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2009-10-01, 05:02 AM
So, I had a character idea, and I built it, and I've been playing with it... and I've realised that I kind of gave him the wrong mental stats for his personality. Overall, his stats go as follows:

Str: 10
Dex: 18
Con: 12
Int: 12
Wis: 14
Chr: 10

The game I'm playing is a pretty new one called Fantasy Craft, which is sorta similar to 3.5 (or at least, about as similar as Spycraft is to D20 modern, although they managed to avoid some of the overcomplications which I've found slow down play in Spycraft). My character's a "Burglar"; think of him as sorta a Rogue equivalent, albeit with some shifts in emphasis. (If you know the game, he's a "nimble human" with the "adventurer" speciality).

I gave him the Wis of 14 because I vaguely understood that you don't need as many skills in Fantasy Craft as you do in d20srd (lots of them have been combined, so that between the party of four we've pretty much got at least one character who's good at any given skill), and because Wis was the recommended second best in the book for this class, after Dex. However, the personality and background I've given my character don't really fit with having a Wis of 14 or a Chr as low as 10, and, I'm afraid, better fit my own high Int, low Wis personality. (He's a reckless, fun-loving, type who comes up with plans on the fly and quite likes showing off). How much does this matter, do you think?

Glass Mouse
2009-10-01, 05:12 AM
Well... If it really bothers you (and I can sympathize, I like my stats to reflect my characters as well), ask your GM if you can change it? If he's cool, he'll let you (try to argue that the mental stats aren't that important mechanics-wise, it's not like you're asking for big changes or optimization opportunities).

If not, just play your character as you like. Maybe his wisdom only expresses itself in sharp senses.
Maybe he's not overly intelligent but just likes to think things through (hence why he tends to come to "intelligent" solutions).
You can be over-confident without having a high charisma. The Cha just determines how people respond to your antics (one could argue).

You can probably find other ways to spin it.

2009-10-01, 10:33 AM
Your character's personality is his philosophy, how he acts and how he reacts to situations, this is basically how you role-play him. His stats are just the mechanics which determine how his physical/mental abilities affect what he does. One is your role-playing the other is mechanics; they are very loosely related, but not linked directly.

Also remember that stats cover a range of general abilities. For example Wisdom incorporates common sense, perception, intuition and will-power/determination. A maximum 18 stat would mean that strong in all of those but a 14 may mean that you are strong in some and not others. So you could be reckless (intuition) and often do the wrong thing (common sense) but you act quickly (perception) and even failure doesn't stop you from trying (determination).
Also you could be flamboyant, outspoken and very confident of your self but with a 10 charisma it may mean that sometimes you come off as a cocky knowitall that just likes to show off.

So basically give your character his personality and interpret the stats to reflect that personality. Then role-play the personality and use the stats when you roll dice.

2009-10-01, 10:53 AM
I see him as being a young man with pep and vigor, even if not in his full strength. Wiry and nimble, early experience has taught him to be cautious. He generally comes up with good plans, and people do sometimes listen to him, . Kind of gosh darn it.
Old man, who has seen a lot and knows the way the wind blows. Age has taken his strength, but not his preternatural agility. Seen as much as he has, he often can dredge soem part of his past that may be of use, but most just pass them off as gramps stories. They would do well to listen though.
Or. . .
Whatever, it's your character, play it how you want, as long as your consistent.

2009-10-01, 05:02 PM
Thank you for your input! I reckon I'll just carry on to have fun with this character as is, and not worry too much about the stats.