View Full Version : The Juggler (Help wanted)

Amros Aldarion
2009-09-11, 12:26 AM
Hey all!

While in mid conversation with a friend of mine, I stumbled upon the idea of a 'juggler' class. My idea was generally a rogue or ranger or fighter style character who battled with spinning blades that practically danced for him, but greatly reduced his movement.

Now, I want to know first: can anyone direct me to any already existing models? I haven't found any through the homebrew search engine.

2009-09-11, 12:44 AM
The search engine is effectively disabled at the moment. There are some of the classes (base or PrC) you describe... One is "Infernal Juggler" (not so "infernal").
Use the following to start your search strings on Google and you should do reasonably well: