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2009-09-11, 03:54 AM
This is my first ever custom charm, so all feedback greatly appreciated. I'm not sure this even works, but hopefully you'll get the gist :smallwink:.

Cost: 5m, 1+wp; Mins: Performance 4, Essence 2; Type: Reflexive (Step 10)
Keywords: Social
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Respect Commanding Attitude

The Lawgivers were made to combat the most unthinkable of horrors. With their unbreakable will they stood steadfast in the face of indescribable madness, and through their passionate words and unflinching hesitation they inspired others to follow their example. This charm can be activated whenever an ally of the Solar is hit by a social attack and has the option of spending willpower to resist its effect. The solar rolls (Charisma+Performance). If the Solar scores more successes than the permanent Essence of the attacker the target of the attack counts as having spent willpower to resist the effect of the attack, but they do not actually need to do so. The victim does not gain limit or other side effects of resisting unnatural mental influence. Should this charm be used to prevent the effects of unnatural mental influence the solar gains a point of limit in place of the victim, even if the victim does not have a limit mechanic. Even thought the victim does not spend willpower to resist the attack they count as having done so for the purpose of determining whether they have to spend further willpower to resist social attacks that scene.

At essence 3 this charm may be used on a group of people with a total magnitude no greater than the Solars permanent Essence. Doing so costs an additional point of willpower for each point of magnitude above 1. Even if the solar uses this charm to prevent unnatural mental influence on several victims he does not gain more than one point of limit.

2009-09-11, 11:59 AM
Now this i'm just uncertain about. I had the idea, so i wrote it down, but i don't if it's even worth using. Thoughts?

New Keyword:
Attitude: Charms with the attitude keyword are similar to martial art Form Charms; only one may be active at once, and they confer several passive benefits while they have motes committed towards them.

Attitude charms are intended to be low-to medium powered stunt-augmenting effects. Simply put, when you stunt in a certain way you get an additional bonus. While this bonus should not be particularly strong it does not count as charm-use.

Cost: 5m; Mins: Presence 3, Essence 2; Type: Simple
Keywords: Attitude, Combo-OK
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisite Charms: None

The mere visage of the Lawgivers bolsters their lessers, and their words sets mens spirits ablaze. While Blazing Spirit is active whenever the Solar uses a stunt which incorporates some form of passionate speech he may choose to add the granted stunt dice to a special pool instead of using them. This pool can contain no more than the Solars (Essence*2) dice. This pool lasts until the end of the scene.
Whenever one of the Solars allies performs an action that the Solar approves of they may withdraw up to the Solars (Essence) in dice from the pool, adding them to their own dice pool for a single roll. These dice count towards dice limits for charms.