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2009-09-24, 06:28 AM
Oratory Perfection
Enchantment [Mind-affecting]
Level: Bard 2, Beguiler 2, Wiz/Sor 2
Components: V, S, F
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Short (25 ft. +5 ft./2 levels)
Target: 1 creature
Duration: 2 hours
Saving Throw: Will negates
Spell Resistance: Yes

First invented when the students of Bigby's Academy of the Arcane Arts in Sigil became tired by their professors giving lectures in exotic prime accents and boring monotone, this spell has spread widely throughout the planes and even today is often used in the Hall of Speakers, the Civic Festhall and amongst Fraternity of Order students.

The target of this spell becomes incredibly proficient at public speaking, gaining a +15 competence bonus on Perform (Oratory) checks when addressing ten or more people in a speech that is not part of any magical effect, such as a bard's performance. He also gains the ability to flawlessly and fluidly speak any language chosen by the caster at the time the spell is cast with an accent of the caster's choice. The caster must speak the chosen language himself.

Focus: A writing instrument broken in half by a frustrated student.

Or in other words: why does this university force all professors to teach in english when no person in the classroom has it as his native language and the professor barely speaks it?

2009-09-24, 07:20 AM
What I wouldn't do for the ability to cast this as a spell-like ability, oh... three times a day? Yeah, three times a day would be good.

The Neoclassic
2009-09-24, 09:45 AM
Looks pretty swell! Looks slightly powerful, but as one can't really use it towards anything magical or such, I suppose it might not be overpowered. My only recommendation would be instead of without any trace of accent, you allow the caster to pick their accent; after all, different regions may have different dialects and accents, so being able to use theirs might be more useful than not having "any" (which isn't really possible, since apparently even what I consider "normal, unaccented English," people in other regions say has a northeastern accent or whatever).

2009-09-24, 10:50 AM
I can't see it being a commonly used spell IG, but I definately see it as a spell alot of mages would have, especially wizards and the like who are likely to learn magic at a wizard's school.

I'd take it.

2009-09-24, 11:03 AM
As written it grants the ability to speak a language neither the target nor the caster speaks to begin with. That is probably not what you intended, only to remove accents.

Replace the pencil with an ink pen to better fit most settings.

The Neoclassic
2009-09-24, 11:08 AM
Replace the pencil with an ink pen to better fit most settings.

A piece of chalk, feather quill pen, stylus (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stylus), or fountain pen are all possibilities (depending on your setting). Pencils didn't really get invented as we currently think of them until about 1800 or so, judging by a quick skimming of their wikipedia article (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pencil).

2009-09-24, 03:00 PM
Well, I'll just put "writing implement", then, and replace it with "accent of the caster's choice" and "language the caster knows".

Hmm. I'll also remove the "willing subject". After all, some professors might be offended. This way, you can also totally ruin the enemy general's speech by making him speak dwarven.

2009-09-24, 03:07 PM
I would actually probably use this for the lulz mostly, but I like it.