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Friend Computer
2009-09-18, 05:21 PM
I think the NPC classes presented in the DMGare a bit too... much.
Compared to the PCs, all mundanes, muggles, whatever, are equally pathetic.
With this class, there are no Adepts in every village who can cast beneficial spells on crops or help out in times of famine or anything like that. The village priest is just that, a priest. The few settlements with clerics and druids will worship them.

Hit Die: d6
Class Skills: The Mundane can choose any two skills as class skills
Skill Points at 1st Level: (1 + Int modifier) x 4.
Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 1 + Int modifier.

BAB: As Wiz
Saves: All bad

Class Features
The following is a class feature of the Mundane NPC class.
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The Mundane is proficient with two weapons. She is not proficient with any other weapons, nor is she proficient with any type of armor or shields.

People will notice that the mundane gets 4 skill points, but only has two class skills. Well, no one is equally good at everything, even the things they have trained in. Eventually other things will come out ahead.

So with this class, what makes NCPs different? Skills and feats, the same things that differentiate Rogues.

So what do people think?

Kuma Kode
2009-09-18, 05:39 PM
Only an exceptionally smart mundane (+2 intelligence modifier) will even notice the lack of skill choices. Most will only be able to divide up their 4 skill points between their two class skills, or focus on a single skill.

What do I think?

It's unnecessary, considering the NPC classes are pathetic enough as is. It is, however, pathetic enough and flexible enough to be a generic NPC replacement class.

Though the D6 hit points do emphasize the lack of exercise wizards get.

2009-09-18, 05:41 PM
How is it different from commoner?

Friend Computer
2009-09-19, 03:13 AM
It isn't much different to the commoner, but I wanted a generic class, and not an NPC class for each niche. Also, because is can have any two skills as class skills, it allows some variation. A local priest might have 3 ranks in Know(Religion) and Perform(Oratory) or UMD in a particularly rich area. A farmer would take Profession(Farmer) and Handle Animal a their class skills.

It results in some variability so that not everyone is the same, but everyone is still pathetic.

Also, if the HD is reduced to d4, it could serve as the basis for a 'rise to heroism' type campaign, where the PCs start out as mundanes, and after a small amount of XP (200 maybe?) enter into a propper PC class.

The main reason I made the HD a d6 was because I didn't want to weaken the generic opponents in the MM which are listed as Warriors. With that class gone, those NPCs are much weaker, and a d4 would just be too much.

Although it must be said, this is something that seems to fit with my conception of a D&D word, and fits best with my campaign where humanoids with low LA are the primary opponents...