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2009-09-10, 07:58 PM
So, I need some inspiration. As a musician, and someone who survives pretty much on his ears alone, I need some music for a character.

The character in question is a Half-Gold Dragon 17th level Neutral Good Auradin. (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=109210) His name is Aldaren.

Backstory wise, he was raised in an urban city, and was actually supposed to become a bard. However, he met and became best friends with a girl known as Yvaine. The two were traveling together to the country side to visit Yvaine's family when a magical sword quite literally appeared before the two of them, along with the avatar of the god Eloriel. (Homebrew: Over-God of Good.) He told them that one of the two was to become one of his auradins, a puissant champion of good.

Yvaine was going to pick up the sword and assume that mantel when Aldaren caught a glimpse of what the paladin's life would be like. In that instant, he stopped Yvaine from taking up the sword and took it himself.

He picked up the sword and became the champion of Eloriel. The sword, a sentient blade known as Sierra Nocturne, grew in power as he grew in power.

Aldaren is a strange half-dragon in that he has managed to control the appearance of his draconic traits. Two horns appear on his head when he "shifts" into his dragon form, and two more horns grow out of his face in front of his ears. In addition, small spikes grow out of his wrist and his nails turn into claws. His teeth grow longer, and turn into fangs when he smiles, and his eyes turn into orbs of gold.

Currently, because of his half-dragon heritage, which seems extremely strong in him, Aldaren has outlived most of his friends and family, and currently leads an extremely solitary life. He is known by his Nom de Plume, Nocturne, which he (stole) from his sword.

Personality-wise, Aldaren is extremely lonely. Not only does something about him make most civilians a little scared of him, the threat of his powers of detection makes most of the world cringe and shy away. To that end, Aldaren is often seen, at least in winter, on the road, or wrapped in a tattered blanket, staring into the depths of a fire, his eyes haunted and empty. Otherwise, however, the auradin is extremely wise, and once known, he is extremely friendly, kind, and good.

Aldaren rarely wears his armor, as there is an enchantment wove on it that allows him to summon it on to his body in an instant. However, he does keep Sierra Nocturne at his side at all times, in addition to a mundane longsword. He has neat, short brown hair and a round, quite friendly face, though he rarely smiles unless he is sure that there is no evil around him.

As a former bard-in-training, Aldaren has a psychological "mask" of sorts he can put on. When he puts on this mask, he becomes less of "Sir Aldaren of Eloriel" and more "Good Old Aldaren." His face becomes more relaxed, his chin a little sharper, and a constant grin appears on his face. His voice becomes deeper, and he generally becomes suddenly and startlingly friendly. He uses this "mask" when gathering information, but is extremely scared that one of these days, that mask will not be able to be taken off. It is his one link to his time with Yvaine before he became the lonely man he is now, and while he appreciates this, he is still terrified of it's results.

Thoughts on a piece of music?

EDIT: Intelligent item stats:

+5 Longsword, and...

INT 19, WIS 19, CHA 10. Speech, Telepathy, 120 ft. darkvision, blindsense and hearing.

Powers: Cure Moderate Wounds on Aldaren 3/day, detect magic at will, deathwatch continuously, zone of truth 3/day, detect thoughts at will, detect undead at will, create magic circle against evil at will. Special Purpose: Serve and protect all worshippers of the good gods. Purpose Power: dimension door on wielder. Ego: 30.

2009-09-10, 08:15 PM
1812 Overture finale?

Thane of Fife
2009-09-10, 08:54 PM
Gourmet Race (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxVAB3ZtjSE)?

I think it combines sadness with heroism quite nicely.

2009-09-10, 09:37 PM
The Moonlight Sonata?

Nice class you have there.

And what Sofawall was referring to in the second-to-last post in that thread was that in the game of Diablo 2, there is a Paladin build called the Auradin. It uses the skills Charge and Holy Shock among others, and usually uses a weapon called Hand of Justice.

2009-09-10, 10:29 PM

This is what came to mind when I read the backstory.

Lyrics can be found here: http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR00818/

2009-09-11, 12:38 AM
That last one was stunningly perfect, thank you!