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2009-10-05, 10:17 PM
It has to be said that these ideas are mostly inspired mostly by Naruto (but intended to be independent, and having little flavor basis on said series). It has been at least a year since I've even seen an episode of Naruto, and you shouldn't judge this simply based on the source of its inspiration.

This thread (and my next one) will likely be edited as progress is made, and will serve as an index thread if one is needed. I have a slight amount of direction with this project, a vague set of goals if you will, but I'd like help refining them.

Ninja Arts/Jutsu/Spellcasting: Ninja have First-level, all the way through Ninth-level ninja arts at their disposal. Each level in ninja classes provides progression to ninja arts at a certain rate. In order to perform a ninja art, a ninja needs a certain score in a particular ability, this is usually 10 + the art's level.
(Wording will be revised. This is practically intended to be a copy/paste of a wizard's "Spellcasting" with slight tweaks--abilities will be decided per class.)

I'm wanting to create at least two classes, one roguelike one, and one fighter-esque one. I'm thinking the roguish one can do a fine job of being a "wizard," (Swordsage) but I may end up making a wizard-type class, too.

The only two ninja arts I've thought of are two "espionage" ones, both level 1.

A ninja art's level is determined by the number of seals you need to make [/fluff], so these both require one seal to perform. Level 1 arts are usually swift actions, but are occasionally free or immediate.

One gives you detect magic as an immediate action. It scales to Arcane Sight once you can use 3rd level powers (Level 0 spell to level 3 spell, seems fine, right?). The other gives Minor Disguise (Magic of Faerun) as a swift action and scales into Alter Self once you can use 3rd level powers. The idea is that these powers don't have very much use in combat (although they could in specific situations), so it's not a big deal for them to become better as you become a better ninja.

Edit before bed: Also, the "rogue" class would get espionage arts as "bonus" arts, so he wouldn't need to take very many unless he wanted to. I'm also thinking of a sort of tree of powers, one where you qualify for certain powers by gaining other powers (I.E. you combine basic seals to create more powerful arts).

2009-10-05, 10:18 PM
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2009-10-06, 03:13 PM
Taking another post up, bumping, and presenting a few more ideas for seals (and more fleshed out representations of them).

All arts below are currently thought of as level 1 arts.

Espionage arts are meant to be "more powerful" than "Aggressive" from a roleplaying, out of combat, standpoint. This is to encourage players to not only roleplay, but to think of noncombat solutions to encounters, like I imagine ninjas trying to do.

Health Seal: Healthful Rest?
--Cure Spell? Temporary Fast Healing? Temporary hit points?

Skill(?) Seal: Master's Touch

Trickery(?) Seal: Minor Image
--Ventriloquism? Ghost Sound? Illusions?

Detection Seal: Detect Magic to Arcane sight at 3rd level arts.
--Identify? Read Magic? Break Enchantments?

Disguise Seal: Disguise Self to Alter Self at 3rd level arts.
--Bonuses to Bluff? Bonuses to Sense Motive?

Fire Seal: Burning Hands
--Already scales with level (up to 5, but keeps higher level arts necessary).

((It'd be nice to also have Earth/Rock, Wind/Air/Sky, and Water/Cold seals, too. Ideas?))

Trickery(?) Seal: Hypnotism
--Affects 2-8 HD for 2-8 rounds, could possibly bass as a utility skill that has some scaling. (More powerful out of combat)

I'm trying to decide on basic things for the classes, like hit dice. For the fighter, I'm thinking d8-d12; for the Rogue I'm thinking d4-d8. All of the classes will have good reflex saves, will would be next (maybe Fort for the "fighter"). I'm not sure what ability I want to base the arts off of, nor am I sure if I want them to vary between classes.

Performing arts can take any kind of action, based on the art you're performing. For example, some (very few) will be swift or immediate, while others (most) will be standard actions, and some (mostly "big" ones) require a full round or even multiple rounds. Performing an art ALWAYS provokes attacks of opportunity, being hit requires a concentration check (DC 10 + art level? 15+?) to keep from failing the action.

Are there any spells you would like to see in art form? Should I drop the idea of seals? If not, should I separate seals from powers, and have seals allow certain powers (and provide scaling)?

(Example of providing scaling: I have the seal of Sight, which allows Detect Magic at will as a swift action. Once I have the seal of knowledge (or know a certain number of seals), my Seal of Sight instead provides Arcane Sight upon use.)