View Full Version : Making Them Helpless

2009-10-06, 12:43 PM
Okay, I've made a fairly annoying CW Samurai, and I'm working on making him more annoying.

In effect, he uses Intimidate + Imperious Command to render his opponents Cowering, then uses the Fearful armor enhancement from Drow of the Underdark to be able to do so as a Move Action.

So, what I am wanting is some way to be able to render an opponent Helpless, preferabally in a round or two, using only Standard actions, so I can then CDG it.

Now, here's the limitations:

* I don't want to use any UMD cheese

* I must have a Standard Action free each round to Intimidate. Grappling negates this.

* I only have three levels of 'wiggle room', before I loose the one class feature of CW Samurai which I abuse to make my combo work.

* I want to keep him as a CW Samurai. Doubtless it can be done easier with another class. I don't care. This isn't a case of optimizing the trick, but the class.

* It must be something reusable. I don't want to have to keep expending resources to do it. This is his primary attack method, so I should be able to do it several times per battle.