round, see text
Absolute Steel, stance, Tome of Battle, +10' (enhancement) to all speeds
Bloodclaw Master 2, ecl 8, Tome of Battle, +10' while in Tiger Claw stance
Dark Creature, template, Tome of Magic, +10' to all moves of movement
Animal Devotion, feat, Complete Champion, +5-30' once per day, see text
Imbued Healing, metamagic feat, Complete Champion, +5', see text
Fist of the Forest 1, ecl 5, Complete Champion, +10' land
Forest Reeve 1, ecl 6, Complete Champion, +10' land
Holt Warden 2, ecl 7, Complete Champion, +10' land speed if already have woodland stride
Mythic Examplar 2 (Orsos), ecl 6, Complete Champaion, +20' all movement
Sanctified One (Kord) 1 or 3 or 5/5, ecl 6, Complete Champion, +10' foot speed
Jaunter 2, ecl 6, Expedition to the Demonweb Pits, +10' land
Swift Tumbler, feat, Cityscape, tumble at half speed +10'
Paragnostic Apostle 1, ecl 6?, Complete Champion, +10' from any spell that grants speed or increase, not just land

2009-08-21, 10:47 PM
Shadow, +2 template, +50% movespeed.

Dragons. Seriously.

Phantom Steed is also really fast.

2009-08-21, 11:03 PM
Scouts have fast movement. Nice list above.

2009-08-21, 11:19 PM
Surreal wins again.

2009-08-21, 11:24 PM
There's a nice epic item that doubles your base speed.

2009-08-22, 04:28 AM
There's a nice epic item that doubles your base speed.
Well, I could vague that up for you, but I'll go the other way instead: Boots of Swiftness (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/epic/magicItems/wondrousItems.htm#bootsofSwiftness).