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2009-09-26, 05:15 PM
Tokyo (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tokyo)

The capital city of the country, with a population of 12,790,000 people, in fact the largest metropolitan area in the world by population.

On occasion visited by aliens or attacked by hordes of zombies or even giant monsters, this city always has something going on. anyone paying attention will notice cute unknown race pets running along the sidewalks. Those who walk on sidewalks, anyway. Walking on telephone lines or rooftops is acceptable as well.

Shades of Gray
2009-09-26, 05:17 PM
Emi and Tsubasa should be leaving the campus of Kikaina High School.

So where are you headed?

2009-09-26, 05:21 PM
"Oh, I was just going out. I don't really have much to do today, so I thought I'd go around the neighborhood. You?"

Shades of Gray
2009-09-26, 05:45 PM
Just some things for the dorm, just to survive. Which means soft drinks and instant noodles. Emi jokes as they enter a corner store. Oh, and something something that can properly circulate the air in a dorm room.

2009-09-26, 06:35 PM
"An air conditioner, I suppose. Wanna visit a store?"

((deadtiming from FFR))

Shades of Gray
2009-10-02, 08:26 AM
Emi nods. Probably. We'll see what they have. She says as they enter a store.

Do you need anything? She asks, looking around the store.

2009-10-02, 09:06 AM
"Not really, I'm just doing my usual thing," he says, looking at some sort of combination between a Blender, a Toaster, and a Leaf Blower. On sale. "Which includes staring at stuff and making comments on it."

Shades of Gray
2009-10-02, 09:44 AM
Can you speak to appliances, or is that a whole 'nother school of magic altogether? She asks, looking at an air conditioner that would take up half of her room.

2009-10-02, 09:52 AM
Otsuya walks out of his house, having recently recovered from a severe case of "being talked about elsewhere", and trips over the first step. "Why does my house even have steps?" he asks himself from the sidewalk.

2009-10-03, 06:04 AM
Hazuki trotted down the sidewalk at a brisk pace. School being finished for the day, and what with the recent affair with Akiko coming to a conclusion of sorts... Well, that still made Hazuki blush just a bit. But now she soon had to report in for work.
First though, she needed to grab something from the convenience store for her stomach. No time for dinner today...

2009-10-05, 10:09 PM
Akiko is currently at her place, just chilling out.