View Full Version : D&D (3/3.5/Pathfinder) Healing redraw

2009-09-06, 10:32 PM
Hello! First-time poster here!

Several ideas for rejigging healing in general:

1. Dice-based healing
Instead of amounts of healing being directly set by the source, healing effects instead provide DICE worth of healing and these dice are equal in size to your Hit Point die. Thus, Barbarians get healed the same proportion of their total HP as Wizards do from the same effect.
Eg. Barry the Cleric casts Cure Light Wounds. This will heal Alan the Barbarian a whopping d12 HP, but only 1d4 HP to Vanessa the Wizard.

I'm undecided as to whether you should get your Con bonus to this roll. I'm thinking yes, as it gives a better benefit to people with decent Con, helps reduce incidences of Con being a dumpstat and helps preserve the idea of it being a virtual fraction of your HP.

I'd like it if I could convert everything over to this model, but I'm a little lost with natural healing (which currently makes Alan the Barbarian take three times as long to heal as Vanessa the Wizard). Any suggestions?

This would work especially well in concert with the very simple:

2. Everyone gets max HP each level.
Does nothing for survivability at 1st Level, but gives Fighters and other tough dudes more toughness (and they frankly need ever edge they can get, although many of their problems don't stem from this)

3. Pseudo Wounds/Vitality
UNlike normal Wounds/Vitality, this idea does not allow Crits to skip Vitality. Indeed, there isn't a separate set of Wounds and Vitality.
Instead, everyone just gets bonus HP equal to their Constitution at 1st Level.
Means people won't go down in a single hit too often at low levels.
HOWEVER, if you have less HP than your Con, you are automatically Fatigued.

4. Healing as conversion to Subdual
Instead of just curing damage, magical healing converts damage into Subdual. This makes in-combat healing a lot less useful (encouraging more use of things that grant temporary HP instead), while keeping mortality low.
In exchange, all healing spells are treated as 1 level lower.
Without Idea #3, this reduces combat resilience, as you'll still fall down at the same amount of damage, you just won't be Dying.
Combined with Idea #3, you can keep going longer, as Subdual doesn't count as damage for the HP<Con rule.
This should also discourage the 5-minute workday problem, I think.