View Full Version : Good feats + PRCs (Pathfinder non-core)

2009-08-27, 05:54 AM
I am going to be playing in some pathfinder society games soon.

I have my core rulebook, and the downloads that come for free off the Pathfinder website. I can afford another of their splatbooks on PDF. What gems are lurking in the different pathfinder gamebooks that would lure me to pick one over another? Is there a crystalkeep-like listing of pathfinder materials anywhere that I could look through enough to go "Aha, the feat I need is in ..."

I will play a spellcaster. Almost certainly a wizard. I am willing to dip another class if there is a PRC I like. Currently Human Transmuter, Int 20 Con 14 rest 10, Spell Focus Enchantment, Improved Initiative, other feat ??? but that part is open to change. If I made him today he would be Taldorian, but that could change also.