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2009-09-09, 05:30 PM
I recently read the Codex Alera Series by Jim Butcher, and decided that a race of Anthropomorphic Wolf-men is too awesome not to include in my custom setting. I did decide to change them somewhat so that they could be used in Low-level games, so, what do you think?

a) Personality
b) Physical Description- The average Canim stands about 7ft tall most of the timeas they find it more comfortable to hunch over. If they do draw themselves up to their full height, though, they are generally about 10ft in height. Canim appear to be hulking beast men with wolf-like features, though there is no evidence of a relationship between them and were-wolfs. In fact, they most resemble Were-Bears in terms of size and bulk. Canim are completely covered with fur that ranges in color and texture as much as dogs, though it lacks the patterns of some breads(ie, no spots or stripes, but color blends are okay). The Fur often turns grey as they advance in age.
c) Relations-
d) Alignment- Canim tend toward Order over Chaos, but lack any leaning on the Good and Evil axis.
e) Canim Lands- The Canim States are called Ranges, and each is lead by a Warmaster, always a leading member of the warrior caste. The warmaster directly controls the battlepacks(groups of warrior castes), and wields great influence and authority over the Makers and Ritualist, though each group has some autonomy.
f) Religion-Canim worship the same as the other races, though the worship of Wee Jas is stronger than in most racial groups.
g) Language- Canim speak Canish, a language many say is similar to the growling of dogs. It's written form is a Runic alphabet similar but distinct from Dwarvish. In fact, many theorize that both came from a common ancestor, but the truth was lost during the events after the last Spell
h) Names-
i) Adventurers-
j) Racial Castes- The Canim Race is divided into four casts: the Makers, Warrior, Hunters, and the Ritualists. All Canim get the stats given under the standard listing, plus whatever is listed underneath the specific cast.
i) Standard

(1) Type-Mounstrous Humaniod
(2) Size-Meduim
(3) Powerful Build
(4) Natural Attacks- 2 claws at 1d3 each and 1 bite at 1d4. The bite can only be used against targets in the same square.
(5) Hefty- Canim weigh enough that they count as large for the purpose of riding.
(6) Lowlight vision
(7) Speed 40ft
ii) Maker

(1) +2 Str, -2 Dex
(2) +2 to any one Craft of Profession check
(3) LA +0
iii) Warrior

(1) +4 Str, +2 Con, -2 Dex
(2) Powerful Charge- Due to their massive size, Warrior Caste Canim gain a +4 damage boost when charging.
(3) LA +1
iv) Hunter

(1) +2 Str, +2 Dex
(2) +2 on Listen, Spot, and Steath Checks
(3) Darkvision
(4) LA +1
v) Ritualist

(1) +2 Str, +2 Cha
(2) Blood-Cast- By Sacrificing 1 point of Con per Spell/Power/etc Level, a Ritualist can add any +4 or less Metamagic/whatever that they know to a spell at no cost (only one such feat can be added to a spell in this manner). This ability can only be used when the spell is cast, and changes the casting time to a Full Round action if the spell would take less time. Also, if they have the Cooperative Spellcasting Feat, several Ritualists can work together, spreading out the cost between them. In this case, only one must be able to cast the spell, though they all must have the feat. The Con Damage cannot be healed in any way, including such methods as the StrongHeart Vest that give what is effectively Ability Damage DR. Furthermore, the damage counts as Drain as long as the spell is in effect.
(3) LA +1

2009-09-09, 08:43 PM
Are you sure they should be medium size? If they were at 10ft at full height, they may qualify for large. If they did, it would affect LA abit.