View Full Version : I desperately need help with precal!

2009-09-30, 05:04 PM
I'm In a precal class and I get most of it. But since I understand what he's saying... I lose focus, so I pop back in and don't get it at all. Because I'm having pretty bad migraines...I can't focus on the notes I have. So I need someone who can explain it to me. I can't watch videos, and I can't read someone else's notes...they'll probably be more complex then mine are. The assignment is due tomorrow and I still have a Paper to write. So I need someone to speak to me in lay man's terms.

Explain equations and Graph. Find EXACT distance between two ordered pairs, domaine, relative max and min...

aim : Deinemuttiistkra By all means please IM me

2009-09-30, 06:41 PM
Thanks Thubby ^_^ You were a ton of help!