View Full Version : Tomb of Horrors with a twist of Paranoia

2009-08-25, 11:00 PM
So I've been thinking about how different adventures are best run with different systems, and it occurred to me that the classic ToH would be downright hilarious if it were somehow to be transplanted into a Paranoia setting.

I need ideas. I've never done the ToH as either player or GM before, nor have I ever run Paranoia (though I have played Paranoia once, but I was high on sleep deprivation at the time,) and I want to mine the collective wisdom of these forums. How should I/How would one integrate the two together for maximum comic effect?

2009-08-26, 04:14 AM
Insted of the lich at the end its a sub program of the computer. The characters cannot show blatant fear or distrust of the tomb. Such things will make the computer think your not happy. Also a large party who backstabs each other so they can survive the Tomb would fit.

2009-08-26, 05:31 AM
Poor morale officer will have his work cut out. Also the hygiene officer. Dead bodies are so unhygienic.

Anyway, any Paranoia game should be like ToH. With less teamwork, and more exparimental devices.

2009-08-26, 10:15 AM
Have half the traps clearly marked by neat signs and dismembered limbs. Leave the other half unmarked. Have the dungeon broken up by sections that absolutely can't hurt you, and when players try to return to those sections, have them filled with fire. Encourage party members to go on solo sections of the dungeon, and when the come back, have their articles of clothing be trapped. Do this just once and suddenly, when one person falls down somewhere they can't get out and have to continue on, everyone jumps in after them, making it easy to deliver them to the more dangerous traps.