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2009-09-28, 03:53 PM
I've com up with a new skill set for a d20 game i'm homebrewing, but as it's based on both d20 DnD games, it'd be good for 3.5 too.

The new skills
Acrobatics (Dex) - Flipping, Tumbling all that acrobatic stuff
Animal Ken (Wis) - Various animal care related things. Use Dex for riding
Arcana (Int) - Knowledge of all things magical
Athletics (Str) - Running, jumping and other athletic pursuits
Deception (Cha) - Used for lying and forging handwriting
Diplomacy (Cha) - Used for currying the favour of other people
Disable Device (Dex) - Used to disable or bypass various mechanical devices, including locks
Dungeoneering (Wis) - Knowledge of the dank caverns and tombs adventurers frequent
Heal (Wis) - Knowledge of the healing arts. Use Int for chirurgeury
History (Int) - Knowledge of time past
Insight (Wis) - The ability to discern deceptions and sense the unreal
Intimidate (Cha, Str) - Used to scare the bejeesus out of folk
Linguistics (Int) - Used to decipher ancient scripts and cryptic codes
Nature (Wis) - Knowledge of the great outdoors and how to survive there
Perception (Wis) - The ability to notice things
Religion (Wis) - Knowledge of all things ecclesiastic
Socialise (Cha) - Used to gather information and spread gossip
Stealth (Dex) - Used to skulk around like some kinda ninja
Streetwise (Wis) - Knowledge of the urban jungle
Trade (Various) - Used to work a job, and to create or maintain items related to that trade

I'm using this with skill points, and (so painfully stolen from WoD) skill specialities. What you think?

2009-10-25, 02:50 AM
You spelled Socialize wrong. :smallwink:

Personally, I like the current skill system. Sometimes, I want more skills...:smallbiggrin: So I wouldn't use it, but you've grouped them fairly well. The only thing I see so far is Ride being under Animal Ken and you actually having to note to use Dex, not Wis for it. That would be kind of hard to write down in this format. Maybe Ride should just be separate. Or under Athletics.

2009-10-25, 04:04 AM
Wow, I actually developed a skill set very similar to this one, like almost spot on...

The hardest thing I found with skill consolidation is coming up with the amount of skill points each class gets. With skills reduced to this few, it's unreasonable for Rogues to have 8+Int per level for example. I've thought to cut the initial number of skill points in half, while leaving the Int bonus at full (Thus a Rogue at this would be 4+Int, while a Fighter would be at 1+Int) for example.

If you're interested, I can post my consolidated skill list for comparison, or a list of the classes and what class skills they receive with this method.

Great minds think alike I guess. ^_^

2009-10-25, 12:58 PM
Seems like a good idea for everybody. Maybe both of you will see something and make both better. :smallsmile: