View Full Version : Need help balancing a feat for a duskblade

Revan Ordo
2009-10-05, 12:54 PM
I've got a player in an upcoming campaign that wants a feat for her duskblade character that would grant additional uses of her quick cast ability.
When comparing to other feats that grant extra uses of x/day class abilities (i.e. Extra Rage, Extra Smite etc.) it doesn't seem to unreasonable, so we start with the following feat idea as a jump off point.

Extra Quick Cast
You can quick cast more spells per day
Prerequisite: Quick Cast 1/day
Benefit: You can quick cast a duskblade spell 1 additional time per day.
Special: You may take this feat multiple times and it stacks.

I'm inclined to keep the feat where it only grants one extra use per day, b/c it is a great ability and allowing her to gain a lot of extra uses of it could prove unbalancing. Please let me know if I'm wrong here, I've never been very good at balancing homebrew stuff.

2009-10-05, 12:58 PM
What tier is the rest of the group?

Revan Ordo
2009-10-05, 01:09 PM

As for the rest of the group, there is a barbarian, a cleric, a warlock, a wizard, and a rogue.

2009-10-05, 01:54 PM
What spells does the Wizard Focus on? Damage, Saves, Battlefield Control? And what about the Cleric? Does he buff himself and wade into battle, or sit back and Buff?

In any case, I don't think the current version is all that powerful. Sure, she can nova a bit better, but that just means that for a class that already has problems with having enough spells, you blow through them faster. Actually, I think you could up it to +2/day, maybe eve 3/day without serious repercussions, depending on your encounter structure. Duskblades are really good at doing alot of damage to one target, and considering the number of players you have, one enemy will just get buried under their actions. I'd suggest using multiple enemies to avoid this.

Revan Ordo
2009-10-05, 02:19 PM
Wizard - Mostly defensive spells and utility. Some damage though. The player is crazy about magic missile and plans to go force missile mage eventually.

Cleric - Buffs others, himself, then wades into battle. Though he does tend to stay behind the tanks.

As for allowing the feat to grant more than one use, I'm iffy about that. The duskblade she has created is a spiked chain wielder and as soon as she can, she is going to put the whirling (+1) ability on it. This will eventually allow her to arcane channel and then attack every opponent w/in 10'. Since she typically has the highest initiative in the party she will go first.

And this is what will follow:
Quick Cast: True Strike + Power Attack for 15-20 + Arcane Channel (Vampiric Touch or other damaging touch spell).

Thus enabling her to take out all of the bad guys before the other players can even act. While I admit that this is an awesome trick, it will make the other players understandably ticked off at her. I've always got tricks up my sleeve to prevent this (ex. an even higher initiative bad guy tank that could sunder her spiked chain), but if I do that more than once or twice every 3-4 encounters she will understandably also get ticked off. Giving her too many extra quick casts could make her even more unbalancing.

I could really use some good advice for dealing with this situation.

2009-10-05, 05:19 PM
Ok. Let's compare.

What you ahve here is basicaly the Sudden Quicken feat. Except that, instead of the prerequisite being... Six feats, out of which only one is mildly decent (Quicken Spell), the prerequisite is five levels in this one specific class.


Yeah. I think it is balanced. No one ever takes Sudden Quicken because it is utterly sucktastic after all.

Also, advice on the above situation is simple: Give your monsters more hit points.

2009-10-05, 06:48 PM
And don't Sunder her Spiked Chain. Sundering is basically telling a player that "I don't like you and think you should sit out for a while". Find something else.

2009-10-06, 08:54 AM
And don't Sunder her Spiked Chain. Sundering is basically telling a player that "I don't like you and think you should sit out for a while". Find something else.

Unless the item that does the sunderering is an obvious replacement for the destroyed one, then it might be reasonable.