View Full Version : Racial large size based on hit die?

2009-08-25, 12:55 PM
I recall that flight on a LA+0 race had many of the same notes as large size does now. It is easy to obtain past a particular level and it isn't exactly balanced at level 1.

Would it be reasonable to have a LA+0 race that starts with an ability similar to that FR regional feat that treats you as one size larger for various rolls, then as they advance in hit die replace it with a proper powerful build, then eventually large size?

2009-08-25, 01:27 PM
Honestly, while large size does have many definate advantages, especially at low level, it's drawbacks are fairly intense as well, especially as you level higher. At level 1 the likelihood of a fair DM putting you against a swarm of enemies is unlikely, but at level 10 being surrounded on all sides by basic standard orcs can bring a big guy down fairly fast.

2009-08-25, 01:59 PM
Why not? You can always balance the race whatever way you want

Tall skinny guy
Size: Large
Vision: Normal
Ablities: -2 Dex, -2 Cha
Speed: 30ft

Seems kind of balanced for me. Maybe the +4 to grap/trip will unbalance him a bit