View Full Version : Recruiting for a High Powered Homebrew Project [Another 3.X]

2009-09-25, 12:22 AM
Okay, here's the basic idea: taking 3.5 and making it super high powered.

How have I accomplished this? Standardized hit points, reserve points, Players Roll All The Dice, Magic Rating, a combination of At-Will, Recharge and Vancian magics, and other ideas.

The idea: give every class MORE DAKKA!

Yes. Make every class so badass that people foam at the mouth.

I am currently working on a paladin. A paladin, that in one build, without feats or any item abilities, a 25 Str and a +5 greatsword deals, on a smite
(2d6 + 5 (magic) + 9 (str) + 20 (smite) + 1d6 electricity + 1d6 force + 1 negative level (Fortitude Negates) + 1d4 Con damage + 1d4 Wisdom Damage. For 1d4 rounds, if the target attacks one of your allies, deal 1d6 piercing dmaage to it. After the 1d4 rounds, deal 1d6 bludgeoning damage to the target. When you make this smite, roll your attack roll twice and take the higher of the two results. When you land with this smite, one ally within 30 feet may take an extra action on his or her next turn).

Yes. This is all about makign every class as big and bad as we can. Making races bigger. Making heroes more heroic. Redoing every class and race, then after the dust settles, shipping it out.

What I want to know is who is with me? Who is up for a system that is high powered and highly customizable? Who wants to play in a system where, based on class feature options alone, you have over 1.2 billion combinations available for the sorcerer, before skills, feats and spells are chosen? Who is willing to aid me?

Also, I'd like some help with playtesting once we're done.

If you're interested, post here. Also, you can shoot me a PM if you want.

Alchemyprime, OUT!