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2009-08-22, 11:13 PM
Challenge for E6 group?

I am trying to come up with a good ending for an E6 campaign where the characters will have around 15-16 extra feats (~CR of 9 by E6 guidelines). The campaign focused on fighting a cult that worshipped a drider that escaped the underdark after the disgrace of becoming a drider.

My idea is that the drider has instructed his followers into creating a ritual to open a portal to another plane (using the rules for incantations from UA) to bring a monster in to aid them in taking control of a small city (the cult has grown to a few hundred that live normal lives in the city and have been harassing the PC's. Three cultists are aids to the lord that rules the city, but the guard could defeat them easily).

I am having trouble coming up with what I should have the players face. I was thinking of using a Glabrezu, but it seems like it could be a VERY powerful enemy, as in TPK, but I can't find any really good final fight creatures that would be powerful enough to pose a threat. Anyone with more experience with E6 have any ideas.

2009-08-22, 11:29 PM
each player got 15+ extra feats? That seems a bit much. Unless I'm reading that wrong. Anyways, how many are there in the group? What class/race is everyone?

Jack Zander
2009-08-22, 11:32 PM
each player got 15+ extra feats?

It's an E6 Campaign.

2009-08-22, 11:33 PM
each player got 15+ extra feats? That seems a bit much. Unless I'm reading that wrong. Anyways, how many are there in the group? What class/race is everyone?

It's E6, a 3.5 variant. You stay at level 6 and get an extra feat every 5000xp, and it suggests that for every 5 feats you treat the chracters as 1 CR/ECL higher.

Group is:

Strongheart Halfling Wizard (Thought he was munchkining, but it is low level and he banned transmutation and enchantment for evocation...)

Human Warblade- Pretty solid at melee combat

Halfling Rogue- Skill monkey, decent at combat because of improved toughness giving him more hit points and some decent combat feats.

Dwarven Cleric- Probably the strongest character. Knows his way around combat buffing/spell casting.

2009-08-22, 11:45 PM
Ah, never heard of E6 or things like that. Seems interesting enough, may have to try it out. Sorry I'm not much help though.

Kol Korran
2009-08-23, 07:19 AM
well, i've never played 6E as well, but how about the following idea- since we're dealing with a drider, why not have him summons a bebilith? spidery demon from beyond... you could fashion it as a sort of a master spider demon.
if you're worried by the CR, throw on it a half- fiend template, to give it spell like powers that befit a foul demon. (and also make it fare more versatyle.). it might be a good idea to lessen the "rend armor ability", or keep it till at least 1/2-2/3 of the battle is over.

another idea is a half fiendish aboleth. the water it lies in make fighting alltogether more difficult in my experience. the hp might be a tad low for a final fight though. if the players don't know what an aboleth is, it wil lterrify the hell out of them.

another idea, that might take a bit more work, is to have your drider summon "the 3" these fiends are actually refluffed covey of hags, perhaps with suboridnate demons (either dretches and the like or refluffed ogres) to accompany them. this challange i think will be easier to control in terms of adding or reducing power to the opponenet.

again, i have no idea what will work in 6E, since i've never played it. good luck though!


2009-08-23, 07:51 AM
Definitely don't use a Glabrezu. Those things can kill 12th-level parties, much less 6th-level ones. Try and pick something with high defences, but only moderate attack power.

A bebilith could work. 150 HP, energy resistances, and DR 10/good will keep it alive against most threats, and it has a deadly poison attack. If the cleric plays smart and uses Neutralise Poison they can probably beat it, but it won't be an easy fight.

If you think even that's too weak, give it above-average HP rolls, re-pick its feats, and boost its stats a tad. It should be pretty tough for a group of 6th-levels to beat.

2009-08-23, 08:00 AM
You could change things around a bit, and have the drider trying to get its body back. The first step in this would be to take over a humanoid. Make this one personal, foreshadow it with a parent or sibling of a PC complaining they never see each other and have pretty much lost touch. Then have them fight the PCs. Level 6, 20 feats, optimized to be very powerful, and the PCs will assume that the character is dominated or similar, and thus the fight becomes more difficult. However they always have the option of just killing them and removing the risk to themselves, which raises moral issues. And of course, the person is actually the drider, and has been completely replaced.

In fact, they are left in the drider's body, and the drider's body is dominated to try and kill the PCs.