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2009-09-25, 10:50 PM
Mirror Door:

The door out of the room is a door-sized mirror covering an opening into the next room/hall. The mirror (which is itself non magical, but acid and fire resistant) is a trap set to activate when touched. When touched the person or object that touched it is targeted by a Twined Maximized Magic Missile with a caster level of 9th. The trap has a CR of 10.
Search and Disable DC is 34.

Quill Door:

This trap appears to be a simple wooden door from one side (the side the PCs are on) and a complex mechanical door from the other side. The wooden door is actualy a front and only when the door is opened or the trap is triggered is it revealed that the "door" is only a half inch of old wood over an iron door with complex spring loaded machines built in. The entire front of the door is a pressure plate and attempting to open it or push/lean on it causes dozens of nail-thin 8 inch long metal spines to burst through the wooden part of the door. The trap makes a +15 melee attack against the person opening/touching the door that deals 2d6 + 3 (str bonus) piercing damage plus poison. The poison on the spikes is Wyvern poison.
The disable DC is 22 and the Search DC is 28. CR of trap is 8.

The Silver Ribbon:

The big brother of the basic razor wire trap. The trap is a simple ribbon about a cm wide made of magicaly sharpened adamantium. It is a mechanical location triggered trap set to be strung across a 10ft hallway, giving it the Multiple Target effect as described for the basic razor wire trap. The disable DC is 15 and the search DC is 34 (the trap is hard to spot but easy to break). The trap is a slashing touch attack with a +15 attack bonus that deals 6d6 points of damage. CR 7.

Melting Room (room):

A simple room of rough stone with a pair of doors each 10 feet above the ground with the ceiling 10 feet further up. One door enters, one exits. The room, up to each door, is filled with mud. The room can be of varying sizes and exactly how big it is determines the caster level of the two spells, which are technicaly independant of each other. Any creature passing more than five feet into the room triggers both traps. One is Transmute Mud to Rock, which acts on the mud filled half of the room. The other spell trap is Transmute Rock to Mud which acts on the area of rock that is the ceiling.
The rooms traps add up to CR 8. The search and disable DC is 30.

The Rending Room (room):

This is a trap and a room. The room can be any 15' by 15' (3 by 3) room the DM wants. If the center square is entered 10' long spears (reach 2 squares) with large hooks beneath the spearhead spring form any two opposite corners to strike the target in the center. Each set of spears is a +12 attack dealing 6d6+7(str bonus) points of damage. The spears attack anything in the square at the corner of which they originate form and anything in the center square. The spears also, via their hooks and great strength, push on any creature struck, trying to force them to the center of the room. This is a DC 27 Str check which if failed pushes the creature into the center square where the other set of spears can attack them. If both spear sets strike any creature in the center (either the trap triggerer, or someone pushed) then their overlap forces the hooked creature in two direction at once. They must make a DC 27 Fort save or be torn in two.
Search and Disable DC 20. CR...im gonna say about 13

The Etching Hall (room):

This is room (well, hallway) with one magical trap and an environmental intensifier. It is a hallway 10 feet wide and 25 feet long. The ceiling is 10' above a metal grill (treated with a slightly sticky goo) which serves as a floor. The PCs enter via a one way stone trapdoor on the ceiling which drops them from the room above. The door has a coating of tar to water seal it and is heavy requiring a DC 14 Str check to get into the room and a DC 28 Str check to break and force to swing the wrong ways if the PCs leave that way. The door out of the corridor is a Wall of Force and thus the corridor appears open on that end.
Only a few inches below the metal grill is a roughly 10 foot deep pool of clear liquid. Crossing the midpoint of the hallway causes a Reverse Gravity trap (caster level 20) to effect the entire hallway, both above and below the grill.
The liquid is actualy a chilled acid. If something were to warm it it would give off toxic fumes like a standard pool of acid.
If the reverse gravity trap is activated the acid now pours past the grill and forms a pool on the side half off the corridor that the PCs are in, who are now at the bottom of that pool. The small area of air between the new acid pool and the walkway is as big as it was before and NPCs can use it to breath. The walkway itself, thanks to its thin goo coating is unnafected by the acid.
Acid submersion deals 10d6 points of damage per round. Gravity returns to normal after 20 rounds. The exit is a Wall of Force and the way back is a trapdoor not designed to open into the corridor.
Disable and Search DC for Reverse Gravity trap is 32. CR of the gravity trap is 8. I dont know what the CR of the entire room would be.