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The Fallen
The World of Seraph is out of balance. Until 500 years ago, the Seraphim, for whom the planet is named, ruled all races. Then there was the revolution. The Great War, as it was called, lasted over 100 years. Millions perished and the world burned under the flame of the people. By the end, several new states were formed. But peace is far from a reality. 400 years later infighting still occurs regularly, and the Seraphim have regained control of many of these new states, whether through acts of war or diplomacy. Monsters created or bred by the Seraphim roam the countrysides of the others, wreaking havoc on the people of the world. This is Seraph’s darkest hour.

Intended to give a more "village hero" feel to the game and bring D&D back to some old roots, The Fallen is a variant rule system and campaign setting currently undergoing testing. For my benefit (and hopefully yours as well), I present The Fallen.

D&D 3.5 AVS (Arcade Variant System)

0 Level Rules:
PCs are “Freelancers” until they reach a certain point in the game; either 250 XP and/or upon receiving a special item. This special item may limit choice of class.
i. Have 1/4 CON in HP (round up)
ii. 2 Skill points + INT modifier (usable in Craft, Profession, Teach or Perform)
iii. 1 Bonus Feat (can be Skill Focus or “background feats” )
iv. Proficient with one weapon group of their choice, but no armor or shields.
v. No action points.
vi. No spells.
vii. +0 BAB, No Good Saves
viii.Upon attaining 1st level, PCs retain all of bonus skill points and feats, but gain the Weapon Proficiency, BAB, HP, Abilities, Saves etc. of their new class.

Action Points (see [I]Unearthed Arcana)

Complex Skill Checks (see Unearthed Arcana)

Weapon Group Variant (see Unearthed Arcana)

Skill Consolidation*:
i. Move Silently and Hide become Stealth [DEX]
ii. Balance, Escape Artist, Jump and Tumble become Acrobatics [DEX]
iii. Climb and Swim become Athletics [STR]
iv. Listen, Spot and Search merge into Perception [WIS]
v. Use Magic Device becomes part of Spellcraft [specific usage is CHA based, but all else is INT based]
vi. Knowledge** becomes three different categories (instead of 7+); Esoteric, Scientific and Practical.

*If a class has one of the merged skills as a class skill, the new skill is a class skill.
**Esoteric encompass Arcana and The Planes. Scientific combines Architecture, Dungeons, Geography and Nature. All others are practical.

New Skills:
i. Astrology [WIS] (formerly Profession: Astrologer, allows readings to be made). Class skill for all spellcasting classes. Cannot be used untrained.
ii. Mechanics [INT] (allows mechanical items to be used, altered and repaired) Artificer, Bard, Rogue and Wizard only. Cannot be used untrained.
iii. Teach [INT/CHA] (allows PCs to impart skill bonuses/knowledge temporarily. Can modify the “Aid Another” action). All Classes.
iv. Commune [CHA] (allows PCs to commune with supernatural/insubstantial beings comes in three flavors: Totems {Spirits of Ancestors}, Departed {Dead Beings / Demons, Angels and Devils} and Kami {Spirits of Nature}). Class skill for Barbarian, Cleric, Druid, Wizard and Sorcerer. Cannot be used untrained.

Death and Dying:
i. Characters must save or die at 0 hp (Fort. Save, DC [10 + damage-spillover]). If they succeed, they become unconscious and must save to stabilize to avoid death in subsequent rounds.
ii. If damaged at all at 0 hp, a character dies.
iii. Massive Damage threshold is: 2 x CON + level.

Spell Variants:
i. Wish, Miracle and Limited Wish cannot be prepared or learned, only cast from scrolls.
ii. Polymorph Sub-school is now in effect (see PHB2).
iii. Raise Dead and its variants are now Necromancy Spells.
iv. Animate Objects can now be cast as a Sor/Wiz 6 spell.

Class Variants and Permissions

i. Monks have full BAB when using unarmed strikes. Fighting style variant is in effect (see Unearthed Arcana).
ii. Clerics must have a patron deity. Furthermore, their alignment must match exactly with that deity. Racial deities can only be worshipped by members of that race.
iii. Rangers cannot cast spells, instead they gain other special abilities (see Complete Warrior).
iv. Paladins may be of any “extreme” alignment (see Unearthed Arcana).
v. No familiars, instead Sorcerers gain Eschew Materials as a bonus feat, proficiency with Light Armor and can cast Arcane spells in armor as the Bard ability. Wizards gain “Immediate Magic” as detailed in PHB2.
vi. Wizards must specialize in a school of magic.
vii. Barbarians must choose a Totem Animal (see Unearthed Arcana).
viii. Bards may be Arcane (called Minstrels, CHA based) or Divine (see Unearthed Arcana) (called Cantors, WIS). Cantors can be lawful. Cantors must have a patron deity as Clerics.
ix. Druids cannot worship a deity. Druids cast Spontaneous Divine Spells (see Unearthed Arcana), and use “Druid Domains” (Choose two from the following list: Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Plant, Sun, Water.)
x. Swashbucklers (see Complete Warrior) are called Fencers.
xi. Favored Souls (see Complete Arcane) are called Prophets.
xii. Duskblades (see PHB2) are called Spellswords.
xiii. Samurais (see Complete Warrior) are called Honor Guard.
xiv.Ninjas (see Complete Scoundrel) can select an elemental Ki type (see Dragon Magazine) and are called Agents.
xv. All PHB classes are permitted.
xvi. Any others mentioned above are permitted.
xvii. All NPC Classes from PHB, as well as Gleaner (see www.giantitp.com) and Magewright are permitted.
xviii. Warlocks, Knights, Marshals, Warmages, Artificers and Scouts are also permitted.
xix. No other base classes are permitted for PC use.
xx. The following Prestige Classes are prohibited: Red Wizard and other regional PrCs.

Race Information

i. Humans (no change)
ii. All Elves (except Sun Elves) now age as Half-Elves and have Ranger as their favored class. Subraces are permitted (Moon Elves, Sun Elves[Grey Elves] and Star Elves[Wood Elves]).
iii. Hill Dwarves have Barbarian as their favored class. Subraces are permitted and remain the same (Mountain and Duergar).
iv. Tinker (Rock) Gnomes can no longer Speak with Burrowing Animals, can now use Pyrotechnics 1/day if their INT is above 15 and now have Artificer and Wizard as their favored classes. Forest Gnomes are permitted, their favored class is Sorcerer.
v. Half-Elves now age as Humans and gain a bonus feat as Humans. Their favored classes are now Minstrel and Rogue. (Half-Star Elves replace Minstrel with Ranger. Half-Sun Elves replace Rogue with Wizard.)
vi. Halflings favored class is now the first one they take a level in.
vii. Half-Orcs now age as Humans and lose their INT penalty.
viii.Planetouched (Aasimar and Tieflings only) lose their elemental resistances, daily spell-like abilities and LA.
ix. Three new are permitted; Giantkin, Reborn and Seraphim (detailed below).
x. Certain Monster Races may be permitted on a case by case basis.
xi. No other races are permitted.

New Races


Giantkin are the product of giants breeding with humanoids over many generations and have become a distinct species of their own. These beings are notable for their size and strength, as well as their quiet reserve. Found on the open plains, and guarding the palaces of the mighty, they have earned their place in society with sheer determination.

Giantkin are generally quiet and reserved, but some are loud and annoying. Their personality is generally a toned down version of their ancestor’s disposition. At best, Giantkin are vigilant, good-natured and proud. At worst, they are violent, ill-willed and arrogant.

Physical Description:
Giantkin stand around 7 - 8 feet tall and weigh from 250 to 400 pounds. They are built like humans, just much larger. Females are noticeably shorter and lighter, though not to the same extent as Humans. Their skin and hair color reflect their heritage; For example those descended Fire giants have ruddy skin and red hair whereas those descended from Hill Giants have pale skin and lank, dark hair. Giantkin reach adulthood around the same time as Humans, but can live for over 500 years.

Giantkin get along with Dwarves and Gnomes very well, despite their ancestry. Elves tend to keep Giantkin at arm’s length, thinking them to be barbarous and uncivilized. Halflings don’t trust them at all, though they can be persuaded to be civil. Planetouched, Reborn and Seraphim have no particular feelings toward Giantkin.

Giantkin have a strong lawful bent, but tend neither towards good or evil.

Giantkin worship The Twelve like most other races, preferring Marzous or Feberi.

Giantkin speak Common and Giant. Most also learn Dwarven.

Giantkin Racial Traits:

+2 STR, +2 CON, -4 DEX
Humanoid (Augmented Giant)
Medium Size
30 feet base speed
Darkvision 60 ft.
Powerful Build
+2 on Intimidate Checks
Favored Classes: Honor Guard and Fighter


Reborn aren’t born, they are created. The leftovers of conflict, murder, war and accidents combined with magic and a desire to exist, these Undead have gained sentience and have begun to return to some semblance of life. Striving to regain what they have lost, Reborn will stop at nothing to regain their humanity.

Grim and humorless, but driven and strong, Reborn have strong personalities for Undead. They are not evil, but they lack empathy and cannot feel pain, leading to a certain disturbing quality about them.

Physical Description:
Reborn look human, but don’t age or grow. However, they don’t rot like some undead. They are stuck in permanent stasis at the moment of their death. Their wounds don’t heal on their own and they don’t need to eat, drink or even breathe. Reborn are sterile.

Reborns are distrusted by all races, who find them disturbing and grim. However, individuals may prove their worth.

Reborns tend to be neutral on both axis.

Reborns are not particularly pious.

Reborns speak Common. Some learn other languages as well.

Reborn Racial Traits:

2 STR, +2 INT, -2 DEX, -2 CHA, no CON score
Undead (see Vulnerable Reality)
Medium Sized
+4 to Disguise when attempting to pass for living.
Healing Adaptation: Reborn don’t heal naturally, but are cured by both positive and negative energy.
Undead Metabolism: Reborn can benefit from Potions and spells that create effects based on consumption (such as Hero’s Feast), but they don’t need to eat or drink. They gain Bonus HP based on Charisma Modifier.
-2 to Diplomacy and Bluff
Vulnerable Reality: Can be effected by anything that has an effect on only the living i.e. Poison, Disease etc. They make Fortitude saves modified by their Charisma bonus.
Soulless: Reborn cannot be Raised or Resurrected (nor can their bodies), though a Create Greater Undead spell cast on their body (or Wish/Miracle) can return them to Undeath (otherwise identical to a Raise Dead effect, including cost in black opals [rather than diamonds]).


Leaders. Warriors. Tyrants. The Seraphim have ruled the planet for thousands of years, creating and destroying on a whim. But now they are in decline. Their Holy Empires falling apart, and cities crumbling. Death is coming for them.

Arrogant, aloof and vengeful, Seraphim are not easy to get along with. At all. At best, Seraphim are intuitive, intelligent and powerful. At worst, they are tyrannical, cruel, sadistic and devious.

Physical Description:
Roughly the size of Humans, Seraphim tend to be a bit taller and thinner. Females are shorter and lighter than Males. Their skin is usually light and their hair blue, violet or gold. Their eyes are pure white, with no visible pupil. Many races find them hauntingly beautiful and possessing of a certain force of personality. When angered or scared, Seraphim can unleash energy tendrils from their body (usually back, chest or arms). Seraphim reach maturity at around 100 years of age and live until around 800, though in rare cases they can live for over 1000 years.

Seraphim do not get along well with most races, who they see as potential servitors or else rebels. Seraphim have a special hatred for Elves and Dwarves, who they see as potential threats. They pity Halflings and think Gnomes to be annoying. They enslave Giantkin as enforcers and guards. Seraphim treat Humans the best of the “lesser” races, viewing them as potential partners and useful fodder in times of war. Half-Seraphim are not uncommon, statistically identical to humans but with comely features and longer life spans.

Seraphim are generally both Lawful and Evil.

Seraphim worship Gabriel, The Mark of Infinity, or the High God, creator of The Twelve. Seraphim have a theocracy, which makes their piety exceptionally dangerous to others.

Seraphim speak Celestial and Common. Most also learn the languages of the “lesser” races.

Seraphim Racial Traits:

+2 INT, +4 CHA
Humanoid (Lawful)
Medium Sized
+2 to Listen, Spot and Search
Resistance to Sonic, Fire and Cold 5
Detect Magic /At Will
4 Tendrils: Secondary Natural Weapons (Incorporeal Touch), 1d4 divine energy.
LA +2
Favored Classes: Any

More To Come...
Religion, World and Political Information will be up by tomorrow. Expect more serialized updates. I hope this can become collaborative. PM me ideas and art! If I use it and I'll credit you.