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2009-09-08, 12:10 AM
Level 1 Human fighter. Polite(UA) Feats Gifted General(OA), Warrior Instinct(OA), Quick Draw.

Starting Stat line
Str 14
Dex 15
Con 10
Wis 16
Int 14
Cha 16

Born 3rd Son of Shogun Kaneka and Yasuyo, Akado Kozue was named after his mother's Kenku Sensei. Being the 3rd son meant It was expected that his lot in life was to boost his elder brothers careers. As such Kozue was given the basic Samurai training all Lion clan member's received and then his schooling became more focused on academics that would help him in a career as an Administrator. Upon graduating he was placed to work within the lion clan's massive historical archives. Quickly reveling himself to be an able minded and hard worker, Kozue became Administrator over the entire archive, a position Kozue was pleased with. Using this position Kozue made many contacts through the clans to help his brothers as was expected.

During the spring of his 3rd year as Administrator, Kozue through one of his contact learned of a disturbance in the Northern Woods that was holding up logging attempts there. As timber was one of the Lion's primary exports and being bored at the time Kozue decided to go to the site himself to see what the problem was. Upon arriving at the site he found that whenever the workers would head toward the center of the forest where the oldest and strongest trees where they would be beset by wasps until forced to flee. However one party of 5 had been missing 3 days. Realizing the problem Kozue told the workers he would venture into the forest himself to see if he could help. Traveling alone into the forest he wandered inside until he came to the tallest tree in the center of the forest. Upon seeing a Giant wasp nestled in the trees branches, he produced a jug of sake and set it at the base of the tree. He bowed to the wasp and speaking in the Spirit Tongue asked for forgiveness for the loggers for trespassing in her forest. Surprised the wasp took the form of a young woman in blue silk robes. The woman asked how Kozue knew the language of the spirits. Telling her that men had learned much of the ways and words of spirits he proceeded to tell her a fable. Delighted by the entertainment the bisan asked for another story. Eventually the two worked out a deal that each day kozue would return and tell another story in return for the bisan releasing a worker. Over the next 5 days Kozue would return and tell another story in exchange for the workers. The bisan however was surprised when kozue returned on the sixth day and asked her for a story. Coyly she asked what he offered in return and he responded by giving her the name Chisaki for when he met her she was in bloom. Thus began a tradition that they would alternate telling each other stories for the next 2 weeks. However in that time the workers at the lumber mill had recovered and plotted to cut down the bisan's tree as they coveted the wood of the forest. Learning of this and realizing he had come to love Chisaki Kozue quickly went to the owner of the land and offered to buy the land at twice its value. The owner gladly sold the land to him and had the loggers move on to another forest. 4 months later he and chisaki married and he had his estate moved to be near his love's tree.

At this time Kozue father began to prepare to retire and wished to make sure that his line would continue in the position of Shogun. A stroke of luck happened in a monk who wandered the shadowland sent words that he had found the katana of Matsu, the Lion Thunder. Realizing the Prestige his son would gain from having the sword he sent his first-born Ichiro to retrieve it. When Ichiro arrived at the monk's camp he found the monk's band slaughtered and the weapon missing . Ichiro immediately set off on a quest to find the stolen sword. For 2 years he searched for the weapon and despaired that he would never find it then he stumbled upon a clue that led him to believe the missing sword had been taken out of the land of Rokugan into the land beyond. Sending a message to his clan Ichiro pursued the thief into the unknown.

2 years later Kozue's first Daughter was born and he named her Teak for she had hair the same color as her mothers. In that same year his Brother Jiro set off after Ichiro hoping to find both him and the swords. 2 years after that Kozue's 1st son was born and he named him Itsuki for the tree danced at his birth. Kozue was content in life however a garbled message came to the clan from Jiro saying that he had found Ichiro in the lands of the Emporium a land blighted similar to the shadowlands. It was decided that Kozue would be sent to access the situation at this place and if possible retrieve his brothers and the Sword of the lion thunder. If the sword was found the Matsu family would send 10 of their fiercest warriors to help retrieve the weapon and ensure its safe return. Now a year later receiving the blessing of the Emperor, Kozue sets off to find to find his destiny.

Planned progression is Fighter 2/Human Paragon 3/Samurai 2/Iaijutsu Master 5/Akado Champion 2/Iaijustu Master 10/1 left over Maybe Marshal?

Feats: Weapon Focus(Katanna), Nymph's Kiss, Item Familiar, Improved Initiative, Skill Focus Iaijustu, Ki Shout, Acrobatic Strike, Iron Will, Expert Tactician (Song and Silence), Mercurial Strike, need a few more.

Skill trick: Acrobatic backstab

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what's this, a hero with a FAMILY?


I have no feedback regarding the build, since I don't own the Rokugan setting books. But I like the back story.

2009-09-08, 09:43 AM
Glad you like it. Please leave feedback on if the background is good or not and if you think the Class progression is acceptible too. If you have and feats or other options that you think should be in there dont hesitate to comment.

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You do realise that no matter how much effort you put into this guy's backstory he's still going to end up with the nickname 'banjo', right? :smalltongue:

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Really? I figured I would get the name Jack.

Though perhaps I shouldn't ask where are you deriving the name banjo?

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....I dont get it?

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....I dont get it?
Kozue is close enough that it can be bastardized into Kazooie, regardless of how you enunciate it yourself. Characters reduced to pop culture references is a notable hazard of any tabletop gaming group.

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well, my feedback on the background is entirely up to your GM's attitude towards story telling.

Your story is FILLED with plot hooks that your GM can work with. But there is also the possibility that your family will eventually become the cliched hostage. (or worse, a revenge plot in making)

Really depends on your GM in the end and what you want his struggle to be.

I actually don't have any ideas for the build, since OA is not my strong suit.