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The game is a Hero System game, so if anything looks weird just ask me for clarification. The GM said that it was designed to be a short story arc, with a definite ending. The campaign is a hiatus from our other game. The group has about 14 players. That's right 14. Usually not everyone can make it but for the most part we have around 10 people at every game. As such the games tend to a bit slower paced than normal.

The year is 2060. The political map is for the most part unchanged. America and most of the westernized world has through the use of alternative energy sources eliminated the need for fossil fuels.

The economic hardship caused by the loss of it's larges export has caused widespread social and political unrest in the Middle East. This unrest has created an upswing in terrorist activity. All this violent activity combined with the fact that several Middle Eastern nations have nuclear capabilities has made the situation a growing concern for the world community.

The United States has removed the majority of their military presence from the area. Instead they have created several strike teams to deal with potential threats to national security and the stability of the region. One of these groups is Sigma Team.

Sigma Team aka the PCs

Sigma Team is an elite anti terrorism task force. The are recruited from the very best of the nations special forces and receive their orders directly from the Pentagon.

They are all equipped with the most advanced weaponry the U.S. Military has to offer. The two main pieces of equipment are the Sigma Suit and the Sigma Team weapon.

There are 6 general standing orders that apply to the Sigma team. I seem to have lost that GM handout. For the most part they're guidelines on behavior and how to handle combatants. There is also General Order 7. Which is the order the Sigma Team will be under if for any reason we should be trapped behind enemy lines.

Sigma Suit

The suits are kind of like primitive mecha. Inside the suit the soldier is about the size of compact car. The suit has two power cells one that's fed by solar panels and one that's a bio fuel cell, and can be refueled with organic matter, water and sunlight.

The suit contains many automated systems including radio, IR cameras, microphones, a chameleon skin and a self contained life support system. The suit increases the wearers strength by 32 fold. (+25 strength). The suits are also incredibly well armored, giving the equivalent of light tank armor. (+27 PD, +15 ED).

Some of the suits also have significant modifications. Major Pease has more communitations equipment, to coridinate the team. Mine has added jump boots to allow for short (32 meter) leaps, and added speaker systems to increase the amount of 'shock and awe'.

Sigma Weapon

The Sigma Team weapon is a rifle. The rifle has two barrels, of two sizes, and fires a large number of specialized rounds. Rounds include Standard Rounds, Stealth Rounds, Shot Gun type rounds, Non lethal rubber bullet type rounds, Penetrator Rounds (Like the Penetrator from F.E.A.R.), even phosporus "flamethrower" rounds that produce large gouts of flame(Disclaimer: For use clearing brush only :smallwink:), and more.

There are also other weapons used by the team, grenades, magnetic 'sticky' grenades, Starshine flare grenades, the GATME.

Dramatis Personae (Some characters and character names are omitted, becuase I can't recall every characters name. O.o)

Sergent Jane Scoresby (my character)- General ground pounder, with no team specialization. Originally from Georgia he speaks with a pronounced southern drawl, and has a deadly peanut allergy.

Major Pease- Sigma Team's commander. A cautious leader who prefers to have all the information before committing to an attack. No nonsense leader with piercing hawk like gaze.

Sergent Carlos- Also known as C4, he is the teams demolitions expert. He's never without a brick of c4 and often has a claymore mine strapped to the outside of his suit, which he can trigger, if necessary, in close combat.

Other Guys- Include a Melee expert, Medic, Mechanic, Two Snipers, and a couple of linguists.

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Session 1

Sigma Team is given the mission of taking out a Terrorist encampment on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border the group is a Taliban spin off group. Satellite imagery reveals that there are about thirty terrorists and the camp and that they have a radar tower.

Sigma team is launched via Osprey from a carrier in the Persian Gulf. Major Pease decides to parachute to a location on the other side of a small mountain to make sure the Osprey isn't detected and shot down.

We parachute in, but one of the characters, the "requisition expert", critically fails his roll and tangles his parachute. I along with the rest of the party thought, that his character would probably be the shortest lived one ever. But the GM rolled really low on the fall damage and he made it through without even a scratch. He has now affectionately been labeled Pancake.

After dusting off it's a short trek until we're insight of the terrorist camp. Unfortunately we find out that the radar is ground facing and intended to detect incoming troop movements. Like a dozen people in giant metal suits.

We spend a day just observing the camp without getting close enough to set off the radar. Checking out guard rotations that sort of thing. We find out that the group has a few heavy weapons, recoilless rifles, that can punch through our armor. They're being kept in the commanding officers tent. We wait until night fall before attacking.

Major Pease sends me and the stealthier of the linguists to sneak into the camp, waiting between radar sweeps and sneaking forward. We're supposed to take out the leaders and the rifles. The two snipers cover us while we advance. When we're in position one of the snipers puts a penetrator round through the radar breaking it.

The linguist tags one of the leaders with a nonlethal round. That leaves two more officers in the tent with recoilless rifles. So, I pull the tent down, collapsing on the officers. A couple of combatants try to get out of their tents but, the snipers hit them with noleathal rounds before they get a chance to do anything.

After that it was pretty much a wrap up. We confiscate all the AKs and other weapons, not that they could really do any harm with them. We find out the real reason for the camp here is a secret stash of munitions and supplies. We gather up all the prisoners and wait for relief.

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