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2009-10-06, 04:00 AM
So, I'm usually pretty good at Excel, but I just can't figure the following formula out. I'd ask someone at the office, but I'm pretty much alone right now.

I'm trying to make multiple tabs where each tab has a different date in it. So tab one is labled week 39 and has the dates september 1 2009 through september 6 2009 in it. Tab 2 should be week 40 with dates 7 to 13.
I don't feel like doing this manually 52 times, for 8 different spreadsheets, so how does the formula work?!

Thanks in advance and cookies upon fixing this for me. :smallbiggrin:

2009-10-06, 07:08 AM
You could try typing one date in a cell (September 1, 2009) , and then drag down the cell so that the date increases by one day. However, the format of the date is [day]-[month]-[year], rather than month day, year, but that might be how some computers act in Excel.

Jack Squat
2009-10-06, 07:23 AM
You can type in Week 39, then in the cell below, Week 40. On the cell two over from Week 39 (blank space since it started on a Tues), type September 1, 2009. Highlight the cell, and drag across until you do get to Sept. 6. The format will look like 1-Sep-09, but you can change that if you need to.

On the cell next to week 40, type September 7, 2009, and drag again until you get to Sept. 13. Then highlight everything, and drag that little tab down.

EDIT: Just saw that you were wanting to have each week on a new sheet. Really your only option AFAIK is to type the start date in each form and drag down.

What are you using Excel for? There may be better software for cumulating 8 years worth of stuff. There may also be a template available.

2009-10-06, 09:46 AM
The name of the sheet is simply a label and as far as I know can't hold any sort of cell references or formulas.

You can use formulas that reference back to the first or previous sheet to set the dates, but you are going to have to go back to each and every sheet to name it correctly and you are going to have to modify the first cell reference to get it to the right week.

2009-10-06, 10:02 AM
Found a macro and code for it here (http://it.toolbox.com/wiki/index.php/Excel_Macro_to_Rename_Worksheet_Tabs).

2009-10-06, 10:02 AM
Thanks for the advice guys, wasn't exactly what I was looking for but I don't think I've explained it well enough either.

I ended up just mindlessly filling it in for half an hour. Not effective, but at least it's done!