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2009-09-30, 10:14 PM
Hey guys, so, im thinking of creating this awesome character. I want it to be a divination Wizard, but I haven't got many ideas on good spells for a Wizard (since I never got to high levels with any classes anyway). Ideas? :smallsmile:

2009-10-01, 08:30 AM
I've always found divination to be a low power, laid back school to specialize in, so it's great if you're a relaxed player more interested in the story than the rolls... That said, things get interesting around 5th circle spells when your Divination Wizard can start communicating with different planes :smallbiggrin:

Prying Eyes is a good spell if nobody wants to go scout out dangerous territory, and Contact Other Plane (as I mentioned) can shake things up a bit. Rary's Telepathic Bond is good if you have to split the party (never split the party...).

2009-10-01, 08:43 AM
Do you want to play with existing divination spells or are you looking to homebrew new ones to use?

2009-10-01, 10:25 AM
Well, I was thinking about using existing ones, but I don't see a problem with homebrewing :D.

Actualy I had this little idea for a 2 circle spell, to be called Voreenus Lesser Vision. It's a spell designed to make the caster able to foresee the next few seconds, making him able to prepare himself. Usual uses would include: seeing if the ogre will break the door, foresee a foe's next hit (thus +1 circunstancial bonus to AC) or knowing if the kobold will notice the hidden ally.

I can't really post it right now but I'll do it as soon as possible.

2009-10-01, 11:05 AM
What books are allowed? If I remember Logic Ninja's "Being Batman" guide correctly the diviner really becomes a powerhouse if you use a few magic-related splatbooks, because you only give up one school (and, among other things, can thus go Red Wizard or Incantatrix without being too restricted in your options).

2009-10-01, 09:28 PM
Hmmm, all books.