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2009-08-29, 11:12 PM
I wanna see some builds based on just total, complete, destruction. They should go to level 20/21, depending on your mood. No gestalt. No magic equipment. Every point of LA counts as a level (i.e. a LA+2 race has 18 levels to play with). Bonus cookies for bizarre-ness, utility included, and Badass. No flaws. Don't necessarily have to use magic, however. But, if they do use magic, no cheap crap, a la greater celerity, true creation to get unlimited gold (albeit less useful b/c of no magic equipment). Use an 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8 build. Setting specific feats, etc are okay unless it is homebrew setting. Rather, no homebrew in general. Oh, one more thing; no Epic Spells. Basically, if it sounds cheap when compared to the below build, please don't use it.

My build:
Race: Human
Stats: Str 8, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 18, Wis 10, Cha 16,
Level 1: Warmage 1; Feats Able Learner(B) and Spellcasting Prodigy (Wizard).
Level 2: Wizard 1; Transmuter; Focused Specialist; Give up familiar for Transmuter-specific familiar replacement in Unearthed Arcana.
Level 3: Wizard 2; Practiced Spellcaster (Warmage)
Level 4: Wizard 3; Add +1 Int.
Level 5: Wizard 4.
Level 6: Ultimate Magus 1; Practiced Spellcaster (Wizard)
Level 7: Ultimate Magus 2.
Level 8: Ultimate Magus 3; Add +1 to Int.
Level 9: Ultimate Magus 4; Rapid Metamagic.
Level 10: Ultimate Magus 5.
Level 11: Ultimate Magus 6.
Level 12: Ultimate Magus 7; Add +1 to Int; Empower Spell.
Level 13: Ultimate Magus 8.
Level 14: Ultimate Magus 9.
Level 15: Ultimate Magus 10; Energy Change (cold) [can't remember actual feat name].
Level 16: Wizard 5; Add +1 Int; Energy Admixture (cold).
Level 17: Wizard 6.
Level 18: Wizard 7; Maximize Spell.
Level 19: Wizard 8.
Level 20: Wizard 9; Add +1 Int.
Level 21: Wizard 10; Energy Change (acid); Energy Admixture (acid).

Pros: Can do tons of damage, especially against hordes of enemies, while still having those handy transmuter and other wizard spells floating around to protect yourself and buff your party to protect you while you put the hurt on that goblin horde. Your Warmage Spells have a good CL even with your lack of levels (Warmage 1 + Practiced Spellcaster 4 + Ultimate Magus 10 + Arcane Power 4 [Class feature] = CL 19) and your Wizard spells are magnificent (Wizard 10 + Practiced Spellcaster 4 + Ultimate Magus 8 + Arcane Power 4 = 26) and get access to ninth level spells. You only have 6th level Warmage spells, but you can burn your low-level wizard spells to add your metamagic (If I am correct) and still pile on a world of hurt.

Cons: You are the most OHKO prone member of your party. You have access to armor from Warmage, but you're better off with your Wizard spells to protect anyways. If you are out of spells, you are dead. Against Dragons, Demons, and Devils, which have high resistances, you have major problems, because many of your spells may not penetrate while they usually can OHKO you due to a usually-low AC and d4 hit die + High melee damage. The DM will also often be out for you because you will, through magic, almost certainly be able to foil anything, and with your high Int, human bonuses, and Able Learner, be able to have good skills at the same time to use when you can as to avoid spells.

The Lowdown: Nigh-unrivaled raw firepower mixed with some serious versatility allows you, with creative thinking, to pass nearly any encounter. But you die so fast, you can't even feel the pain.

Disclaimer: I made this w/o the use of my books late at night, so not all the info may be accurate. I've had this floating a bit, but haven't seen it written down in a while, so don't hold me to perfection. I think that Ultimate Magus grants bonus metamagic feats, but since I am uncertain, I didn't add them.

2009-08-29, 11:18 PM
No magic equipment? At 20th level? Isn't that a bit harsh?

Pharaoh's Fist
2009-08-29, 11:21 PM
The Mailman (http://forums.gleemax.com/showthread.php?t=1124745), and others who use orbs (http://www.thetangledweb.net/forums/profiler/view_char.php?cid=22841)

2009-08-29, 11:35 PM
I was just going to say incantrix with 4-5 filler levels depending if you're a sorc or wizard.

2009-08-29, 11:40 PM
Whisper Gnome Conjurer 5/Incantatrix 10/Shadowcraft Mage 5. Take Spontaneous Divination at 5, Earth Spell & Heighten Spell. You can spontaneously cast all Evocations, a large subset of Conjurations and all Divinations. You mostly need Silent Images. You're also an Incantatrix. You ban Enchantment, Evocation and Necromancy (ah well, you get Abrupt Jaunt so you'll never die anyways and you don't need Enervation for offense: see below).

Pick up Arcane Thesis: Orb of Fire and go to town with your level 4 slot Twinned Energy Admixtured Empowered Maximized Fell Draining Born of Three Thunders Orb of Fires. Quicken them for good measure. Alternative to Born of Three Thunders, make them Fire/Fire and Searing Spell. Do I win a prize for doing something incredibly obvious? 465 points of No SR Immunity Piercing damage with one swift action (another with a standard action). Oh, and some negative level or something. And some saves vs. Daze and stuff. All it requires is a ranged touch attack. Note that these can be put into your low-level slots.

And umm, your replicated evocations deal more damage on a successful Will-save since they're like 140% real. And yes, you can spontaneously cast any Evocation or Conjuration-spell by preparing a Heightened Silent Image in appropriate level slot. Pick Residual Magic-feat and you can do it from a level 1 slot after doing it from a level 9 slot.

- 4 from Incantatrix (requires only metamagic + Iron Will, which you get from Otyugh Hole)
- 7 from progression (stupid racist prerequisites; Human would be so much better...)

Prerequisites = Spell Focus (Illusion)
So you have 12 feats left to pick up the metamagic lined above + enough Easy Metamagic to do that in a level 4 slots, and stuff like Invisible Spell, Sanctum Spell and so on to negate the level adjustment. No equipment whatsoever needed.

I suppose you could pick up Extend and Persistent Spell to get tons of buffs on you too. Since Incantatrix is pretty good. And Chain Spell to Chain Greater Dispel people. And Craft Contingent Spell since you want to be immortal. You could pick up Item Familiar if no equipment allowed. That'll allow you to pump Spellcraft sufficiently high to trivially Persist anything. Also, gate stuff in to pump your Int with Wishes since Wish-items aren't allowed. Or better yet, use permanent Polymorph Any Object. I heard White Ethergaunt is a good form. Then just Shapechange to whatever you wanna appear as (or Shapechange into Choker for extra standard action and Polymorph into a combat form; you'll have to make do as a Horned Devil or whatever, but that's a small price for extra standard action). You should probably also make sure you have the biggest demon you can bind (Glabrezu at level ~11, Pit Fiend at level 15) as a personal bodyguard at all times. You could also do stuff with your familiar that I won't get into here.

Point being, you can dish out 3 465-point Orbs per round without breaking a sweat, so you deal ~1200 damage with ranged touch attacks per round. I think that's fairly good baseline for blasting, don't you? Oh, and you're immortal and the best fighter and...do I really need to list why Wizards have utility here?

The biggest drawback is that if you play such a character in a real game, you'll most likely end up playing a solo game. Also possible bludgeoning damage from various objects hurled in your generic direction. Still, it's just a Wizard with some Incantatrix & Shadowcraft Mage sauce.

Dark Magician, MA DOU HA!

Wings of Peace
2009-08-29, 11:42 PM
Race: Human
Str: 8, Dex: 12, Con: 14, Int: 10 Wis 18, Cha: 16,

Level 1:Sorcerer 1; Precocious Apprentice, Iron Will
Level 2:Incarnate 1;
Level 3:Incarnate 2; Incarnum Spellshaping
Level 4:Incarnate 3;
Level 5:Soulcaster 1;
Level 6:Soulcaster 2; Expanded Soulmeld Capacity (Strongheart Vest)
Level 7:Soulcaster 3;
Level 8:Soulcaster 4;
Level 9:Soulcaster 5; Rapid Metamagic
Level 10:Soulcaster 6;
Level 11:Soulcaster 7;
Level 12:Souldcaster 8; Quicken Spell
Level 13:Soulcaster 9;
Level 14:Tainted Sorcerer 1;
Level 15:Incantatrix 1; Twin Spell, Empower Spell
Level 16:Incantratrix 2;
Level 17:Incantatrix 3;
Level 18:Incantatrix 4; Energy Substitution X, Maximize Spell
Level 19:Incantatrix 5;
Level 20:Incantatrix 6;
Level 21:Incantatrix 7; Energy Admixture X, Reserves of Strength

In addition to the usual Incantatrix goodies my casting abilities are now tied to my taint score. More importantly however rather than modify spell levels I can take Con damage however since we can invest in Strongheart Vest we can negate up to four points of con damage meaning any metamagic that is a +4 or lower is now free. Also, reserves of strength has now removed any level based restrictions on our spells so all damage spells that scale with level are now uncapped as well as another other spell effects that scale with level and have a cap.

2009-08-30, 12:12 AM
Did You Say Vow of Poverty?
Ok, sure.
Wizard X/Intatrix 10

while I've on BoED.
VoPovery VoPeace Psion with enough mind control to make everything kill it'sself?

2009-08-30, 12:51 AM
Just for fun points, Sorcerer2/Warlock3/Eldritch Theurge3/Incanatrix10/other2. Arcane Spellsurge with Greater Arcane Fusion for your favorite metamagicked AoE's (level 7 and 4), then Spellblast a 9th-level metamagicked Wings of Flurry. Not very practical (compared to the single-slot damage of Orbs), but very fun.

2009-08-30, 07:07 AM
Just for fun points, Sorcerer2/Warlock3/Eldritch Theurge3/Incanatrix10/other2. Arcane Spellsurge with Greater Arcane Fusion for your favorite metamagicked AoE's (level 7 and 4), then Spellblast a 9th-level metamagicked Wings of Flurry. Not very practical (compared to the single-slot damage of Orbs), but very fun.
Since we're cheseing:
you can quilify for Eldrich theurge with:
wizard 1/warlock 1
Chasible of fell power , and apprentice wizard Feat (IIRC)
Don't forgert to increase your eldritch blast as if yoru were gaining warlock lvls for each lvl of Eldrich teurge.
So take 3 of those early lvls and convert them to Factum, and get some fount of inspiration, and spend I points to make extra standard actions.

EDIT: THIS needs a magic item, damn

2009-08-30, 01:10 PM
Wow... some very nice stuff. The restriction from gear was so that A) reduce one level of complication and B) Cuts about half of the cheesing that I usually see; i.e. nearly any character with access to scrolls of True Creation can get epic level gear and just kick all sorts of ass.

Actually... Bard 1/Rogue 1. Steal a scroll of True Creation, and let the good times roll.

I'm thinking that Eldariel wins, w/ over 1200 damage/round w/o use of greater celerity and moron-ness. Though I'd like to see some calculations on the metamagic levels for that powerful of an orb of fire.

2009-08-30, 01:19 PM
I'm thinking that Eldariel wins, w/ over 1200 damage/round w/o use of greater celerity and moron-ness. Though I'd like to see some calculations on the metamagic levels for that powerful of an orb of fire.

Energy Substitution: +0
Energy Admixture: +4
Twin Spell: +4
Empower Spell: +2
Maximize Spell: +3
Quicken Spell: +4
Searing Spell: +1

But wait! Some adjustments in Arcane Thesis and Improved Metamagic:

Energy Substitution: -1
Energy Admixture: +2
Twin Spell: +2
Empower Spell: +0
Maximize Spell: +1
Quicken Spell: +2
Searing Spell: +0

That would be a level 10 spell. But wait! We take Practical Metamagic: Energy Admixture and Twin Spell. That makes it level 8. We can also take Invisible Spell, which makes it level 7. Then we can take Practical Metamagic: Quicken for level 6! And yes, we've got that many feats. Actually, we still have one extra. Of course, that means we need to skip out on some of the better Shadowcraft Mage trickery, but c'est la vie.

Meh, leave Practical Metamagic: Energy Admixture out of it and you can fit Earth Spell + Heighten Spell, which is the basis of its trickery. That leaves the Quickened Orb at level 7 and standard Orb at level 6, but meh. I suppose we could visit Metamagic Storm (another magical location) for a metamagic feat to get Chain Spell.

And yeah, two levels of Tainted Scholar would lead to practically infinite spells with infinite save DCs. But I don't like being Tainted :smalltongue:

2009-08-30, 09:50 PM
Paragon of Poor Sportsmanship

Race: venerable Human, use Metamorposis (4th-level power) during battle to become a Beholder until you can cast Polymorph Any Object on yourself, then it's permanent.
Abilities: 2, 4, 10, 17, 21, 15 as human (venerable)
4, 8, 12, 20, 21, 15 as beholder via PaO
4, 8, 12, 17, 21, 15 as beholder via Metamorphosis
Or if age doesn't apply to Polymorph/Metamorphosis forms (I have no idea):
10, 14, 18, 17, 21, 15 as beholder via PaO
10, 14, 18, 17, 21, 15 as beholder via Metamorphosis

Level 1: Factotum 1; Iron Will, Great Fortitude
Level 2: Erudite 1; Spell to Power ACF
Level 3: Erudite 2; Spell Focus (evil)
Level 4: Erudite 3;
Level 5: Erudite 4;
Level 6: Erudite 5; Metamorphic Transfer (Antimagic Cone), Metamorphic Transfer (Eye Rays)
Level 7: Ur-Priest 1
Level 8: Ur-Priest 2
Level 9: Psychic Theurge 1; Expanded Knowledge (Metamorphosis)
Level 10: Beholder Mage 1
Level 11: Beholder Mage 2
Level 12: Cerebremancer 1; Practiced Manifester
Level 13: Cerebremancer 2
Level 14: Cerebremancer 3
Level 15: Mystic Theurge 1; Toughness
Level 16: Mystic Theurge 2
Level 17: Mystic Theurge 3
Level 18: Mystic Theurge 4; Toughness
Level 19: Psychic Theurge 2
Level 20: Psychic Theurge 3

Pros: You are the most monstrously overpowered character in the party. Nobody in your group has ever seen its like and due to the DM's new rules, never will again. You can learn (as many as you like) and manifest up to 6th-level psion powers and augment them as if you were a 15th-level manifester, and any 5th-level or lower psion discipline powers or 5th-level or lower arcane spells as powers. You can cast up to 9th-level divine spells from the cleric list. You can cast up to 9th-level sorceror/wizard spells; each level of spells is designated its own spell-stalk and each spell-stalk can cast any spell you know of its designated level as a free action once per round; you can learn an unlimited number of spells from the Sorceror/Wizard list and you cast them spontaneously without material components. You Regenerate your antimagic eye after you've finished advancing Beholder Mage, providing a 150ft cone of antimagic that stays on or off continuously at your option.

Cons: You had to dip Factotum to get the right skills in-class for Ur-Priest, since you have no magic equipment and presumably cannot pay for an early Polymorph Any Object for 1200gp to hop straight into Beholder Mage after 5th level. The end result is that you lose two manifester levels, since you could have gone without factotum and also taken one level less of Mystic Theurge to add a level each to Cerebremancer and Psychic Theurge. You only get Polymorph Any Object at level 17 in the build listed, meaning you'd have to start your battles with Metamorphosis to become a beholder - and you need to level up while under Metamorphosis's effects and stab yourself in the eye right before you hit level 10 to take a level in Beholder Mage! Also, this is mildly feat intensive, so you can only take Toughness twice.

The Lowdown: One of the most ridiculous things you could ever attempt to get into a game, this guy one-shots every encounter with a rapid barrage of psion powers, cleric spells, and several wizard spells, all in the same full-round action. Using this as an NPC provides a guaranteed TPK against even large parties of 20th level characters, and using this as a player is equivalent to chainsawing the playing table in half in the middle of a session.

2009-08-30, 09:53 PM
Warlock/Hellfire Warlock/Legacy Champion

Eldritch Glaive

Need I say more?

Oh, with things like Chilling Tentacles and Utterdark Blast, you are also battlefield control, and dealing negative levels while you are dishing out the big booms. Or you can just do things like Hindering Blast to Slow everything that doesn't die from your big booms.